Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice

Ah, the sun!!
Our spring/early summer has had rather chancy weather - rain, cloudy skies, low temperatures. A few weeks ago I played harp at our Farmer's Market & by the end of the day my fingers were quite chilly.

Today I had fun playing harp at a Summer Solstice Wedding (the second weekday wedding this year!) with a lovely 'cast of characters' - the bride & groom are actors in NY city, & had brought friends & family in from around the country! Several actors & a soprano with the Met. Opera blessed us with readings & music.

10 or so years ago, a friend's daughter got married on a riverbank, & they had received a wind chime as a present. The minister blessed the chime, & told the couple that if they were experiencing difficulties, to listen for the chime, & think of all the people who had gathered for the wedding, & were supporting their union. As he spoke, the wind 'riffled' the harp strings!

I later told the bride & groom about that, & make a point of sharing that story with other couples, when that happens at their wedding. Today was a wind harp day, & the bride, wearing a family heirloom wedding dress, put her hand to her heart as I shared the blessing of wind (her husband is part Chokta & Cherokee, & I'd played the Native American flute as they spoke a Cherokee prayer)

On the weekend our Sq. Dance club was in another parade, & I found it easier to dance on the float, & to know when I was with the 'wrong' partner (just keep dancing!!) . . . I wasn't dancing when we went down the hill (I'd heard about that! Hard enough to keep your footing on a moving float!)
The week before, we'd done a 'visitation & camp out' at the ocean. It was a LOVELY weekend - sunny & over 70* - which is great for the Oregon Coast. We danced Sat PM & Sunday afternoon at the Toledo 49rs BD (or anniversary) dance, GNO got up to call a tip, & we got lots of compliments, & a bunch of dancers on the floor.
At one point, our caller was up on stage with the Host caller - one of the gals from GNO was in my square, & warned me it was a 'Plus' tip, & I realized that when she met me, I'd just begun going to dances, & got lost a LOT! I assured her I'd 'graduated' from the plus lessons, though I hadn't danced it much. I didn't get all the calls - but at this point, I usually don't get lost unless the whole square is breaking down!

At the Parade, Leonard gave one of the teens a 'purple heart' for being in a square with 3 callers - I was in the square, too, so actually four callers! Though I'm only doing the group calls at present! AND both Jackie & I got up on the stage for the last call with all the callers present! It's hard to believe Girls Night Out only began rehearsing in April!

This weekend I have another trip to the beach, this time with my 'Mom's Group,' then GNO will be calling a 'tip' at a dance in Salem Sat evening (so I'm heading over Thur with the 'advance' group.)

I won a Gluten Free goodie bag from a Facebook Group: G Free Foodie - fun hat, & some 'gormet marshmallows' (without HF cornsyrup!) I like the concept of 'foodie' emphasis - we really DO enjoy eating & food!! Just not the gluten . . .


Rue said...

Wow - a busy weekend for you! The wedding sounded wonderful! Congrats on your goodie bag win.

Jules said...

It sounds like a very interesting and fun week for you - I especially love the wedding stories. Beautiful, sweet & spiritual.

Anonymous said...
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