Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time Matters!

Today Jamie's prompt is "How do you wish to spend your time?"

Yesterday I spent the morning with my 9 month old grandson (so adorable!) & received a massage from a co-worker in the afternoon. Later I gave another friend a massage (GC from her hubby)
I had lunch with my daughter, & treated a friend to my new Reishi Mushroom Tea* in the afternoon ... all nice ways to spend my time!

I do like 'adventures,' I'd enjoy spending some time in the mountains again, & some at the ocean. Mostly, the ways I do spend my time match what I like to do.

As a self-employed person, who is a bit of a grasshopper, I don't have a lot salted away for 'retirement,' so though many around me are retiring, or have already done so, that's not in my immediate future!! I do enjoy massage, think at times of shifting foci, but to what? Nutritional counseling tweeks my interest, especially as I learn more about going Gluten Free in todays world ... art, dance, reading, .... these I do in fits & spurts, as the mood strikes!

Time, such a precious gift .... how do you wish to spend yours?

* Reishi Mushroom is one of the Longevity Herbs of Chinese Medicine
Recently, a FB friend commented on drinking her "healthy coffee," which is formulated with an extract of Reishi. Hmm - I'm NOT a fan of multi-level marketing (her product is sold that way), so I asked my herbalist LAc friend Ethan his favorite form - & received a lovely 'care pack' in the mail last week which included "Ling Zhi" or Reishi mushroom mycelium in powdered form "Current clinical studies reveal this impressive mushroom to be a highly effective therapy for nearly all major disease states and to confer "nonspecific immunity" through longterm regular use. Just a few of the disorders Reishi has proven itself beneficial for include allergies, cancer, liver disease, Alzheimer's, heart disease, AIDS, radiation exposure, external wound healing and chronic bronchitis."

The company warns: "The mushroom mycelium powders have a mild malty, chocolate-like aroma and flavor due to the caramelization of the polysaccharides during the drying process. This is normal, we have not sent you cacao powder by mistake!"
So I made some into 'chai' with ginseng, schizandra, chicory, cardamom, fresh ginger, licorice, ginkgo leaves, carob powder & a few other herbs & spices - simmered it on the stove for ~ 20 minutes, & poured a cup - yummy!!! Especially with some coconut or chocolate hemp milk for cooling! I simmer each batch several times, & have been drinking several cups daily.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Law of Attraction

Energy flows where our thinking goes - Jamie asks what do I wish to attract?

The little bi-line that flows into my mind is to be 'healthy, wealthy & wise!'

Health - that's a constant theme, here! Working on healthy balance of wonderful, nutritious food (complemented by things like my daughter's DELIGHTFUL & decadent GF/Vegan Chocolate BD cake that she made for herself!), movement, fresh air, good water.

Wealthy - I think more of sufficiency - having enough 'food, shelter & warmth' - & being able to enjoy time off & adventures. Wealth of spirit, wealth of living on this lovely blue-green planet, & being able to buy heritage seeds, eat OG food, live in a less toxic world. I am still in process with rearranging & clearing clutter - more rich surfaces & abundantly beautiful rooms!! (this one is 'borrowed' - isn't the colour yummy!?)

Wise .... hmm, what do I want to study? I have been drawn more to nutrition, esp as I learn more about how many non-organically raised crops are sprayed with round-up just before harvest 'dessication,' to make it EASIER to harvest .... sheesh!! So, I buy OG ... but if I eat out, besides the danger of cross contamination from gluten, what other dangers lurk?

I lean toward completing training in Soaring Crane Qigong, so I can teach this form! I love doing it myself, & would like to share it with more folks!

What do YOU wish to attract?