Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Time

Jamie's prompt today - 'What do you wish for this summer?'

After a rainy spring, summer seems to 'finally' be here, & today's the longest day!

I WISH -  for bountiful gardens, full of good food for the rest of the year - I've been working up some new beds, & attending to the old; things are growing, & my CSA share offers delightful goodness each week. I just got a wonderfully cared for 'reel' mower, & am attempting to get my lawns in order so it will gracefully cut them!
My raspberries are ripe, & I've been enjoying some in my breakfast bowl, & sharing them with the fam ...

I WISH - for my grandchildren to have a lovely summer! Last year, my daughter was home with her girls & new baby, as he was born in May, so her leave came in summer. This year, I've been watching him 4 mornings a week (till ~ 1:15) & will have his sisters as well - when they're not busy (science camp for the 12 year old this week, VBS - that I'll assist with - next month, dance camp ...) my son's 2 will join us for some of the summer fun!

I WISH for times of fun with my family & friends, & some good dancing! We had a 'hobo dance' on Saturday, & this weekend I go with galfriends to the beach for a few days. There are mini vacations planned throughout the summer - hmmm, would be nice to have a BIGGER vacation ....

My daughter & I dream of going to Mexico again in the fall - probably not practical, but appealing ....

I WISH for some wonderful books to snuggle up with, after the day's chores are finished - summer always was my time for reading as a child, & while I read pretty constantly, I love finding new authors at the library, or perhaps I'll spend more time finding what my son put on my little 'tablet' ....

What are YOUR summer wishes?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden of Delights

Jamie's prompt today is 'What do you wish to DELIGHT in?'
Ooo - the lovely greening - veridatis - of the gardens, flowers, growing veggies, ploting & planting.

And my grandchildren!! My grandmothers, Minnie VESTELLA & Mary Irel, both died in the decade before my arrival, so I never had the blessing of sitting on their laps & hearing their stories. So I've made a point of being more involved in my grandchildren's lives!

My daughter's 3 see a lot more of me, & I of them, as we live in the same town. My son's are a bit trickier to network with, as they're 2 hours away, & their mom is home with them, so I don't kid sit as much. Memorial weekend my youngest granddaughter & I visited, & again, with the cousins together, I don't see much of them!!

I delight in friends, I delightin delicious fresh & mostly local OG veggies & FRUITS, which are just beginning to ripen!!

I what do YOU delight, this day after the Venus 'eclipse' of the sun!!?