Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Spiral

As we finish this phase of our journey into Wholeness, I remind myself that it's all a spiral, not a closure, but an opening into 'what's next!'

I continue with journies inner & outer - sorting clothes this AM, hanging some, putting some in the 'redistribute' pile! I try not to take to long with this part - have I worn it recently? Am I likely to? Do I still enjoy it . . . energy zappers or energy booster?

I think of which Spiritual Center to visit this AM - my daugher & I attend one with a great kids' program & strong voice for acceptance & tolerance in our community (large gay community, peace & justice focus, & empowering each other on our spiritual journey), the other is a smaller New Thought community - also filled with love & light!

I have so enjoyed this journey with all of you - plan to take part in the next book group, & so appreciated the 'boost' I've received from this phase of the spiral!!

Here's a bit of a song I wrote with Tuille, honoring the maple, cedar & black walnut trees that brought her into being! (for the seasons, I begin with the one we're in - truely winter now, but until Solstice, I'll sing 'autumn' 1st)

And my roots go down
Reaching for the water
And my branches soar
Shining, in the sun
And the seasons turn
Autumn into Winter
Spring into the Summer
My spirit dances on!

O Sada, it is good! May we be blessed

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love Circles & Cycles

With the 'babies' still here, love was easy! I love Denise's wording of this practice - I often do a varient,she invites consistency & intention.

My daughter & I raked leaves, & I piled them on my gardens, with visions of spring. I still haven't planted garlic & arugula; they do well in our mild winters.

My son's 35th BD is later this week, so when they came to pick the littles up, we circled around looking for a restaurant that was open @ 11 AM (he favored Chinese) & had room for 8! The Chinese & Thai places were closed; the lovely little 'slow dining' cafe couldn't seat 8 for awhile, . . . but the Mexican Rest. across the street was open with lots of room, so in we went! Hot plates - & the littlest one scorched a finger!
It's newly opened, & good. The space is big, & a couple of restaurants have come & gone; this is the first time someone's put in booths & dividers, making it much more homey; & it's the only Mexican Restaurant in the downtown area; there's a high end Spanish Rest down the street.

Their new puppy (mostly chihuahua, maybe a bit of terrier?) came along, & puppies evoke love like no other! He's so SOFT, makes my chi, Gracie, look so big! Pancho has a new 'santa' suite - so stinkin cute!

My daughter wanted chicken & rice soup, so we made stock! After living at Breitenbush, I keep my veggie trimmings (no broccoli or other cole trimmings) in the freezer, & pull them out for stock! She had a chicken carcass, & we threw that in the crock pot in the morning, with some of those frozen goodies, & after my son's family left, & we dropped the oldest off for a FOUR HOUR ballet rehersal (need I say, Nutcracker?!) . . . we strained the broth, pulled the chicken off the bones, & started the rice soup.
I recall a wonderful witchy suggestion for stiring the soup in circular style, blessing it as it simmers.

Love, in tangible form!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Visions of Vastness

I have been a bit slow with this - grandkids (almost 3 & 5) visiting for a couple of days - they stayed next door last night, then there was the Parade (they rode on the float with their cousins) . . .

(Illahee Tsiltsil Shanti from back lot line)

What a delightful year it has been
at first I was nervous about my dau. Mary's move 'across town
but it's worked out great! We still get together, & the folks
who bought their home are delightful neighbors.

I'm so happy when I walk thru my house & feel serenity radiating
from every surface & nook! It was worth the effort to truely
sort & organize! & the best is the garage - it's on it's way
to being a little haven of it's own.
I've been doing more crafts & begun getting calls to
teach some of the skills I've been aquiring.
I took that SoulCollage Facilitators' workshop in March, &
have been to another workshop at Breitenbush!
After the adventures last year (Las Vegas to se Sher, Mexico)
I wasn't sure this year would hold much travel,
but it has! & each journey has been effortless & delightful!

I have decided to be on the Art Harvest Studio tour next year,
& the garage studio will be ready for that!
I've also been teaching Reiki, tuning forks, & flower Essence
workshops at the Spiritual Center in town!
I am part of an evolving Dance community, both taking
lessons, dancing, & teaching!

Live is rich, rewarding, delightful!
O Sada, it is good!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Abundance of Home

Apple Tree at the Birth Center

I lived in 3 houses growing up, the 'little white house' in town, then the brown house between two towns (~ 8 miles from each); & then back to the 'pink house' that was built after WWII, one of those square boxy houses, with a lovely wood floor, 3 bedrooms, a 'round about' hall/kitchen/dining room (kids loved to visit & run round & round & round). My parents & I were all born in Oregon, as was my dad's mom (for whom this blog is named - Minnie Vestella)

I've owned three houses - a big old fixer-upper with my Scientist non-fixer hubby; someone helping us move in stepped thru the front porch floor (fortunatly, it was close enough to the ground he wasn't hurt!) & we put a piece of plywood over the hole; a niece pushed thru the front room window (ditto) & we put plastic over it, . . . . it was a block from his scientest mom & dad's, & he had a grant with his mom. I began doing massage the next year.
When we bought it, we'd been looking for something close to his folks (dear people; his mom is 93). . . the day before a neighbor 'mentioned' it was for sale, we'd walked by & I said "I could live in the house with the sunporch!"

I lived there 5 years. When decided to leave, I moved to 'the trailer with the fairy garden' - a block from the local college, & 6 blocks from the old house! It was a single wide, 2 bedroom, & just the right size for one! The kids were teens, & just down the block from the grandparents, I left them with him & the house. I remember thinking "I could live in the trailer with the fairy garden!" . . . & being surprised it was for sale! I'd thot of renting some place - but the price was good.

4 years later I moved to the mountains, to Breitenbush & life in a worker owned co-op, with team management. What a powerful, intense, delightful place to be! In the 60s my uncle Bill worked there, & I fell in love with the land! I kept the trailer, renting to a cousin for a few months, then my kids alternated living in it - they were responsible for space rent & utilities, but it was paid off :)

I was in a shared house the first Breitenbush year, 'Stonehenge' - a former tennant had brought round stones (some very large) from the river to surround the small garden in front of the house. It had a kitchen & 1/2 bath. I enjoyed playing garden, both in front of the house, sleeping upstairs with the window open to hear the River; walking in the moonlight, hugging the cedar close to the foot bridge that's my 'welcome tree' . . . chanting, drumming, dancing, singing, teaching tai chi, doing massage, working the land, walking the land, knowing the season of the moon & the sun in my bones; stars, stars, STARS!!

Growing up in Central Oregon before the days of BRIGHT MOTION SENSOR lights, (like that my neighbors just erected! Blagh. . .) I learned the summer stars with a flashlight, little golden book, & my cousins! Winter stars were harder, but my mom showed me orion, cassiopia, the dippers, the Pleiades, . . . & we sat up to watch eclipses & sattelites pass over.

The second year I moved into 'Dream Running' one of the 'picker shacks' - 9x19', with a loft bed above a clothes rod, cedar on one wall, & floor to ceiling shelves, & shared bath about 20 feet from my door. I had a little propane stove, & one of my Reiki stu. gave me a mini fridge. I had pictured the garden it needed, & was surprised to find rocks that had defined one hidden in the grass by the front porch! I called it "Star Song." Tuille came to me there, & played her in the moonlight on full moon nights. Lovely big windows on the end wall & corner! A couple of friends from the valley visited me that first week - neither had visited the year before!

Breitenbush produces 'about 2 city households' of electricity from the 1929 LaFell generator on the river; so energy is 'free' but - precious! The heat is geothermal, with a complex system of sending river water in & out of two hot mineral water wells, then thru a loop of pipes & steam radiators, & back into the well. The drinking & cooking water comes from the river, is clorinated, then refiltered before ingestion. The 'guest cabin side' has small path lights, with green gels to tone them down, the staff generally traverses the land sans flashlights.

The third year, I moved into an 8 sided house, one of 4 that surrounded a similar building that was our shared kitchen/bath. They were built the year before, & I was the 2nd occupant. 'West Wind' was just West of the Garden, 'Star Song' had been on the east side. Both were several 'city blocks' from 'Vista,' the Healing Arts house, the kitchen, lodge, sanctuary & etc.

. . . then for a few years, I lived in a small up/down duplex at the coast, while the old sweetie owner spent a sebbatical year in Europe! I'd lived in the (low) desert, the valley, the mountains; & wanted an ocean experience. I love baths. I love hot tubs, . . . there was an electric sauna at the beach house, but teenie tiny bathrooms (one up & one down), so only showers. Sigh. But the sauna (electric) was fun. . . & I'd put on the tape & sing the Tslagi Chakra Chants while in there, & cool off under the stars.

After a summer Alaska adventure, a brief reprieve at Breitenbush. This time I lived next to 'StoneHenge' in 'Star Cabin,' a 3 person place with a star shaped window facing the front path. I'd spent a few months the year before in a yurt very close to the river, 'Avelon,' filling in for one of the resident priestesses!
At Star, my roomies had set up a chore chart system, & we hosted occasional parties! I've usually been the one who may have family, or occ friends over, & attend parties, so it was fun to play hostess!
Emily did Breema (& was one of my Reiki Stu), & taught Edgu, so we would play with those & Tai Chi. & go on walks in the old growth forest, along the everpresent, ever singing river. Ray was on the Kitchen team, made great chai tea, & saved veggi trimmings in the freezer for soup stock, making soup weekly. We had a 24 hour dish rule - wash up after yourself, within 24 hours! Wash someone else's dishes if you really want to. Do your chores every week - at one of our ~ monthly house meetings, Ray told us he wished we'd all do our chores our first AM off (midweek, as weekends were busy - we happened to have the same days off), rather than putting them off . . . sigh. But it was fun to do them all together, then go on a hike :)

When I moved back to the valley, my son got married & moved from the trailer, so I moved back in. I planted a lovely circle herb garden, surrounded by stones brot from Breitenbush.
After a few years, I began looking at houses around town. This was a neighborhood I'd walked in, I had a friend down the block, . . . my house was the first I looked at!
But it was more than I could spend, so I looked at others, & had begun the process of buying a 'fixer upper' that reminded me of a Breitenbush house, . . . when my daugher noticed this one had come down in price! I was finding more wrong with the other; this one had a lot done in the mid 90s by the owner - sheetrock & lots of insulation, double hung windows, refinished fir floor, a half bath upstairs, foundation (it had been post & beam) . . . so really didn't need any work!

Each place has felt like home - & a lot of that feeling is related to the land, the gardens. I work with them in fits & spurts - putting more effort in some years. When we had our first family home here (we were in rentals the first 10 years - funny - I didn't mention those, did I?? Had veggie gardens at several! 4 houses & an apt!)
When we moved here, we had planted gardens for years for my in-laws, & we began our garden (lovely large lot), but my hubby stopped gardening. Looking back, I realize he went through a period of depression - later he took it up again. & laments now that he's rather between gardens.

Illahee Tsil Tsil Shanti - place of the singing stars. I have a front porch with lots of plants, have planted several areas around the house, & have some of those river rocks defining them (to the chagrin of folks that occasionally mow the grass strips!) There was already an herb garden in back, with self seeding parsley & california poppies; I've planted more lavender, a wagon train red rose from my Aunt Mattie, some fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, seaberries, a wolf berry, currents, a bay tree, an olive, my vine & fig, . . .

My oldest grand daugther is now 8, & I've spent those years doing a lot of child care, the first year, daily; then less as she entered preschool & school - my choice, as my grandmas passed before I was born.
I am the (grand)parent volunteer at the little one's playschool - 2 mornings a month, with some 'date night' times, or movies, . . . My son lives 2 hours away, so time with his littles is less - we had Thanksgiving at their house, & brought them back with us - they are staying with their cousins at my daughters'.

This week, my daugher began looking at a house across town! For 9 months she lived with me, going thru a divorce & getting clear of debt - then bought the house behind mine 2 years ago! ,Our yards adjoin & we cut an opening in the chain link fence. The girls can come over 'any time,'
She's getting remarried, & her 2 bedroom house is tight. He IS a fixer, so has just finished a beautiful remodel of the bathroom, has put in a dishwasher, . . . .

I have mixed feelings - it is so handy to have her next door!! I don't really have community in the neighborhood - a chiropractor who lives a block away was part of our energy circle for a year or so, I have other friends sattered around town & in other areas, do things with them, but not much hostessing - is it time for that to change??
I have begun thinking more about my house, my bit of land. The gardens have been neglected the last several years. So this process of Soul coaching has given a much needed push to begin really sorting thru stuff, thinking about how I want to set up my yard & space. & have thought of - maybe, perhaps - doing something artistic consistently enough to be on the studio tour! But - I'd have to have a 'studio' . . .

There's a french door & window wall on the E of my small living room - so a nice sunny corner for that chair Denise suggests - something I'd already thought of doing! The adirondack bench needs to move from the back yard to the front porch, & the table back into the dining 'nook'.

There were tall shrubs on her side of the chain link fence, there's a wooden fence on the N, & chain link with 'slats' on S, so my yard is private, . . . we took the shrubs out, & cut the fence, so I've been thinking about what I want on my side to restore privacy, if they do move.

The altar is set up, I lit incense & candles this AM, & think I'll go play harp awhile.

Blessings, all :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessing from a Dancer

May blessings of the wind continue to comfort and move things along their way whenever we feel frozen in the fields of forlorn.

May blessings of water nourish and provide sustenance for the continuance of growth.

May blessings of earth supply the firm and unshakable strength of purpose that moves us along in the everyday dance.

May blessings of fire burn through the illusions and mental traps the set us up to mislead us from our true nature, dancing mystics moving as the soul of the world.

vinn marti, in love and gratitude
- Vinn teaches Ecstatic Dance & has 'Soul Motion' in Portland, OR -- this sure fits our theme month, doesn't it??

One with the Mother

In a few minutes I will do the meditation with my 1st harp, Tuilleadh (Tilly), "to give abundantly, in full measure." We lived at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort & the Oregon coast in the mid 90s, she is infused with Reiki, & offers a wonderful connection with the earth energies. We'll begin with the 'Breitenbush River Ripple,' the first song that came to us, & see what else we want to play. (in the photo I was playing for a Breema workshop in the Forest Shelter at Breitenbush (surrounded by douglas fir, with french doors & windows overlooking the river, & a huge skylight, open to the stars.)

Here's my tea camellia in bloom - see the tiny pink buds?? At the Chinese Gardens this summer, I had some tea blossom tea - so now I know I can use them that way!! This one does better in a pot, tho it's fine on the porch during the winter; I have a larger leaved Russian one in my back yard.

Later today I'm going out to give a new mom massage at a local birthing center, & may get over to the lovely giant & dawn redwoods in the park by our library (across the street from my office - are you envious yet?) & there's a deodar cedar as well - sigh. One of my favoritest of all!!

Once I played her Tuille for friends with an elderly dog, Chetwin. At one point, Chet 'told' his mom "Is that another way she talks? It makes my whole body feel good!" How sweet is that? Chet suffered from aluminum poisoning, he'd chewed a bunch of pop cans their kids (long grown now) had collected.

I've looked forward to sharing this all week - a powerful practice for clearing the land, compliments of Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Essences - do check out her site if you've been feeling drawn to the flowers!! Or just to see some great photos, if you need to connect from inside :)
Several years ago, I asked Molly's permission to share this story & cleansing process, & she graciously agreed, saying that the more people doing this or similar processes the better! Machaelle Wright of Perelandra teaches similar processes in her Garden Workbooks, & offers her own powerful essences.

* I printed out a copy, put it in a vinyl 'sheet protector,' & posted it in my shower, & would clear the land each morning as I cleansed myself! Currently I keep one on an altar. It really does only take a few minutes, & is well worth the extra effort!

If you have a name for your land/home, use that (Mine's Illahee Tsil Tsil Shanti - place of the stars singing (Chinook jargon - the trade language used by the NW natives between tribes & with the settlers, inc. grandma Mary. The name has travelled with me.

** Imagine the boundaries of the land you wish to clear (you may want to have a map of your property, if it's larger, & may be guided to clear it in sections. If you're in an apt., clear your own space, imagining the grounding cord of the apt going into the earth below you, & clear the land surrounding the apt. Pay attention to guidance on what suites your circumstances.

Molly comments that the guides & devas delight in being asked to help us, "A group of spiritual entities connected with Nature do the actual energy cleansing but this group cannot do this work unless a human asks them to do it. It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation & maintenance of earth. If a human doesn't ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land & this land is holding a lot of negativity, spirit's only options for removing this negativity are extreme weather." What a perfect time to share this process!!

Energy Cleansing Process

Find a quiet & comfortable place to center yourself.
"Ask for assistance from:
The Overlighting Deva of the piece of land you want to clean. This being from the Angelic realm holds the divine plan for this piece of land. (Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'being of Light')
Angels Overlighting the land. They work with the Deva
The Elementals of the land. These are the beings who bring land into form & then hold it there so we can live in a physical world. Gnomes for the Earth element, Undine with water, Sylphs work with air, & Salamanders with fire.
Pan, Head Elemental of Earth (Machaelle Wright calls Pan the CEO of Nature)
Any Ascended Master of God realized being who is connected with this piece of land. There may or may not be any connected, depending on the piece of land. (You can always invite the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, St Germain, & other Masters with whom you you feel connected.)
Deva of the Earth's atmosphere, Lunaria
Deva of the Earth's surface, Sapphalo
Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, Darndella
Our Sun, Helios & Vesta.

"After you call in this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing.

"You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below & above the ground. You can visualize yourself or an angel holding a sword (Michael/Michaella) cutting all the negativity free, perhaps spinning in a circle holding the sword out; or you can imagine a big gyroscope whirling & cleansing. The image only needs to work for you. If visualization isn't possible, it's OK. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done. Close the session with a thanks to everyone involved.

"This is the bare bones of a process. Over time you will probably develop your own individual approach. For example, you may get to know the names of the Deva & Angels of the land. You may get shown a process that will improve on this one. You may get asked to do several pieces of land. Thank you for doing this service."

** I also like to imagine a hedge of roses (think Brier Rose) with portals of violet flame at the entrances, clearing folks' energy as they enter or leave. At times I erect a golden pyramid above my property (rectangular here :) or a violet bubble - check in & see if any images come!
Any time you feel vulnerable, are concerned about weather or safety, take a few moments to do this process. It helps to have quick name for the process - you may simply invite 'Devas, Angels & guides of land clearing, please CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE this land!'

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Physiology - walking proud

Walking proud - As a child, my mom often told me to 'stand up!' & my piano teacher 'sit up straight!' & I was clumsy - usually one or the other knee wore a bandage, & I stubbed my toes on the way to get the mail if I didn't wear shoes (& who wants to wear shoes all the time??)
It wasn't till my adult ballet classes that I began to find my upright, goddess self! On a walk with my sis-in law ~ 25 years ago, we passed a store window & she commented she loved to walk with me, (she also took ballet) as I was 'the only one' who carried myself like she did!

When I walk down the street, I sometimes find myself pulling myself up straight - no need to slump!! & head up - I recall a gutsy African American 'city gal' talking about that 'don't mess with me' posture - head up! shoulders back!!

-- What a day!! BUSY with only a couple of tiny breaks! Good, & full of movement.

But first - yesterday: the gal I rented my last office space from invited me to come give her mom a Reiki session. What a sweet, sharp & witty woman!! At 93, she's been blind for >20 years, & has electrical field sensitivity, due to listening to SO MANY books on tape with big headphones. So we decided to try Reiki for rebalancing.
I sat beside her on her bed, & asked permission to drape her arm over my lap as I worked, & she leaned into me & said "Dia, you are MY KIND of people!!" Sweet session - she commented that she usually coughed, but tho her throat tickled, she hadn't needed to; & that was one of the trouble spots - a hiatal hernia.
At the end of the session, her legs began jiggling & 'dancing,' & she kept saying "I'm not doing it!!" & "Whee!!" . . . & later sat up by herself, more limber than before. She was bubbling over.
Her daughter teased her about her "resistance" to having me come - "Tell Nadya about your resistance!" We giggled - such a dear, dear woman!! She writes poetry, & some were put into a book a few years ago - they gave me a copy.
This one came in a dream in 1997 (she was already 'blind' in eyes - but not in spirit!)
I lift my little candle high
As I walk alone the paths of night
To guide the lightless passerby
I ask you, Lord, let me be light.
(Mary Day, 1997)

Today I got up early & went to Deep Water Aerobics!! I haven't been for a couple of months - since going to Mexico. It just sounds so cold! It's not really, but I got out of the habit of going.
I dry brushed before going to the pool, drank chaparral tea, then after class got carrot, beet, celery + ginger juice at the Whole Foods store. I added some kelp 'krinkles' to the juice, later had miso soup with Tempe & kelp (have been making it fresh with hot water from our 'tea' spigget) . . . brown & red rice with tofu & veggies when I got home.
I feel a bit tired, but also energized - did the Soaring Crane Qigong sequence & a self tuning fork session before my last client.

Oh! & also yesterday: our new lady Doc has just taken training to develop intuition, & asked permission to 'read' several of us. She'd begun a week & 1/2 ago, & finally had a chance to 'sit with' my field again (at a distance) & finish the reading.
She feels the energy in her body, scanned from the head down (& the client - me :) - does any 'healing' themselves).
Each time, she had a sense of a heavy band around my chest, which shifted when acknowledged; & then would feel on L lower (colon?) . . . & at the very end it moved down to her Rt foot.

She had an image of me sitting in a room, ~ 3 yrs. old, listening to adults with raised voices in the other room. A sense of wanting to be quiet - putting that band around my chest (avoiding conflict? Who, me?? in the wing area :) )
That would be about the time we moved from town about 10 miles, to 40 acres, & my dad was prob. driving school bus. By the time I began school, we moved back closer to town. My folks 'bickered' at each other at times, I could picture my mom being upset about moving - finances? My dad had several diff jobs till I was 9 & he found the position he held till retirement.

She felt a cord from my heart, & another from my power centre (Solar plexus) 'pulling' me back & off center; commented it's really hard for you to ground, you're being pulled off center! This felt more recent.

Her teacher's sug. on that is to follow the cord back behind you 'into the mist' & give a little tug, to see who follows it out :) & then 'you have the right to cut the cord - but don't be surprised if the person calls you in a few days!' (feeling the energy shift) She pictured me 'meditating on a chair in your room' to clear the cord. One of my tools is to picture a rose at the edge of my energy field, where the cord passed out - to help 'protect' & seal the energy - keep the cord from reattaching.
My immediate sense was LIPID (you'll love this - the Last Inappropriate Person I Dated) . . . & a whisper of attachment from a boyfriend I dated years ago! She asked about a brother, but I'm an only child, & no chance of another. & I haven't explored past Life relationships with the more recent fellow (I left the Rel ~ 3 1/2 years ago)
& the feeling on her right foot 'I kept feeling you can't move forward, you can't take a step - the cords are pulling you back!'

So, in light of the Soul Coaching, I was more than happy to go sit in that chair & meditate & cut some cords!! I'd noticed one of my co-workers had a bit of time, so I had already booked a half hour massage; & visioned the work on my back smoothing over & healing the area where I'd removed the cords.
I invited my wings to be freed - taking off, now!!

At the Round Dance class last night, I felt - lighter, interacting with the guys, & found out one with a lovely voice (he calls square dances) is single :) I've been taking the classes with a dance buddy - totally sweet, but dated one of my gal friends several years ago, & we do well as dance buddies :)

OK - today
- eating lightly, exercising (water aerobics & qigong) . . .
- cleansing tea, water at work - drinking 'blessed' water here! I added a few drops of my 'Longevity' flower essence:

Anemone - fresh breath, new beginnings)
Black Current - clear 7 generations of Karmic 'stuff'
Canyon Dudleya - Spirit guides, receive spiritual inspiration from 'ordinary' exp.
Date Palm - spinal alignment
Heavenly Bamboo - Pillar of light - light moving thru every chakra
Jasmine - Ignite God Spark
Lotus - Master healer, bridge water & air

I look forward to tomorrow's adventures1

Monday, November 24, 2008


Music to my soul, this week of honoring the body, & listening.

Being a Virgo, & a body worker, I am always encouraging folks to pay more attention to what they put in their bodies, how they move, & encourage them to drink more water!
Yesterday my dau. (who lives next door - tho she's thinking of moving across town - yikes!! Getting married in Jan, & they do 'need' more room - but it's SO handy right now!!) phoned & invited me to bring my matt over & join her in yoga - a perfect beginning!
In the evening, her girls stayed the night with me, & I did some Reiki on the little (4) one when she went thru her restless phase, then on myself as I (quietly) sang the Cherokee chants for the Chakras (for us all) . . . got out my drum this AM & played & sang a bit as we were waking up. Well - I woke up early, so finally came downstairs & wrote a bit!

Practices for today - I have an agave cloth, so used that for the 'dry brush' - do that occ, but usually forget to do it 'dry.'
I wash my face with oatmeal, with calendula, rose & lavender flowers - I grind them in my little seed grinder (electric 'coffee' grinder) & keep a jar in the bathroom. I always lite candles for baths/showers, & have a jar of Epsom salts with a bit of essential oils mixed in - clary sage & rose geranium. So shower & bit of a soak, with wash cloth to 'steam' my face. (Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal is loaded with great ideas - for cleanses, for body care products)

A favorite cleanse I use periodically is Chaparral Cleanse, as taught by Lalitha Thomas in her '10 Essential Herbs.' I highly recommend this little tome! She is a practical herbalist - what are things that are easy to use & effective?
I'll do at least a 6 day cycle, she recommends up to 21 days for full effectiveness. You use 1 teaspoon of leaves, & re steep for a total of 3 days, then repeat the cycle; 7 teaspoons of tea in all.

Chaparral Cleanse:
1 tsp of chaparral leaves
Cup of very hot - but NOT boiling - water
Steep overnight, strain & drink first thing in the AM

Using the same leaves, repeat, drinking a cup the 2nd & 3rd days, then discard leaves, & start with new leaves that evening. (1 tsp for 3 days, & always very hot water, not boiling!! I like to use a small french press, covered with a china lid while steeping, then I simply press the leaves before drinking.)

-- Since I didn't read about the suggested cleanse 'till today, I steeped the tea while taking the shower, using 1/2 tsp chaparral, 1/2 tsp olive leaves (also great for cleansing & detox!)
Whole chaparral leaves can be hard to find, as the FDA is uncomfortable with its use (she writes about that in her chapter) It's similar to the proscription on sassafras - if used as country folk do, occasionally for a detox, it promotes healthy livers. In experiments with lab rats being given huge doses over extended periods of time, they had liver problems. Go figure :) I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs, here in Oregon. They focus on sustainable farming practices, wildcrafted & OG herbs - & some great 'clean' body care products!!

I will work on drinking more water this week - as others have said, city water sucks!! Darn it, they take perfectly good water & treat it! (at the resort, we filtered the Clarine back out of any drinking water.)

OK, so it's 'good' to make sure it's pure - but our city ads fluorine as well, which can be linked to bone loss, & various health problems. We're in a goiter belt, our soil lacks Iodine, chloride & fluoride displace iodide. . . . I use quite a bit of kelp, & have some iodine caps at my office, for days I go swimming (water aerobics)
I may also use some food grade betonite in water (clay - one of my fav. healing substances) this week.

My usual breakfast is my home made granola (some clients spoiled me last Christmas with a care package with some, & I've been making my own since! I use olive oil & OG agave nectar to sweeten, maybe 2 Tbsp for several cups) with plain yogurt, fruit in season (or frozen) & my 'yummy sprinkles.'

Yummy Sprinkles
2 Tbsp Milk thistle seeds
2 Tbsp flax seed (I bake the granola for ~ 15 min @ 20, & have some flax seed in another pan @ same time)
2 Tbsp sesame seeds WITH hulls (for calcium)
Grind in seed grinder (may need to do in a couple of batches) & store in the freezer (I sometimes add bee pollen, or a tsp of fennel seeds)

Lets see; I try to eat simply, lots of veggies, Rice & Lentils is our family standard (OG, natch) & I love the different shades of deeper brown, combined with the short grain brown.

Body image - I tend to 'normal weight,' tho since turning ~ 55, lol . . .
I've always had bigger hips & thighs - 'till I stopped drinking milk! I grew up with pasture fed cows, &no hormones that I know of, & raw milk. Found out this summer that drinking pasteurized milk, since that process destroys the lactase, can cause lactose intolerance. My former hubby had also grown up on raw milk, & became lactose intolerant after we divorced, as we'd gone to certified dairies to get raw milk.
I continued using local yogurt, but pretty much stopped drinking milk. I've never drunk coffee, so mostly have water or herb teas - often from my garden! & I have a couple of tea camellia plants (did you know 'black' & 'green' teas come from Camellias? Any place the ornamentals grow, so will the 'tea' - Camellia sinensis)
I eat some meat, try to keep that to wild (my son hunts) or OG. Mostly drink herb teas & water . . . . occ some wine, often a bit of port or sweet wine . . .

One thing I've noticed doing the SC process - my desire for sweets has dropped off - on Sat I cut cake at an event, & didn't even WANT a piece, . . . Chocolate - I keep some dark chocolate on hand, & find even that easier not to have.

The La Leche League (breast feeding support group) motto for nutrition was "Eat a wide variety of food, in as close to its natural state as possible." Local, OG (usually have at least a small garden!), from the rainbow, . . . & I live in a community that is getting more interested in supporting local small agriculture - weekly farmers market May - Oct, several Community Supported Ag. farms, . . . good Natural Foods store (I was on the old food-co-op board, & we sold the bus to them in the early 90s)

In the late 70s, before studying massage, I began taking Ballet, & while I strongly disliked PE (usually ball sports, with a jock teacher) I adore dance, in its many forms!! I began with Tai Chi with my massage practice, & enjoy belly dance, ecstatic dance, Nia, ballroom, round dance, jazzercize, . . . & deep water aerobics. In the winter it's harder to get myself up for that class - but I intend to go Tue :) Bike to work (good weather/ warm enough) & enjoy walking to downtown ~ 8 blocks) . . .

Love this week - love it, love it!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flame Fanning

New Altar

What a lovely day! as much as I wanted to get up & just play with creating something, I decided to create some order in my home! & lit lots of candles, & some lovely incense my harper friend Dennis gave me (in the long box behind the candle). Angels for today are 'Awakening' & 'Expansiveness.'

It's been a busy week, & I had several things I could have done today, but . . . There was time & I had some ideas for shifting things around. & as Suzie says, the sun has moved into Sag - whee!! Like the idea of that giving some energy for accomplishing some things. Yes. & I recently realized I'm upon my 2nd Saturn Return . . . not as 'shaking things up' as the one in late 20s tends to be; more 'are you on your path?' & I feel I am.

. . . I don't know about you, but I enjoy thinking of new ways to rearrange things more than I do 'just' cleaning! & throughout the week, I'd been thinking of doing just that. So I shifted one shelf; (& thoroughly reorganized it), & then moved a second to the first location, & reorganized that. There are still lots of piles of things that need to be gone through, the whole room doesn't look better yet, but it feels better.

My wize former hubby told me once, when you're feeling disorganized, clear your altar! Now, at the time, I don't recall if I even had an altar! But we shared memories of other times, & I certainly had 'before!' So I began with clearing out that bookshelf, moving it, & setting up a new altar!
You'll find elements of it here
& the Star lady hangs above it (here) After finishing the altar, (mostly, things kept wanting to be there throughout the day) I set to refilling the shelves, but with a different grouping of books, & some of my harp music.
Etc. Rather sloggy, at times, but good momentum. & I used the cinnamon oil spritzed besom for sweeping the floors under the shelves I moved - yummy!!
I managed to get quite a bit done, yea!

In the afternoon my friend Donna stopped by - she's been looking for work (does cleaning & in spring, taxes, is ready to get out of each) & struggles with depression.
I'd given her some suggestions on some of the energetics she could use in addition to the 'usual' job apps. & such, & she made a comment about not 'buying into' some of her friends' ideas - not sure if she was talking about that (& I didn't ask) . . . but she's feeling stuck.
Ironically, she wanted to be a doctor - but got PG, & still grad. with her class, as salutatorian! She ended up skipping college, & having 5 kids. So very bright, & very capable, but hard to quantify some of that! When we 'do' our annual shopping adventure in 'the big city' (Portland), she is our mass transit guide - always knows which conveyance is going where we want to be, which is the free area, etc!
& I have to work, sometimes, at not 'helping' or 'suggesting' too much - just listen & be nurturing, not 'fix' it! Sigh.

Then in the PM, our (liberal, peace & justice) church had 'bought out the house' of our little theater's production of "Peter Pan!" My dau. engaged me in helping set up & serve refreshments.
Wow - it was great! The original play was prod. in London in 1904, so it's just over 100 years old. & the director had set it as 'Wendy's dream.' Being a fan of the Findhorn Community, I have been intrigued with the setting of the Darling Home, overlooking Kensington Garden. An original Findhorn friend, & author of one of the sections of the first book, was R.O.C., a distinguished older Scotts gentleman, who began seeing the nature spirits, including PAN in his elemental/God being, in Kensington Garden! I have a tape with him telling his tale, of meeting PAN, & later returning to a stream he'd visited as a child, & the fairies asking him if he was glad they had granted his wish - to see fairies?!! (which he'd forgotten making :)

3 of my 8 year old grand daughter's classmates joined us, & the 4 year old sis was on the edge of her seat. Every time the lights went out, she'd ask "Will the 'movie' start again?" They did just the right 'vaudeville' flavor, so it wasn't too scary, & the kids LOVED it! A friend's daughter played Tink (laser lite - she did the voice!)

I took a dance class with the teen playing the Indian Princess "Tiger Lily!" She is such a wonderful young goddess. Last summer she & another dancer came to hear me play harp at the farmer's Mkt.; & she lit up when she saw me tonight. I made sure I talked to her after the play, & intro. her to my dancer daughter :) She would 'like to make a name for herself" (& is in honor society, teen UN, an environmental group, . . . she may!!) It felt sweet (& easy:) to connect with her - & uplifting for us all.

Here are a couple of links on a barter system that's been set up in the UK - got it from another blog, & now I can't remember which!! & I tend to skip around - so thank you!!
exchange banking taxLink


Friday, November 21, 2008

Wings - SC Day 19

LOVED the exercises today!! & synchronicity strikes again ;)

Yesterday as I was doing some energetic work on a new client's back, along with massage, I had the intuitive flash that her wings had been cut off!! I said that (gently), & it brought tears to her eyes! She said as a child, she'd seen fairies, & 'no wonder there's no room in there!' (her back) - she had a sense of 'stuffing' her wings inside!! & is working toward some major changes in her life, including letting those wings out!
I use tuning forks in some sessions, so included Violetta Raye's Intention Tuner 'Wings' fork over her shoulders! The pattern Violetta suggests is that of a propeller, or two infinity symbols, crossing at the heart. & this is her short definition for the fork:

# 2 our heart’s desires permission to “Fly”.

My client commented she always feels she needs really deep work on her back, but questions whether that is really best - the insight dovetails so perfectly with todays message of using our wings, & with my 1st Soul Collage card, 'Hope of the Future.' I showed her the card before the session, as I mentioned them last week, & she had an immediate connection with the card. (note the tissue paper wings - pale yellow - on the upper woman)

I have been thinking about 'random acts of kindness' as well - & love the image another Reiki Master gave, of being in a store & reaching out with 'extra arms' (like a 4 armed goddess) to embrace a crying child or upset adult! I love the sense of good power that gives, in situations we often feel powerless to help - a kind thought or word may make a world of difference; to both 'giver' & 'reciever.'

What a powerful week!LinkLink

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

talking about the Shadow, a good day to die

Mt Shasta & 'ship'

Ooo, that shadow side! For a lot of years I could 'own' sorrow a lot easier than 'anger' - me, angry?? Who, me?? Procrastination, judgements, blame, grumble grumble, . . .

Wed this info. arrived from a lightwork exemplar, & I didn't get it posted to SC, so share it below.

I went to a 'Rockabillie tribute' this PM with a gal friend who led us thru an exercise on facing your death 25 years ago at a Hospice training! My spirit guide came to me during the meditation, & I remember being sad when she said she (acting as death) was going on without me at the end!
I think I went out of body when I was born (C section with Ether) so have an interesting rapport with 'the other side' all my life. I remember 'seeing death' just before mine uncle Bill's passing, & was comfortable doing Hospice.
Am I ready to die? Energetically - wherever I'm needed (oh, that sounds so arrogant!) Physically - I have some stuff to do - will & etc. would be a good idea :)

Tonight's music tribute was done by local legend Jerry Naylor, who took over the role of lead singer in "The Crickets" for awhile after Buddy Holly's death in a plane crash in 1959! (The name 'the Cricket's' inspired John Lennon & Paul McCartney to name their band 'the Beetles' & other members of the band are still performing under the Crickets' name, 50 years later!)

Jerry was joined by a host of local musicians, to trace what we call 'rock & roll' from Africa in the 16/1700s, thru Hillbilly music, to 'rockabillie,' & featuring artists Elvis, Hank Williams, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, & Carl Perkins, whose son Carl Stanley Perkins joined Naylor on the stage! They both can still sing up a storm! & a 15 year old kid, whose grandma hauled him to last year's concert got 'the bug,' & held the stage for a delightful medeley - boy, did he have Johnnie Cash down!

What a stroll down memory lane!! It was in a lovely old music theater, with a pull down screen, so they used old footage of the artists while playing their songs.

The Buddy Holly segment included photos of the downed plane, his luggage, his glasses on a shelf - so an intriguing way to 'encounter death' while listening to rip roaring music!! Perfect :) The Crickets' first hit record was 'That'll be the day" (when I die) & the band played that a couple of times - shall we say, fitting for today?!!

Here's Wednsday's entry, including a great clearing process.

About 9 years ago, Amorah did a talk at a local Catholic college (Marylhurst) bespeaking the shadow government's prevention of Pres. Clinton's efforts to be different. As we move into this new administration, she gave shares thoughts on OLD shadows, & a practice to counteract them. I think this dance with the dark we've been engaged in for so long is part of the reason death seems so scary in present times!

* When we dispatched contracts in our month long intensive, Amorah had us picture a literal contract, complete with our signature, a stamp pad filled with red ink, & a big, wonderful 'VOID' stamp. As we retracted our acceptance of the contract, we visualized stamping 'VOID' & then 'burned' it in an imaginary flame.

One gal in my group 'saw' her contract linked to many many others (she'd been raised in a 'dark' cult). I suggested that they were tied together with something like an 'anti-theft' plastic thingies (often attached to expensive clothes.) Its function here was to 'pull' all correlated contracts into the fire! After her clearing, Amorah reminded her she was now free of them, & could shift into new begaviors!

I played my harp as we were doing this work - so if you have a CD that feels appropriate, put that on. I am supporting anyone who chooses to do this with Reiki, with the intention that it be for your highest good, & that any shadow personal issues you wish to release at this time also go into the flame.

Read this story as an alegory, if that suits you; do the affirmations if they feel 'right' to you, reword them if you need!
Blessed be

*** Amorah Quan Yin; Pleiadian Lightwork facilitator ***

The acceleration of the frequencies on Earth is ever-present and getting higher and higher. At some point in the near future, the ways of corruption and illusion on this planet will come to a head, be exposed and begin to disappear. This can be a slow and arduous process, and yet it must be a successful one. Barack Obama is one of the key factors in bringing this about - but only with our assistance. Yes, each of us must contribute to facilitate this change!

Let us start by cancelling a long term planetary contract with all humans
, a contract put into place before the last ice Age, in pre-Lemurian times.

The human race had been guided by the Light for a long time. But some humans had started to face their shadow side, and felt restricted by the Beings of Light. Eventually this drew an invasion by the Dark side to our planet and the humans were put into deep shock and terrorized.

These frightened humans believed that if they had not been ruled by the Light that the Dark would not have attacked. They did not realize that their own shadow side and resistance to the Light had brought on the attacks. So they made an agreement that from now own the Earth would only be ruled by the Dark side. They felt this would prevent the Dark side from attacking, if humans were compliant with their rulership. So the governments since that time have been ruled by the Dark.

* Visualize a contract between you and all humans that "the governments must be ruled by the Dark."
* Cancel the contract, stamp VOID, tear it up, and burn it.
* Next clear another contract, the same way that "the governements on Earth will never reveal the Truth to the citizens."

* Now issue a command, “In the name of the I Am That I Am, in the name of my free will and the Universal law of Free Will, I command that the governments on Earth be returned to the Light, Love, Peace, and Truth. And I command that the Truth be revealed to all people NOW! For the highest good of all, so be it!”
Take as long as you like to feel the resonance (& use your own words if that feels more appropriate!!)

I suggest doing this affirmation every day, 3 -4 times, starting now and at least until Obama has been president for 40 days. This will greatly assist in this powerful transitional time.

A few months ago when I was teaching a training, I had just led a deep meditation with the group when something very powerful happened. At the end of the meditation Barack Obama appered etherically in the center of the room. (One of the students also saw hime there.)
He Namasted to me and said “I came to thank you for the wonderful process you just did with this group. It very much is in alignment with something I am doing.” He went on to tell me that he was a leader of a large astral group called “The League of Nations”. This League of Nations meets during sleep and dream time to make plans and strategies for transformation of the Earth. It is working to bring world peace, healthy living conditionsto all people, and Unity in Diversity to Earth.
He invited me and the students to join the group at night, which I do. All you have to do is affirm your wish to join this group before you go to sleep and it will happen. Let us join Obama and the other members of this group in changing and rebirthing our world. It is time for the Divine Plan to unfold in actuality on all levels including the physical. We can do it now!

And in your daily life remember to be aware of and cancel limiting and negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. By doing this you take active responsibility for creating a beautiful reality for yourself and others. And each day remember to be grateful for the good you already have.

Amorah Quan Yin *


Dia again: after my dad died, in 1992, I read flower essence practitioner Machaelle Small Wright's 'Dancing in the Shadow of the Moon.' In this fat, autobiographical tome, she recounts her own time spent, energetically, with Ike (Dwight DAVID Eisenhower on the 'cottage level,' studying the dynamics of war from the last several centuries, to help shift the dynamic on earth to Peace.

When I read that, I thought 'No wonder my dad was polishing his golf game for 2 months before he died!" (he was hit by a pick up, crossing the highway, 2 months after heart bipass surgery!!) "he's helping shift the dynamic, & working on the 'religion' part - which has been used as justification for so many conflicts, & playing a few rounds with David (Ike) each day!"

Shortly after that 'ah-ha!' a friend asked if I thought my dad had been re-incarnated yet. Well, no - I felt that this had been a 'completion' life for him, then asked if she really wanted to know what I thought? "Yes!" . . . so I told her,. . . . & she pulled out her pendulum to 'test' my answer, then looked rather bemused & exclaimed, "You're right!!"

In that spirit, I invite you to be part of the change, whatever it means for you!!
& thank you daddy, thank you!

Oh, & re: the 'burning times!'
In almost every Reiki class I offer, someone comments 'we could
get burned for doing this!' (hands on healing, sending healing across space & time, energy thru music, etc) & I invite them to affirm that in THIS time, it's safe & necessary to do the work!
In a lovely 'past life memoir' "
The Heart of the Fire," the author bespeaks realizing she only lost her life as a 'witch' when she gave up her power, & didn't face & integrate her shadow & fears!! So this is an invitation to do as much releasing of those fears of burning, fears of shining our lights, of standing in our power as we can!
& yes, we can :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The arrival of the BOOKS

I'm excited that the books have arrived!! Soul Coaching, SoulCollage (Seena Frost) & Eckhart Tolle's New Earth!

This morning I did the journaling for Soul Coaching, & it was interesting doing the 'should/could' exercise - & telling my list 'I could, but I choose not to at this time!" Wow! I actually did some of the things on my list - - - later! & that felt good, too.

Then, writing about sensuality/sexuality & relationships -- that took awhile! I have been in some tangly relationships - LIPID - the 'Last Inappropriate Person I Dated' is several years in the past, & I've been happy on my own, more so as time goes on. I have a heavily 'relationship oriented' chart ("Relationship, Relationship, RELATIONSHIP!" said one astrologer) & I've been enjoying getting to know myself better these last few years. I don't know if I want to meet someone romantically - I have had a dream of doing sacred work with a partner, teaching Reiki, empowerment work, . . . my powers of manifestation haven't attracted such a being.

My daughter lived with me for ~ 9 months while going thru her divorce & rebalancing; now she lives next door, & is getting married in a couple of months. So our dynamic changes, things we did together for the past few years we do less frequently. He is very easy to be around, & close to his parents (like me, he's an only child!) so there's a lot of room for me, but it's different.

I got a few more 'soul collage' supplies, & am ready to begin creating on paper!! & as another bespoke, a bit reluctant to get on the 'Eckhart Tolle' bandwagon - sigh; tho I did begin reading for my book group last night, & found it more palatable than I 'expected!'
Is it my ego that says I've heard most of it before :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Having Fun

Today is the second day of Fire - & a day for HAVING FUN!! I began the day hanging out at Playschool with my grand daugher, & played with the art supplies myself.

I love it - they can use any of the materials, can dress up (& paint in their 'princess' or spiderman garb!) have snack (wash up first), . . . then clean up just before story time, & go upstairs for 'recess' with trikes, scarves, gymnastic mats, . . . it's such a free but respectful structure!

& this afternoon, the books arrived! I had begun working with SoulCollage, but didn't have the book, & from some of those blogs, drifted over to Soul Coaching; so ordered both of the books, plus Eckhard Tolle's 'New Earth' for my 'women's spirituality book group.' So exciting to have them show up today.

So next step is to go read a bit, then tuck in relatively early :) Reiki hugs all around.

Now, where to begin?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week of Fire

Today was a day of walking, moving, passing through. I have been admiring a mantle that went up Sat as part of a display at the local co-op art gallery. It 'belongs' to the Habit Re-Store, so is for sale, as the designer setting up the display pointed out! I walked by the store & peeked in the window.

When I moved into my home 5 years ago, there was a fake fireplace with mantle - molded plastic brick, (blagh!) that had a funny little rotating 'fire' (a lightbulb behind some 'branches') I used it to set up candles, a smudge pot, photos on top, . . . & eventually passed it on. This one is narrower, with green tiles & art deco styling - also just a frame.
Do I need it? It would be a surface for altar objects, which function is currently held by a piano badly in need of tuning. I took lessons on that piano growing up, & my dad played it most evenings. Now the harp holds my attention. The piano's drifted thru the family since my father's death 16 years ago, so I feel guilty that it sits here untuned & unused. Could my son use it? Would the grandkids like to learn music on it?

As some of others have mentioned, this has been a happy day, with not much attention to fears. I used to feel left out when I 'wasn't invited' to participate in something - & took things more personally. Now I tend to look for opportunities, & often have 'too many' things I'd like to do to choose from! I suppose health, 'retirement'? (when??) . . .

I haven't put much attention on fears in recent years. At one time, after nearly drowning, I didn't much like deep water. The time at Breitenbush, learning to swim in the lovely mineral water pool shifted that, & a few years ago I swam a bit in the Ocean off Hawaii's Big Island. I take deep water aerobics classes, & actually enjoy it! I used to think I was afraid of spiders, in college, one gal was truely phobic, & would stand paralized & scream when one was in her room. I'd
rescue her as quickly as anyone else, & stopped killing them at that point!

The first principle of Reiki is 'Just for today, do not worry!' & I often invite my classes to speak their worries & release them into the flame of a candle, as we begin the class. What keeps you from being present? What worries you -- & is there anything you can do about it right now?

A favorite ritual is a Zen Funeral: write out the emotions & fears that go along with the first 4 Reiki principles - what worries?
'Just for today, do not anger' what makes you angery?
'honor your parents, teachers & elders' - which are hard to honor?
'Earn your living honestly' - where do you feel you're not authentic? . . . write as fast as you can, any which way on the paper. Draw . . . use colour, write about the things that feel out of balance.
When you've finished & feel complete, put the paper into the fire, & watch it burn. Release the fears, the angers, the regrets.

After the release comes the refilling - with gratitudes! Write, again, any way you wish, your gratitudes. A list, a spiral, drawings, . . . keep this paper, putting it on an altar or some other place it's visible, & check in with it over the next week or so.

I recall the power the first time I did this ritual, at a Flower Essence workshop; & my immediate sense that this would be a wonderful way to work with the principles, which are another path to being present in this moment.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chiron & Chronos - time angels

Ah, time! I was Cesarian born, with the timing chosen by the doctor, as my mom had polio at 9, & they were concerned about pelvic dimension . . . . so my time was chosen 'for me,' & I struggled with being 'on time' for many years. Now, I'm often the 'early one,' which is a delightful shift! (a tendency to be 'right on time,' not really very early)

Chiron, mythologically the centaur with a Mystery School on Mt Olympus, who sent folks on their spiritual quest, is an asteroid (or centaur - with an orbit that's somewhat comet like! go figure :) which, in the astrological chart, influences ones' healing issues & lessons. Chironic time is the time of synchronicity - the day you don't have anything planned, & a friend shows up 'out of the blue' to invite you to lunch! Or there's a workshop that 'just happens' to have one place left, just when you find out about it . . . .

Chronos time is more 'clock time,' the time of Saturn, a steady pattern, schedules, appointments, being 'on time.' I work by appointments, & enjoy unscheduled time - & the time that 'just shows up' when I happen to have a free morning. I need a balance of each, for my spirit to soar!

As I look at what I wish to release into the water, I would release procrastination that doesn't serve me - the bills I wait to pay, tho there's money in the bank, just because it isn't do yet; & release the sense of obligation to 'finish' things before I'm ready, projects & programs that I 'think' I 'should' have finished awhile ago!! I invite myself
to find my perfect timing!

Attitude of Gratitude

I so enjoyed seeing 'Gratitude' for Friday - & it was a lovely, blue sky day here in oregon!! I walked to meet a gal who wants to learn Reiki - she found my card ~ 4 years ago, in a Library book!! & contacted me then, but cancelled before meeting me - now is ready to proceed! I love the synchronicity :)
I walked to pay my property taxes, I got my loan from a local S & L ($ stays in county, they have a large part of their budget allocated for donations to local charities each year, & we that bank there 'vote' on our favorites, or can add new ones!) & am grateful to be able to support local libraries, schools, roads, fire & police, . . .
I am grateful for many things:
  • family
  • sunny days
  • abundant water (& yes, those rainy days)
  • health
  • Reiki
  • being a Massage Therapist, & enjoying my work
  • dance, dance dance!
  • loving friends
  • my sweet pup companion, Gracie Mae
  • my kids & grandkids
  • food, shelter & warmth
  • clients & students
  • teachers & elders
  • babies
  • siprituality & spiritual community
  • this circle of Soul Sisters
  • My 'sister' groups
  • my harps, drums, flute, & musical interest/ability
  • a wonderful community
  • grace
Thank you for your presence & support!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Be Still my Soul

Stillness - several mornings recently I haven't needed to go in to my office till noon or after, & have luxuriated at home, all tucked up. Reading some of the others in Soul Coaching group bespeak setting aside a day (or morning?) for spirit or art work appeals.
I tend to 'do' more than 'be,' but that doing is often pretty sedentary, reading, playing the harp, jotting things down, . . . I enjoy the thought of time set aside for creativity to spark.
Another still time - my oldest grand daughter, 8, asked me to rub her feet (that's how I grew up, exchanging foot & back rubs with my mother, Lois), & her little sister invited me to tuck into bed with them for awhile, as they were falling asleep. The elder usually drifts off first, & she did. How sweet to share those moments.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Relationships & Commitment

Day 11 - Relationship When I think of Relationship, I think of commitment - to a person, to oneself. My sense of relationship to 'creator being' is lifelong, I can't think of a time I didn't feel connected to 'All that Is,' & I was lucky to grow up in an eccmenical household, with parents who looked for commitment to ones' values, rather than to the particular path. My dad had Cherokee heritage (thru his dad), & my mom's mom, Mary, I've written about - Lois told me "Mama always said 'the Indians have a perfectly good religion/ spiritual path; no need for us to convert them!"
My sense of spirit tends to be that of evolution of the soul, collective & individual. I lean toward 'goddess' if I put gender on that limitless being - women, after all, are the ones giving birth!

I am also thinking of commitment to process - I am in a reading group that focuses on 'Women's Spirituality,' & the current book is Echart Tolle's 'New Earth' - I've had resistance to reading it; feeling it restates things I've already read - but I do (finally) have it on order, so we'll see!!
I also ordered the 'Soul Coaching' book - today, & 'SoulCollage' - honed my book order down to just the three I truely want right now - rather than getting a few others, simply because they sound interesting!
A number of truely delightful books have come to me that way, & I am working on being more selective about what I choose to BUY. Clearing clutter is still a priority, & something I am working on!

A Soul Collage friend identifies collecting as being a 'Sea Gull' trait - I'd place it more with Magpie! Oh, what lovely black & white birds!! & seeking treasures - as I continue to clear clutter, I intend to identify treasures - 'friends,' & to id. ones to pass on or send off, as well. In the Crow family, usually thought to be good luck, & the only 'non mammal' known to recognize themselves in a mirror! In my young married years, I remember talking with someone who'd had a magpie as a 'pet' - & they attested to its cleverness. So I invite magpie to help me clear my clutter!

Earlier this evening, I found a link to Isha Lerner's lovely flower cards reading - the card that came was 'Manzanita' While I don't have that essence, I know the plant & it's lovely little bell flowers (similar to those of blueberries). The message was tapping the love of the Goddess, her roots, her branches, to dance (!) & to love one's body, exactly as it is!

I tend to be pretty satisfied with my body - but heck, I'm female!! OK, OK, I love myself just as I am!! & I think of the lovely, curvey branches, which I enjoyed using to hang small ornaments (as my own 'Christmas tree' in my room, when I was ~ 10 or 11) or easter eggs. Maybe Manzanita will assist Magpie in lovingly pruning some 'things!'
I also did a Goddess reading, & got "Flying into Spring" - rise above old routines, go up the mountain. Spiritual journey? "I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help!' I always loved that image - & when living in the mountains, would pause on the footbridge, looking up river at the hills that rose above camp . . .

blessed be!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Movement is Medicine'

"Movement is Medicine;" Music to my ears!!

* Do you know what physical activity offers 76% risk protection against Alzheimer's? (* answer below)

When I was in school, PE meant teachers who enjoyed ball sports & ridicule - not very inspiring or encouraging!! My favorite year - Sophomore in HS - was when we had a sweet gal with waist length red hair for fall term. She worked on things like deportment, & gymnastics floor exercises . . . then came spring, & she had to return to finish her college requirements, & we had the usual drill Sarge. gal for the rest of the year.
I tried a bit of gymnastics in College, & that was fun - but I didn't really think of myself as 'fitness oriented.' A few friends 'jogged' - that was a new thing - but it didn't much appeal. Then, when I was 28, my niece was in Nutcracker, & I went to watch - oh, ballet!! I had ballet paper dolls, & loved old musicals, especially if they had dancing scenes. Ballet - & 2 of my sis-in-law were enrolled in classes for adults!
I went to 'watch' a class, & the teacher encouraged me to participate, even tho I wasn't dressed for it!! Oh, ballet!!
I tried a few classes in our home town (my hubby's family lived, & the classes were ~ an hour away, but we visited often) . . . umm, boring? While the class I'd attended was so delightfully vital! Turned out to be a world class teacher, with classical Russian training, & I was hooked.
So for several years we drove up for class (my hubby & daughter started taking as well), then moved here, when the time was right. It took me ~ 5 years for my legs to catch up - my mom had been on crutches (polio at 9), & I think that influenced me on a deep level. She always encouraged me to do anything I could, but I always felt 'clumsy.'

When I studied massage, also from someone who'd had polio, I was encouraged to take Tai Chi, to enhance my body mechanics, & perhaps to teach seniors at some future time. I continued with both ballet & tai chi, loving them both. 6 years later, after moving to the hot springs, I began teaching Tai Chi as a 'daily well being' offering. With the ever changing flow of guests, & occasional staff who'd join for a time, I taught a 'drop in' style. I was blessed with access to several Qigong workshops, & added more of the energy theory (some of which came intuitively as well) to my classes.

Over the last few years, I've offered occasional classes, but advertising myself hasn't been my forte.

This week, a local elder care facility is hosting their National Senior Medical Officer (500 facilities!), who is presenting information on the benefits of continuing with purpose full movement throughout life. "Optimum Aging" is the goal - with physical, mental & emotional health intact, healthy spirits, & a twinkle in the eye!

So many statistics!! Risk of falls decreases by half with Vitamin D-3 intake upped to 800 - 1000 IU!
In Oregon's Willamette Valley, we're N of the 45th parallel, with winter sunlight not enough to stim. Vit D production in the skin. I work with to NDs, & many of their clients are coming in deficient, & they are recommending they take up to 5000 IU!
A simple blood test will assess where you are - our lady Doc attended a conference this summer, & said they were seeing almost NO Cancer, & almost NO osteoporosis when folks were taking 10,000 IU of D-3 daily!! At that level, one does need to work with a doctor, & blood tests are recommended; but even the MD (Kevin O'Neil) said there are very few risks, & many benefits, in higher Vit D than we've thought, . . . & with a senior population, it's often easiest to take 50,000 once a month!

Optimal aging includes: life satisfaction, social participation, self reliance, coping ability, setting new goals.

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Walking, weight training, working on balance; water aerobics, etc. If you have kids, make sure they're moving! If you have a desk job, learn some stretches to do at your desk, take the stairs, take a walk for your break, . . . "We are largely responsible for our own success or failure in aging well!"

These are his recommendations for folks over 65, or 50-64 with chronic problems:

Do moderate (can carry on conversation) exercise 30 min a day, 5 days a week
Do vigorous intense aerobic exercise 20 min / day, 3 days / week
Do 8-10 strength training exercises, 10-15 reps of each, 2 - 3 x week
if you're at risk for falling, do balance exercises (TAI CHI or QIGONG are great!)
have a physical activity plan!

After the workshop, I spoke to the director, & may be offering a Tai Chi class to the residents!
& this winter, my 8 yr old grand daugher will be in Nutcracker!

* Oh, & what was that exercise that offers a 76% risk reduction for getting Alzheimer's?? One of my favorites - Ballroom Dance!! Esp. Tango! Currently, I'm taking 'Round Dance' classes, put on by our local square dance club! Basically, ballroom done in a circle, & bit easier on the guys, as a 'cuer' tells you the moves!

Put on the music . . . .