Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flame Fanning

New Altar

What a lovely day! as much as I wanted to get up & just play with creating something, I decided to create some order in my home! & lit lots of candles, & some lovely incense my harper friend Dennis gave me (in the long box behind the candle). Angels for today are 'Awakening' & 'Expansiveness.'

It's been a busy week, & I had several things I could have done today, but . . . There was time & I had some ideas for shifting things around. & as Suzie says, the sun has moved into Sag - whee!! Like the idea of that giving some energy for accomplishing some things. Yes. & I recently realized I'm upon my 2nd Saturn Return . . . not as 'shaking things up' as the one in late 20s tends to be; more 'are you on your path?' & I feel I am.

. . . I don't know about you, but I enjoy thinking of new ways to rearrange things more than I do 'just' cleaning! & throughout the week, I'd been thinking of doing just that. So I shifted one shelf; (& thoroughly reorganized it), & then moved a second to the first location, & reorganized that. There are still lots of piles of things that need to be gone through, the whole room doesn't look better yet, but it feels better.

My wize former hubby told me once, when you're feeling disorganized, clear your altar! Now, at the time, I don't recall if I even had an altar! But we shared memories of other times, & I certainly had 'before!' So I began with clearing out that bookshelf, moving it, & setting up a new altar!
You'll find elements of it here
& the Star lady hangs above it (here) After finishing the altar, (mostly, things kept wanting to be there throughout the day) I set to refilling the shelves, but with a different grouping of books, & some of my harp music.
Etc. Rather sloggy, at times, but good momentum. & I used the cinnamon oil spritzed besom for sweeping the floors under the shelves I moved - yummy!!
I managed to get quite a bit done, yea!

In the afternoon my friend Donna stopped by - she's been looking for work (does cleaning & in spring, taxes, is ready to get out of each) & struggles with depression.
I'd given her some suggestions on some of the energetics she could use in addition to the 'usual' job apps. & such, & she made a comment about not 'buying into' some of her friends' ideas - not sure if she was talking about that (& I didn't ask) . . . but she's feeling stuck.
Ironically, she wanted to be a doctor - but got PG, & still grad. with her class, as salutatorian! She ended up skipping college, & having 5 kids. So very bright, & very capable, but hard to quantify some of that! When we 'do' our annual shopping adventure in 'the big city' (Portland), she is our mass transit guide - always knows which conveyance is going where we want to be, which is the free area, etc!
& I have to work, sometimes, at not 'helping' or 'suggesting' too much - just listen & be nurturing, not 'fix' it! Sigh.

Then in the PM, our (liberal, peace & justice) church had 'bought out the house' of our little theater's production of "Peter Pan!" My dau. engaged me in helping set up & serve refreshments.
Wow - it was great! The original play was prod. in London in 1904, so it's just over 100 years old. & the director had set it as 'Wendy's dream.' Being a fan of the Findhorn Community, I have been intrigued with the setting of the Darling Home, overlooking Kensington Garden. An original Findhorn friend, & author of one of the sections of the first book, was R.O.C., a distinguished older Scotts gentleman, who began seeing the nature spirits, including PAN in his elemental/God being, in Kensington Garden! I have a tape with him telling his tale, of meeting PAN, & later returning to a stream he'd visited as a child, & the fairies asking him if he was glad they had granted his wish - to see fairies?!! (which he'd forgotten making :)

3 of my 8 year old grand daughter's classmates joined us, & the 4 year old sis was on the edge of her seat. Every time the lights went out, she'd ask "Will the 'movie' start again?" They did just the right 'vaudeville' flavor, so it wasn't too scary, & the kids LOVED it! A friend's daughter played Tink (laser lite - she did the voice!)

I took a dance class with the teen playing the Indian Princess "Tiger Lily!" She is such a wonderful young goddess. Last summer she & another dancer came to hear me play harp at the farmer's Mkt.; & she lit up when she saw me tonight. I made sure I talked to her after the play, & intro. her to my dancer daughter :) She would 'like to make a name for herself" (& is in honor society, teen UN, an environmental group, . . . she may!!) It felt sweet (& easy:) to connect with her - & uplifting for us all.

Here are a couple of links on a barter system that's been set up in the UK - got it from another blog, & now I can't remember which!! & I tend to skip around - so thank you!!
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Genie Sea said...

What an incredibly abundant and creative day! SO full of treasures! :)

Jamie said...

Creativity weaves its way through your life. How wonderful.

Serena said...

I very creative day!

love, light and peace