Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chiron & Chronos - time angels

Ah, time! I was Cesarian born, with the timing chosen by the doctor, as my mom had polio at 9, & they were concerned about pelvic dimension . . . . so my time was chosen 'for me,' & I struggled with being 'on time' for many years. Now, I'm often the 'early one,' which is a delightful shift! (a tendency to be 'right on time,' not really very early)

Chiron, mythologically the centaur with a Mystery School on Mt Olympus, who sent folks on their spiritual quest, is an asteroid (or centaur - with an orbit that's somewhat comet like! go figure :) which, in the astrological chart, influences ones' healing issues & lessons. Chironic time is the time of synchronicity - the day you don't have anything planned, & a friend shows up 'out of the blue' to invite you to lunch! Or there's a workshop that 'just happens' to have one place left, just when you find out about it . . . .

Chronos time is more 'clock time,' the time of Saturn, a steady pattern, schedules, appointments, being 'on time.' I work by appointments, & enjoy unscheduled time - & the time that 'just shows up' when I happen to have a free morning. I need a balance of each, for my spirit to soar!

As I look at what I wish to release into the water, I would release procrastination that doesn't serve me - the bills I wait to pay, tho there's money in the bank, just because it isn't do yet; & release the sense of obligation to 'finish' things before I'm ready, projects & programs that I 'think' I 'should' have finished awhile ago!! I invite myself
to find my perfect timing!


peppylady said...

Your post is on the same subject of time.
Although I took anther path or different view about it.

Coffee is on.

Serena said...

( find my perfect timing

That is so true....placing unfair expectations on ourselves and others only sets us up for disappointment.

love, light and peace,

Jane Valencia said...

Ah, inviting Perfect Timing -- I love that! It does seem that our culture most definitly needs to heal its relationship with Time! To find partnership with the other Jeweled aspects that are Time as well. Hee, hee, and I witness your release of obligation to 'programs' etc. I've done a bit of work with a therapeutic musician program myself -- the Clinical Musicianship Program. Perhaps I'll continue that work, perhaps not. If so, it too will be in my Perfect Time :-).