Wednesday, November 19, 2008

talking about the Shadow, a good day to die

Mt Shasta & 'ship'

Ooo, that shadow side! For a lot of years I could 'own' sorrow a lot easier than 'anger' - me, angry?? Who, me?? Procrastination, judgements, blame, grumble grumble, . . .

Wed this info. arrived from a lightwork exemplar, & I didn't get it posted to SC, so share it below.

I went to a 'Rockabillie tribute' this PM with a gal friend who led us thru an exercise on facing your death 25 years ago at a Hospice training! My spirit guide came to me during the meditation, & I remember being sad when she said she (acting as death) was going on without me at the end!
I think I went out of body when I was born (C section with Ether) so have an interesting rapport with 'the other side' all my life. I remember 'seeing death' just before mine uncle Bill's passing, & was comfortable doing Hospice.
Am I ready to die? Energetically - wherever I'm needed (oh, that sounds so arrogant!) Physically - I have some stuff to do - will & etc. would be a good idea :)

Tonight's music tribute was done by local legend Jerry Naylor, who took over the role of lead singer in "The Crickets" for awhile after Buddy Holly's death in a plane crash in 1959! (The name 'the Cricket's' inspired John Lennon & Paul McCartney to name their band 'the Beetles' & other members of the band are still performing under the Crickets' name, 50 years later!)

Jerry was joined by a host of local musicians, to trace what we call 'rock & roll' from Africa in the 16/1700s, thru Hillbilly music, to 'rockabillie,' & featuring artists Elvis, Hank Williams, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, & Carl Perkins, whose son Carl Stanley Perkins joined Naylor on the stage! They both can still sing up a storm! & a 15 year old kid, whose grandma hauled him to last year's concert got 'the bug,' & held the stage for a delightful medeley - boy, did he have Johnnie Cash down!

What a stroll down memory lane!! It was in a lovely old music theater, with a pull down screen, so they used old footage of the artists while playing their songs.

The Buddy Holly segment included photos of the downed plane, his luggage, his glasses on a shelf - so an intriguing way to 'encounter death' while listening to rip roaring music!! Perfect :) The Crickets' first hit record was 'That'll be the day" (when I die) & the band played that a couple of times - shall we say, fitting for today?!!

Here's Wednsday's entry, including a great clearing process.

About 9 years ago, Amorah did a talk at a local Catholic college (Marylhurst) bespeaking the shadow government's prevention of Pres. Clinton's efforts to be different. As we move into this new administration, she gave shares thoughts on OLD shadows, & a practice to counteract them. I think this dance with the dark we've been engaged in for so long is part of the reason death seems so scary in present times!

* When we dispatched contracts in our month long intensive, Amorah had us picture a literal contract, complete with our signature, a stamp pad filled with red ink, & a big, wonderful 'VOID' stamp. As we retracted our acceptance of the contract, we visualized stamping 'VOID' & then 'burned' it in an imaginary flame.

One gal in my group 'saw' her contract linked to many many others (she'd been raised in a 'dark' cult). I suggested that they were tied together with something like an 'anti-theft' plastic thingies (often attached to expensive clothes.) Its function here was to 'pull' all correlated contracts into the fire! After her clearing, Amorah reminded her she was now free of them, & could shift into new begaviors!

I played my harp as we were doing this work - so if you have a CD that feels appropriate, put that on. I am supporting anyone who chooses to do this with Reiki, with the intention that it be for your highest good, & that any shadow personal issues you wish to release at this time also go into the flame.

Read this story as an alegory, if that suits you; do the affirmations if they feel 'right' to you, reword them if you need!
Blessed be

*** Amorah Quan Yin; Pleiadian Lightwork facilitator ***

The acceleration of the frequencies on Earth is ever-present and getting higher and higher. At some point in the near future, the ways of corruption and illusion on this planet will come to a head, be exposed and begin to disappear. This can be a slow and arduous process, and yet it must be a successful one. Barack Obama is one of the key factors in bringing this about - but only with our assistance. Yes, each of us must contribute to facilitate this change!

Let us start by cancelling a long term planetary contract with all humans
, a contract put into place before the last ice Age, in pre-Lemurian times.

The human race had been guided by the Light for a long time. But some humans had started to face their shadow side, and felt restricted by the Beings of Light. Eventually this drew an invasion by the Dark side to our planet and the humans were put into deep shock and terrorized.

These frightened humans believed that if they had not been ruled by the Light that the Dark would not have attacked. They did not realize that their own shadow side and resistance to the Light had brought on the attacks. So they made an agreement that from now own the Earth would only be ruled by the Dark side. They felt this would prevent the Dark side from attacking, if humans were compliant with their rulership. So the governments since that time have been ruled by the Dark.

* Visualize a contract between you and all humans that "the governments must be ruled by the Dark."
* Cancel the contract, stamp VOID, tear it up, and burn it.
* Next clear another contract, the same way that "the governements on Earth will never reveal the Truth to the citizens."

* Now issue a command, “In the name of the I Am That I Am, in the name of my free will and the Universal law of Free Will, I command that the governments on Earth be returned to the Light, Love, Peace, and Truth. And I command that the Truth be revealed to all people NOW! For the highest good of all, so be it!”
Take as long as you like to feel the resonance (& use your own words if that feels more appropriate!!)

I suggest doing this affirmation every day, 3 -4 times, starting now and at least until Obama has been president for 40 days. This will greatly assist in this powerful transitional time.

A few months ago when I was teaching a training, I had just led a deep meditation with the group when something very powerful happened. At the end of the meditation Barack Obama appered etherically in the center of the room. (One of the students also saw hime there.)
He Namasted to me and said “I came to thank you for the wonderful process you just did with this group. It very much is in alignment with something I am doing.” He went on to tell me that he was a leader of a large astral group called “The League of Nations”. This League of Nations meets during sleep and dream time to make plans and strategies for transformation of the Earth. It is working to bring world peace, healthy living conditionsto all people, and Unity in Diversity to Earth.
He invited me and the students to join the group at night, which I do. All you have to do is affirm your wish to join this group before you go to sleep and it will happen. Let us join Obama and the other members of this group in changing and rebirthing our world. It is time for the Divine Plan to unfold in actuality on all levels including the physical. We can do it now!

And in your daily life remember to be aware of and cancel limiting and negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. By doing this you take active responsibility for creating a beautiful reality for yourself and others. And each day remember to be grateful for the good you already have.

Amorah Quan Yin *


Dia again: after my dad died, in 1992, I read flower essence practitioner Machaelle Small Wright's 'Dancing in the Shadow of the Moon.' In this fat, autobiographical tome, she recounts her own time spent, energetically, with Ike (Dwight DAVID Eisenhower on the 'cottage level,' studying the dynamics of war from the last several centuries, to help shift the dynamic on earth to Peace.

When I read that, I thought 'No wonder my dad was polishing his golf game for 2 months before he died!" (he was hit by a pick up, crossing the highway, 2 months after heart bipass surgery!!) "he's helping shift the dynamic, & working on the 'religion' part - which has been used as justification for so many conflicts, & playing a few rounds with David (Ike) each day!"

Shortly after that 'ah-ha!' a friend asked if I thought my dad had been re-incarnated yet. Well, no - I felt that this had been a 'completion' life for him, then asked if she really wanted to know what I thought? "Yes!" . . . so I told her,. . . . & she pulled out her pendulum to 'test' my answer, then looked rather bemused & exclaimed, "You're right!!"

In that spirit, I invite you to be part of the change, whatever it means for you!!
& thank you daddy, thank you!

Oh, & re: the 'burning times!'
In almost every Reiki class I offer, someone comments 'we could
get burned for doing this!' (hands on healing, sending healing across space & time, energy thru music, etc) & I invite them to affirm that in THIS time, it's safe & necessary to do the work!
In a lovely 'past life memoir' "
The Heart of the Fire," the author bespeaks realizing she only lost her life as a 'witch' when she gave up her power, & didn't face & integrate her shadow & fears!! So this is an invitation to do as much releasing of those fears of burning, fears of shining our lights, of standing in our power as we can!
& yes, we can :)


Sacred Suzie said...

Have you read or seen Earthsea? I think you would like it. It has a lot to do with shadows.

Many people are finishing their spirit cycles this time and staying put on the other side.

I wish I could get my pendulum to work. It doesn't move at all!

Small besoms are a great idea! I hope you try the cinnamon oil, yummy and powerful! What could be bad?

Sacred Suzie said...

My skin is very sensitive, I don't think I could use ginger externally and even internally it is sometimes hard for me. Can you believe it? It's supposed to help with digestion but has given me acid reflux, LOL. I am ridiculously sensitive but if it works for you, go for it!

Dia said...

Suzie - my daughter also can't use ginger for digestion!! We are each so different! I love ginger, & am glad my body enjoys it as well :)