Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One with the Mother

In a few minutes I will do the meditation with my 1st harp, Tuilleadh (Tilly), "to give abundantly, in full measure." We lived at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort & the Oregon coast in the mid 90s, she is infused with Reiki, & offers a wonderful connection with the earth energies. We'll begin with the 'Breitenbush River Ripple,' the first song that came to us, & see what else we want to play. (in the photo I was playing for a Breema workshop in the Forest Shelter at Breitenbush (surrounded by douglas fir, with french doors & windows overlooking the river, & a huge skylight, open to the stars.)

Here's my tea camellia in bloom - see the tiny pink buds?? At the Chinese Gardens this summer, I had some tea blossom tea - so now I know I can use them that way!! This one does better in a pot, tho it's fine on the porch during the winter; I have a larger leaved Russian one in my back yard.

Later today I'm going out to give a new mom massage at a local birthing center, & may get over to the lovely giant & dawn redwoods in the park by our library (across the street from my office - are you envious yet?) & there's a deodar cedar as well - sigh. One of my favoritest of all!!

Once I played her Tuille for friends with an elderly dog, Chetwin. At one point, Chet 'told' his mom "Is that another way she talks? It makes my whole body feel good!" How sweet is that? Chet suffered from aluminum poisoning, he'd chewed a bunch of pop cans their kids (long grown now) had collected.

I've looked forward to sharing this all week - a powerful practice for clearing the land, compliments of Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Essences - do check out her site if you've been feeling drawn to the flowers!! Or just to see some great photos, if you need to connect from inside :)
Several years ago, I asked Molly's permission to share this story & cleansing process, & she graciously agreed, saying that the more people doing this or similar processes the better! Machaelle Wright of Perelandra teaches similar processes in her Garden Workbooks, & offers her own powerful essences.

* I printed out a copy, put it in a vinyl 'sheet protector,' & posted it in my shower, & would clear the land each morning as I cleansed myself! Currently I keep one on an altar. It really does only take a few minutes, & is well worth the extra effort!

If you have a name for your land/home, use that (Mine's Illahee Tsil Tsil Shanti - place of the stars singing (Chinook jargon - the trade language used by the NW natives between tribes & with the settlers, inc. grandma Mary. The name has travelled with me.

** Imagine the boundaries of the land you wish to clear (you may want to have a map of your property, if it's larger, & may be guided to clear it in sections. If you're in an apt., clear your own space, imagining the grounding cord of the apt going into the earth below you, & clear the land surrounding the apt. Pay attention to guidance on what suites your circumstances.

Molly comments that the guides & devas delight in being asked to help us, "A group of spiritual entities connected with Nature do the actual energy cleansing but this group cannot do this work unless a human asks them to do it. It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation & maintenance of earth. If a human doesn't ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land & this land is holding a lot of negativity, spirit's only options for removing this negativity are extreme weather." What a perfect time to share this process!!

Energy Cleansing Process

Find a quiet & comfortable place to center yourself.
"Ask for assistance from:
The Overlighting Deva of the piece of land you want to clean. This being from the Angelic realm holds the divine plan for this piece of land. (Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'being of Light')
Angels Overlighting the land. They work with the Deva
The Elementals of the land. These are the beings who bring land into form & then hold it there so we can live in a physical world. Gnomes for the Earth element, Undine with water, Sylphs work with air, & Salamanders with fire.
Pan, Head Elemental of Earth (Machaelle Wright calls Pan the CEO of Nature)
Any Ascended Master of God realized being who is connected with this piece of land. There may or may not be any connected, depending on the piece of land. (You can always invite the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, St Germain, & other Masters with whom you you feel connected.)
Deva of the Earth's atmosphere, Lunaria
Deva of the Earth's surface, Sapphalo
Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, Darndella
Our Sun, Helios & Vesta.

"After you call in this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing.

"You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below & above the ground. You can visualize yourself or an angel holding a sword (Michael/Michaella) cutting all the negativity free, perhaps spinning in a circle holding the sword out; or you can imagine a big gyroscope whirling & cleansing. The image only needs to work for you. If visualization isn't possible, it's OK. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done. Close the session with a thanks to everyone involved.

"This is the bare bones of a process. Over time you will probably develop your own individual approach. For example, you may get to know the names of the Deva & Angels of the land. You may get shown a process that will improve on this one. You may get asked to do several pieces of land. Thank you for doing this service."

** I also like to imagine a hedge of roses (think Brier Rose) with portals of violet flame at the entrances, clearing folks' energy as they enter or leave. At times I erect a golden pyramid above my property (rectangular here :) or a violet bubble - check in & see if any images come!
Any time you feel vulnerable, are concerned about weather or safety, take a few moments to do this process. It helps to have quick name for the process - you may simply invite 'Devas, Angels & guides of land clearing, please CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE this land!'


miss*R said...

wow. what a fantastic cleansing process.. have copied it and will do it for sure! I want to cleanse and heal my area.. so that I can reconnect.thanks tons!! xo

miss*R said...

ps - do you make your own flower essences? Being here in Australia, I have started to make my own for my own use.. I need to connect to this land, these plants.. so that has come to me over the past few months, to make my own.

Serena said...

What a fabulous cleansing ritual! Thank you for sharing it with us.

love, light and peace,

Fatma said...

I have done a process just like this before. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Great time to do it again.

Kavindra said...

I would love to hear this harp - tho I feel like I almost can from your words. What a great gift you have in music!

Jamie said...

I loved seeing this picture of you and your harp. How beautiful.

Your days are rich and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Genie Sea said...

What a rich rich post, Dia! So full of wisdom, truth and beauty! Thank you :)

Ok. I'm going to sound like Robyn... :)and that's a good thing... :)

word verification for this comment (and I kid you not) is... bakharp. WOW!