Friday, November 21, 2008

Wings - SC Day 19

LOVED the exercises today!! & synchronicity strikes again ;)

Yesterday as I was doing some energetic work on a new client's back, along with massage, I had the intuitive flash that her wings had been cut off!! I said that (gently), & it brought tears to her eyes! She said as a child, she'd seen fairies, & 'no wonder there's no room in there!' (her back) - she had a sense of 'stuffing' her wings inside!! & is working toward some major changes in her life, including letting those wings out!
I use tuning forks in some sessions, so included Violetta Raye's Intention Tuner 'Wings' fork over her shoulders! The pattern Violetta suggests is that of a propeller, or two infinity symbols, crossing at the heart. & this is her short definition for the fork:

# 2 our heart’s desires permission to “Fly”.

My client commented she always feels she needs really deep work on her back, but questions whether that is really best - the insight dovetails so perfectly with todays message of using our wings, & with my 1st Soul Collage card, 'Hope of the Future.' I showed her the card before the session, as I mentioned them last week, & she had an immediate connection with the card. (note the tissue paper wings - pale yellow - on the upper woman)

I have been thinking about 'random acts of kindness' as well - & love the image another Reiki Master gave, of being in a store & reaching out with 'extra arms' (like a 4 armed goddess) to embrace a crying child or upset adult! I love the sense of good power that gives, in situations we often feel powerless to help - a kind thought or word may make a world of difference; to both 'giver' & 'reciever.'

What a powerful week!LinkLink


Kavindra said...

Oh Dia, I wish I could be your client!

I am not a reiki practitioner myself, but I love the image of being a goddess with many arms reaching out spiritually to others in public. I'm going to invoke that lovely idea.

Thanks for your light and your ideas

Kelly McGannon said...


i just browsed your's WONDERFUL and i feel there is great synchronicity here. i've been working on growing my wings back, too. what a powerful statement your client made! OH, i am just bubbling over with questions for you and would love to get your thoughts on others. what good work you do!!!

with light and blessings...kel

Genie Sea said...

What is greater example of embodying the very essence of giving back than giving someone her wings back?

Breathtaking! Thank you for all you do, Dia! :)

Dia said...

Thanks Kelly & Kaavindra; Genie, very wise comment, she did talk about her 'breath' several times during the session - feeling she needed to breathe more deeply, understanding why her breath felt stuck (no ROOM!)

Serena said...

Dia, thanks for sharing this experience with us. You are an angel who helps people on their spiritual path.....a compassionate and empowering moment.

love, light and peace,

Jane Valencia said...

Synchronicity again ... my mother sent me the beginning of her memoirs, and amidst the recollections is a literal flight of fancy, where she grows wings and flies out her window! I'm awed and wonder where her imaginary travels will take her in her writing -- I've felt for awhile (though not in these words) that my mom had had her wings clipped as a child. ... and I love the 'intuitive hit' that allowed you to speak of wings to your client -- those magical moments in healing sessions and elsewhere are just that open gateway with Spirit. I'm always in awe! Your writing is beautiful .... j

creativehealinggoddess said...

A wonderful post and tunning forks wow what a treatment...