Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessing from a Dancer

May blessings of the wind continue to comfort and move things along their way whenever we feel frozen in the fields of forlorn.

May blessings of water nourish and provide sustenance for the continuance of growth.

May blessings of earth supply the firm and unshakable strength of purpose that moves us along in the everyday dance.

May blessings of fire burn through the illusions and mental traps the set us up to mislead us from our true nature, dancing mystics moving as the soul of the world.

vinn marti, in love and gratitude
- Vinn teaches Ecstatic Dance & has 'Soul Motion' in Portland, OR -- this sure fits our theme month, doesn't it??

1 comment:

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful! The words and the animals. :) The elements are so powerful, our spirit resonates with them.

Thank you for giving me hope that my little Christmas tree will make it!

Enjoy the meditating!