Saturday, November 15, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

I so enjoyed seeing 'Gratitude' for Friday - & it was a lovely, blue sky day here in oregon!! I walked to meet a gal who wants to learn Reiki - she found my card ~ 4 years ago, in a Library book!! & contacted me then, but cancelled before meeting me - now is ready to proceed! I love the synchronicity :)
I walked to pay my property taxes, I got my loan from a local S & L ($ stays in county, they have a large part of their budget allocated for donations to local charities each year, & we that bank there 'vote' on our favorites, or can add new ones!) & am grateful to be able to support local libraries, schools, roads, fire & police, . . .
I am grateful for many things:
  • family
  • sunny days
  • abundant water (& yes, those rainy days)
  • health
  • Reiki
  • being a Massage Therapist, & enjoying my work
  • dance, dance dance!
  • loving friends
  • my sweet pup companion, Gracie Mae
  • my kids & grandkids
  • food, shelter & warmth
  • clients & students
  • teachers & elders
  • babies
  • siprituality & spiritual community
  • this circle of Soul Sisters
  • My 'sister' groups
  • my harps, drums, flute, & musical interest/ability
  • a wonderful community
  • grace
Thank you for your presence & support!


Allison said...

Your list is great - so wonderful to have so many local things to be grateful for :] You can't escape them!

creativehealinggoddess said...

Great list and i love being a reiki person of sorts great blog.