Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week of Fire

Today was a day of walking, moving, passing through. I have been admiring a mantle that went up Sat as part of a display at the local co-op art gallery. It 'belongs' to the Habit Re-Store, so is for sale, as the designer setting up the display pointed out! I walked by the store & peeked in the window.

When I moved into my home 5 years ago, there was a fake fireplace with mantle - molded plastic brick, (blagh!) that had a funny little rotating 'fire' (a lightbulb behind some 'branches') I used it to set up candles, a smudge pot, photos on top, . . . & eventually passed it on. This one is narrower, with green tiles & art deco styling - also just a frame.
Do I need it? It would be a surface for altar objects, which function is currently held by a piano badly in need of tuning. I took lessons on that piano growing up, & my dad played it most evenings. Now the harp holds my attention. The piano's drifted thru the family since my father's death 16 years ago, so I feel guilty that it sits here untuned & unused. Could my son use it? Would the grandkids like to learn music on it?

As some of others have mentioned, this has been a happy day, with not much attention to fears. I used to feel left out when I 'wasn't invited' to participate in something - & took things more personally. Now I tend to look for opportunities, & often have 'too many' things I'd like to do to choose from! I suppose health, 'retirement'? (when??) . . .

I haven't put much attention on fears in recent years. At one time, after nearly drowning, I didn't much like deep water. The time at Breitenbush, learning to swim in the lovely mineral water pool shifted that, & a few years ago I swam a bit in the Ocean off Hawaii's Big Island. I take deep water aerobics classes, & actually enjoy it! I used to think I was afraid of spiders, in college, one gal was truely phobic, & would stand paralized & scream when one was in her room. I'd
rescue her as quickly as anyone else, & stopped killing them at that point!

The first principle of Reiki is 'Just for today, do not worry!' & I often invite my classes to speak their worries & release them into the flame of a candle, as we begin the class. What keeps you from being present? What worries you -- & is there anything you can do about it right now?

A favorite ritual is a Zen Funeral: write out the emotions & fears that go along with the first 4 Reiki principles - what worries?
'Just for today, do not anger' what makes you angery?
'honor your parents, teachers & elders' - which are hard to honor?
'Earn your living honestly' - where do you feel you're not authentic? . . . write as fast as you can, any which way on the paper. Draw . . . use colour, write about the things that feel out of balance.
When you've finished & feel complete, put the paper into the fire, & watch it burn. Release the fears, the angers, the regrets.

After the release comes the refilling - with gratitudes! Write, again, any way you wish, your gratitudes. A list, a spiral, drawings, . . . keep this paper, putting it on an altar or some other place it's visible, & check in with it over the next week or so.

I recall the power the first time I did this ritual, at a Flower Essence workshop; & my immediate sense that this would be a wonderful way to work with the principles, which are another path to being present in this moment.

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Sacred Suzie said...

That saying about Just for today, don't worry actually brought my shoulders down and relaxed my back. I love that! It's a short-term commitment to joy. That's my kind of commitment.

That altar you saw was gorgeous, I'm so happy you took a picture.

I would be scared of deep water too if that had happened to me. The last time I was in the ocean was with the sting rays. Now I enjoy looking and being on it.

A COLLECTION of clowns?! OMG, what a nightmares! LOL.