Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The arrival of the BOOKS

I'm excited that the books have arrived!! Soul Coaching, SoulCollage (Seena Frost) & Eckhart Tolle's New Earth!

This morning I did the journaling for Soul Coaching, & it was interesting doing the 'should/could' exercise - & telling my list 'I could, but I choose not to at this time!" Wow! I actually did some of the things on my list - - - later! & that felt good, too.

Then, writing about sensuality/sexuality & relationships -- that took awhile! I have been in some tangly relationships - LIPID - the 'Last Inappropriate Person I Dated' is several years in the past, & I've been happy on my own, more so as time goes on. I have a heavily 'relationship oriented' chart ("Relationship, Relationship, RELATIONSHIP!" said one astrologer) & I've been enjoying getting to know myself better these last few years. I don't know if I want to meet someone romantically - I have had a dream of doing sacred work with a partner, teaching Reiki, empowerment work, . . . my powers of manifestation haven't attracted such a being.

My daughter lived with me for ~ 9 months while going thru her divorce & rebalancing; now she lives next door, & is getting married in a couple of months. So our dynamic changes, things we did together for the past few years we do less frequently. He is very easy to be around, & close to his parents (like me, he's an only child!) so there's a lot of room for me, but it's different.

I got a few more 'soul collage' supplies, & am ready to begin creating on paper!! & as another bespoke, a bit reluctant to get on the 'Eckhart Tolle' bandwagon - sigh; tho I did begin reading for my book group last night, & found it more palatable than I 'expected!'
Is it my ego that says I've heard most of it before :)


miss*R said...

I have decided to put Eckart Tolle in the back of a cupboard somewhere.. to be found by my children when I depart this earth. It made me feel physically sick, so it's not for me..
enjoy your soul coaching journey!

Dia said...

Tee hee :)
I was thinking this AM that I really like movement, song, engagement for being present - dance, breema, breathwork - just 'blagh blagh blagh' doesn't engage me as much! Am glad I'm doing the soul coaching - & am going to add that to suggestions for the next book!

Jamie said...

LIPID totally cracked me up. What a great name!

I'm so glad your books have arrived and you are full of such energy! That's fire week in and of itself :)

And what a beautiful creation you have here on the sidebar. Gorgeous.

It's so great to have you on the journey.