Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Wishcasting

Jamie asks 'what's your WINTER wish?'

Hmmm - on Solstice, (9:30 PM Wed the 21st, Pacific time) my wish is appreciation for the dark
"The dark half of the year
Suits me just fine
An incubation,
A percolation.
Winter time. The Dream Time.
Worms & calligraphy.
A quiet turning under,
the underbelly
A rich velvet basket,
Stars & frogs tucked around
the edges.
The Dark, my love, is a
Sweet loamy
Pocket for
Change-lings" Shae Savoy - We'moon 2011 calendar

It seems like we should be in ~ mid - November, & here we are at Winter Solstice!!

So my Mid-Winter's wish is for some slowing down, taking a breath, BEING here, at the longest night, the shortest day; appreciating as the wheel turns yet again toward spring & light return!

O Sada - it is good!

What is YOUR winter's wish??

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WW - What's your DEEPEST Wish?

Jamie's prompt this week - What is your deepest wish?
To be my authentic Self, & by my presence to bring inspiration, peace, and calm.

When I lived at the coast, about 15 years ago, one friend/student asked about studying to become a Reiki Master with me, as she wished personal MASTERY, & felt Reiki Mastery would 'fit' that for her, if I felt comfortable with that as her 'burning desire.' She had lived for a time down the hill from Findhorn Garden, & was already a very authentic, focused person. I love our work together, as I learned a lot from HER!

My time at Breitenbush also facilitated being 'real,' awareness of the phases of the moon, of the change of seasons, of the ebb & flow of guests & focus of workshops. It was easy to teach Tai Chi & Reiki, easy to gather with others in celebration & joy, sadness & quiet ...

As we approach Winter Solstice, a time of going within & quieting down, we are also caught up in the busi-ness of Christmas parties, celebrations, performances ... and time with family & friends ... I wish to be true to myself & shine ...

What Deep Wishes & fine dreams call you?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Mmm - you know how much I LOVE coconut!!
Yesterday I made Hungarian Mushroom Soup using this recipe - but of course 'tweeking' it - coconut milk & oil, sorghum flour in the roue, savory rather than dill, nice fresh OG parsley came from my CSA share, & I had some left over roast chicken, so added that to the mushrooms! & 'of course' some garlic!

I first had Hung. Mush. Soup at Old Wives Tales in PDX, & love it! One (or more) of our Breitenbush Chefs had cooked there, & brought the recipe, or found it in the Moosewood Cookbook - & they offer a vegan version as well as the one with dairy.

Over on Bloggity Blog, there's a give-away for a tub of Tropical Traditions shredded coconut!! Wow - wouldn't that be awesome!! I'd use it up fast, too :) I have tried making coconut milk using bulk shredded coconut, & it wasn't great - so I'd like to try TT & see if it's as good as promised!

Head on over to enter the give away!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Jamie's prompt for this weeks Wishcasting - what do you wish to Celebrate?

I've been busy this last week, participating as one of an ASL team 'signing' the Community Choir Christmas Cantata, 'Festival of Light.' Several of the songs include the sign for 'celebrate' & 'rejoice' - it is a jubilant, light filled offering! My 'goddess' niggles don't even get tripped, which surprises me at times. I've been told by SEVERAL folks that they enjoy my signing more than the students (who are Seniors in an ASL program, while I had one term of ASL 31 years ago!! But a dance background, so can 'do' choreography) .... 'your aura shows through when you sign'

I celebrate having eyes to see & ears to hear, to enjoy signing, but not 'need' it!

I celebrate this journey to the darkest night, & Light's return.

I celebrate being a grammie to a LOVELY little guy, & his big sisters & cousins, & the blessings of spending so much time with my grandson Zander (almost 7 months old) ...

I celebrate having 'food, shelter, & warmth' during this season of cold. Last night, a neighbor's home burned (chimney fire) THEY are all safe - but what a sad time to be faced with decisions about the home, about where to be ... (blessings on them, may they also be assured of food, shelter, warmth)

I celebrate friendships - both folks I know 'in the flesh,' & those of you I know through the airwaves! May we all be blessed this season of Light's Return!


What do you celebrate?