Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Relationships & Commitment

Day 11 - Relationship When I think of Relationship, I think of commitment - to a person, to oneself. My sense of relationship to 'creator being' is lifelong, I can't think of a time I didn't feel connected to 'All that Is,' & I was lucky to grow up in an eccmenical household, with parents who looked for commitment to ones' values, rather than to the particular path. My dad had Cherokee heritage (thru his dad), & my mom's mom, Mary, I've written about - Lois told me "Mama always said 'the Indians have a perfectly good religion/ spiritual path; no need for us to convert them!"
My sense of spirit tends to be that of evolution of the soul, collective & individual. I lean toward 'goddess' if I put gender on that limitless being - women, after all, are the ones giving birth!

I am also thinking of commitment to process - I am in a reading group that focuses on 'Women's Spirituality,' & the current book is Echart Tolle's 'New Earth' - I've had resistance to reading it; feeling it restates things I've already read - but I do (finally) have it on order, so we'll see!!
I also ordered the 'Soul Coaching' book - today, & 'SoulCollage' - honed my book order down to just the three I truely want right now - rather than getting a few others, simply because they sound interesting!
A number of truely delightful books have come to me that way, & I am working on being more selective about what I choose to BUY. Clearing clutter is still a priority, & something I am working on!

A Soul Collage friend identifies collecting as being a 'Sea Gull' trait - I'd place it more with Magpie! Oh, what lovely black & white birds!! & seeking treasures - as I continue to clear clutter, I intend to identify treasures - 'friends,' & to id. ones to pass on or send off, as well. In the Crow family, usually thought to be good luck, & the only 'non mammal' known to recognize themselves in a mirror! In my young married years, I remember talking with someone who'd had a magpie as a 'pet' - & they attested to its cleverness. So I invite magpie to help me clear my clutter!

Earlier this evening, I found a link to Isha Lerner's lovely flower cards reading - the card that came was 'Manzanita' While I don't have that essence, I know the plant & it's lovely little bell flowers (similar to those of blueberries). The message was tapping the love of the Goddess, her roots, her branches, to dance (!) & to love one's body, exactly as it is!

I tend to be pretty satisfied with my body - but heck, I'm female!! OK, OK, I love myself just as I am!! & I think of the lovely, curvey branches, which I enjoyed using to hang small ornaments (as my own 'Christmas tree' in my room, when I was ~ 10 or 11) or easter eggs. Maybe Manzanita will assist Magpie in lovingly pruning some 'things!'
I also did a Goddess reading, & got "Flying into Spring" - rise above old routines, go up the mountain. Spiritual journey? "I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help!' I always loved that image - & when living in the mountains, would pause on the footbridge, looking up river at the hills that rose above camp . . .

blessed be!

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