Monday, November 17, 2008

Having Fun

Today is the second day of Fire - & a day for HAVING FUN!! I began the day hanging out at Playschool with my grand daugher, & played with the art supplies myself.

I love it - they can use any of the materials, can dress up (& paint in their 'princess' or spiderman garb!) have snack (wash up first), . . . then clean up just before story time, & go upstairs for 'recess' with trikes, scarves, gymnastic mats, . . . it's such a free but respectful structure!

& this afternoon, the books arrived! I had begun working with SoulCollage, but didn't have the book, & from some of those blogs, drifted over to Soul Coaching; so ordered both of the books, plus Eckhard Tolle's 'New Earth' for my 'women's spirituality book group.' So exciting to have them show up today.

So next step is to go read a bit, then tuck in relatively early :) Reiki hugs all around.

Now, where to begin?


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Sacred Suzie said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job at having fun and allowing good things to enter your life. It's true, women are really looking into their spirits and coming together aren't they? It's amazing!