Saturday, November 8, 2008

Honoring Vestella

My father's mother was Minnie Vestella - Vestella? Where did that come from?? the dictionary reported the name is a diminutive of Vesta, the Roman Hearth goddess, honored by the fire that burned in the center of each home. "Little hearth goddess, fire keeper."

The Asteroid Vesta was discovered by the German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers, 29 March, 1807. It's the second largest, & the brightest Asteroid, usually represented as a stylized hearth

When I learned some astrologers looked at the positions of the asteroids as well as the planets, I was eager to find the placement of Vesta - conjunct my Taurus moon! I have an asteroid prominent chart, with Juno conjunct Neptune, Pallas conjunct Mars, & Ceres & Chiron conjunct as well!

Vesta's position with my moon feels like a sacred injunction to keep the fire, to ignite the spirit. I do hands-on therapy, I teach Reiki & play with flower essences. I see the sacred in the grandeur of a starry night, or the minute antanea on an insect.

May these musings kindle the sacred fire in each of us; blessed be!


peppylady said...

Oh fire keeper and I bet your good at keeping camp fire going.

Have blessed day and the coffee is on.

Dia said...

Well, the teapot, at least :) Have a lovely day yourself!

Genie Sea said...

Welcome on our journey, Dia! :)