Friday, November 28, 2008

Visions of Vastness

I have been a bit slow with this - grandkids (almost 3 & 5) visiting for a couple of days - they stayed next door last night, then there was the Parade (they rode on the float with their cousins) . . .

(Illahee Tsiltsil Shanti from back lot line)

What a delightful year it has been
at first I was nervous about my dau. Mary's move 'across town
but it's worked out great! We still get together, & the folks
who bought their home are delightful neighbors.

I'm so happy when I walk thru my house & feel serenity radiating
from every surface & nook! It was worth the effort to truely
sort & organize! & the best is the garage - it's on it's way
to being a little haven of it's own.
I've been doing more crafts & begun getting calls to
teach some of the skills I've been aquiring.
I took that SoulCollage Facilitators' workshop in March, &
have been to another workshop at Breitenbush!
After the adventures last year (Las Vegas to se Sher, Mexico)
I wasn't sure this year would hold much travel,
but it has! & each journey has been effortless & delightful!

I have decided to be on the Art Harvest Studio tour next year,
& the garage studio will be ready for that!
I've also been teaching Reiki, tuning forks, & flower Essence
workshops at the Spiritual Center in town!
I am part of an evolving Dance community, both taking
lessons, dancing, & teaching!

Live is rich, rewarding, delightful!
O Sada, it is good!


Genie Sea said...

Life is rich, rewarding and delightful indeed! Like you! :)

Jamie said...

Wonderful! Joyful! Beautiful! What a delightful year you've created!

KathrynAntyr said...

My oh my you are a busy bee. I am considering the SoulCollage facilitator training.

I joined the Creative Every Day blog thanks to you! I made some fun painted papers for a swap this morning. My Tai Chi class was excellent! Now I'm off to put away Christmas boxes and then create some more.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks again to encouraging me to be creative EVERY day.

{soul hugs}