Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Physiology - walking proud

Walking proud - As a child, my mom often told me to 'stand up!' & my piano teacher 'sit up straight!' & I was clumsy - usually one or the other knee wore a bandage, & I stubbed my toes on the way to get the mail if I didn't wear shoes (& who wants to wear shoes all the time??)
It wasn't till my adult ballet classes that I began to find my upright, goddess self! On a walk with my sis-in law ~ 25 years ago, we passed a store window & she commented she loved to walk with me, (she also took ballet) as I was 'the only one' who carried myself like she did!

When I walk down the street, I sometimes find myself pulling myself up straight - no need to slump!! & head up - I recall a gutsy African American 'city gal' talking about that 'don't mess with me' posture - head up! shoulders back!!

-- What a day!! BUSY with only a couple of tiny breaks! Good, & full of movement.

But first - yesterday: the gal I rented my last office space from invited me to come give her mom a Reiki session. What a sweet, sharp & witty woman!! At 93, she's been blind for >20 years, & has electrical field sensitivity, due to listening to SO MANY books on tape with big headphones. So we decided to try Reiki for rebalancing.
I sat beside her on her bed, & asked permission to drape her arm over my lap as I worked, & she leaned into me & said "Dia, you are MY KIND of people!!" Sweet session - she commented that she usually coughed, but tho her throat tickled, she hadn't needed to; & that was one of the trouble spots - a hiatal hernia.
At the end of the session, her legs began jiggling & 'dancing,' & she kept saying "I'm not doing it!!" & "Whee!!" . . . & later sat up by herself, more limber than before. She was bubbling over.
Her daughter teased her about her "resistance" to having me come - "Tell Nadya about your resistance!" We giggled - such a dear, dear woman!! She writes poetry, & some were put into a book a few years ago - they gave me a copy.
This one came in a dream in 1997 (she was already 'blind' in eyes - but not in spirit!)
I lift my little candle high
As I walk alone the paths of night
To guide the lightless passerby
I ask you, Lord, let me be light.
(Mary Day, 1997)

Today I got up early & went to Deep Water Aerobics!! I haven't been for a couple of months - since going to Mexico. It just sounds so cold! It's not really, but I got out of the habit of going.
I dry brushed before going to the pool, drank chaparral tea, then after class got carrot, beet, celery + ginger juice at the Whole Foods store. I added some kelp 'krinkles' to the juice, later had miso soup with Tempe & kelp (have been making it fresh with hot water from our 'tea' spigget) . . . brown & red rice with tofu & veggies when I got home.
I feel a bit tired, but also energized - did the Soaring Crane Qigong sequence & a self tuning fork session before my last client.

Oh! & also yesterday: our new lady Doc has just taken training to develop intuition, & asked permission to 'read' several of us. She'd begun a week & 1/2 ago, & finally had a chance to 'sit with' my field again (at a distance) & finish the reading.
She feels the energy in her body, scanned from the head down (& the client - me :) - does any 'healing' themselves).
Each time, she had a sense of a heavy band around my chest, which shifted when acknowledged; & then would feel on L lower (colon?) . . . & at the very end it moved down to her Rt foot.

She had an image of me sitting in a room, ~ 3 yrs. old, listening to adults with raised voices in the other room. A sense of wanting to be quiet - putting that band around my chest (avoiding conflict? Who, me?? in the wing area :) )
That would be about the time we moved from town about 10 miles, to 40 acres, & my dad was prob. driving school bus. By the time I began school, we moved back closer to town. My folks 'bickered' at each other at times, I could picture my mom being upset about moving - finances? My dad had several diff jobs till I was 9 & he found the position he held till retirement.

She felt a cord from my heart, & another from my power centre (Solar plexus) 'pulling' me back & off center; commented it's really hard for you to ground, you're being pulled off center! This felt more recent.

Her teacher's sug. on that is to follow the cord back behind you 'into the mist' & give a little tug, to see who follows it out :) & then 'you have the right to cut the cord - but don't be surprised if the person calls you in a few days!' (feeling the energy shift) She pictured me 'meditating on a chair in your room' to clear the cord. One of my tools is to picture a rose at the edge of my energy field, where the cord passed out - to help 'protect' & seal the energy - keep the cord from reattaching.
My immediate sense was LIPID (you'll love this - the Last Inappropriate Person I Dated) . . . & a whisper of attachment from a boyfriend I dated years ago! She asked about a brother, but I'm an only child, & no chance of another. & I haven't explored past Life relationships with the more recent fellow (I left the Rel ~ 3 1/2 years ago)
& the feeling on her right foot 'I kept feeling you can't move forward, you can't take a step - the cords are pulling you back!'

So, in light of the Soul Coaching, I was more than happy to go sit in that chair & meditate & cut some cords!! I'd noticed one of my co-workers had a bit of time, so I had already booked a half hour massage; & visioned the work on my back smoothing over & healing the area where I'd removed the cords.
I invited my wings to be freed - taking off, now!!

At the Round Dance class last night, I felt - lighter, interacting with the guys, & found out one with a lovely voice (he calls square dances) is single :) I've been taking the classes with a dance buddy - totally sweet, but dated one of my gal friends several years ago, & we do well as dance buddies :)

OK - today
- eating lightly, exercising (water aerobics & qigong) . . .
- cleansing tea, water at work - drinking 'blessed' water here! I added a few drops of my 'Longevity' flower essence:

Anemone - fresh breath, new beginnings)
Black Current - clear 7 generations of Karmic 'stuff'
Canyon Dudleya - Spirit guides, receive spiritual inspiration from 'ordinary' exp.
Date Palm - spinal alignment
Heavenly Bamboo - Pillar of light - light moving thru every chakra
Jasmine - Ignite God Spark
Lotus - Master healer, bridge water & air

I look forward to tomorrow's adventures1


miss*R said...

wow, what a day! Cord cutting is a good exercise to do. I use to do it daily, just before bed.. I would cut the cords of all those i had met during that day.. kind of pull my energies back. Haven't done it in awhile though

Dia said...

That's a good practice! With massage, my mentor sug. we wash with soap & warm water for 'germs' & with cold water for clearing! I intend to keep on with the cord check/cutting for several days - hmm, & hear myself affirming "I AM free of these cords NOW, & shall remain clear of them!" . . . OK :)

Genie Sea said...

How delightful! Your one day seemed like a year worth of treasured moments. Thank you so much for sharing them :)

May your wings spread and span the world! :)

Jamie said...

Wow, what a beautiful, healing time. I love what you're sharing!

Dia said...

Thanks, Genie & Jamie - I love being 'here' with this wonderful circle of support!

Sacred Suzie said...

That woman sounds fantastic and I could have quoted her today on my SSS post because of my candle picture, what a perfect little poem. It's been a long time that a poem has touched me and hers truly did.

Cut those cords and be free! Make your spirit a free agent, no more kite strings.

When I can't sleep I put my hands on my tummy, it really helps!

Allison said...

Wow, your day sounds so rich of warm experiences - thank you for sharing them so detailed with us :] I need to cut & untie some cords of my own - thank you for the reminder !