Monday, November 24, 2008


Music to my soul, this week of honoring the body, & listening.

Being a Virgo, & a body worker, I am always encouraging folks to pay more attention to what they put in their bodies, how they move, & encourage them to drink more water!
Yesterday my dau. (who lives next door - tho she's thinking of moving across town - yikes!! Getting married in Jan, & they do 'need' more room - but it's SO handy right now!!) phoned & invited me to bring my matt over & join her in yoga - a perfect beginning!
In the evening, her girls stayed the night with me, & I did some Reiki on the little (4) one when she went thru her restless phase, then on myself as I (quietly) sang the Cherokee chants for the Chakras (for us all) . . . got out my drum this AM & played & sang a bit as we were waking up. Well - I woke up early, so finally came downstairs & wrote a bit!

Practices for today - I have an agave cloth, so used that for the 'dry brush' - do that occ, but usually forget to do it 'dry.'
I wash my face with oatmeal, with calendula, rose & lavender flowers - I grind them in my little seed grinder (electric 'coffee' grinder) & keep a jar in the bathroom. I always lite candles for baths/showers, & have a jar of Epsom salts with a bit of essential oils mixed in - clary sage & rose geranium. So shower & bit of a soak, with wash cloth to 'steam' my face. (Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal is loaded with great ideas - for cleanses, for body care products)

A favorite cleanse I use periodically is Chaparral Cleanse, as taught by Lalitha Thomas in her '10 Essential Herbs.' I highly recommend this little tome! She is a practical herbalist - what are things that are easy to use & effective?
I'll do at least a 6 day cycle, she recommends up to 21 days for full effectiveness. You use 1 teaspoon of leaves, & re steep for a total of 3 days, then repeat the cycle; 7 teaspoons of tea in all.

Chaparral Cleanse:
1 tsp of chaparral leaves
Cup of very hot - but NOT boiling - water
Steep overnight, strain & drink first thing in the AM

Using the same leaves, repeat, drinking a cup the 2nd & 3rd days, then discard leaves, & start with new leaves that evening. (1 tsp for 3 days, & always very hot water, not boiling!! I like to use a small french press, covered with a china lid while steeping, then I simply press the leaves before drinking.)

-- Since I didn't read about the suggested cleanse 'till today, I steeped the tea while taking the shower, using 1/2 tsp chaparral, 1/2 tsp olive leaves (also great for cleansing & detox!)
Whole chaparral leaves can be hard to find, as the FDA is uncomfortable with its use (she writes about that in her chapter) It's similar to the proscription on sassafras - if used as country folk do, occasionally for a detox, it promotes healthy livers. In experiments with lab rats being given huge doses over extended periods of time, they had liver problems. Go figure :) I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs, here in Oregon. They focus on sustainable farming practices, wildcrafted & OG herbs - & some great 'clean' body care products!!

I will work on drinking more water this week - as others have said, city water sucks!! Darn it, they take perfectly good water & treat it! (at the resort, we filtered the Clarine back out of any drinking water.)

OK, so it's 'good' to make sure it's pure - but our city ads fluorine as well, which can be linked to bone loss, & various health problems. We're in a goiter belt, our soil lacks Iodine, chloride & fluoride displace iodide. . . . I use quite a bit of kelp, & have some iodine caps at my office, for days I go swimming (water aerobics)
I may also use some food grade betonite in water (clay - one of my fav. healing substances) this week.

My usual breakfast is my home made granola (some clients spoiled me last Christmas with a care package with some, & I've been making my own since! I use olive oil & OG agave nectar to sweeten, maybe 2 Tbsp for several cups) with plain yogurt, fruit in season (or frozen) & my 'yummy sprinkles.'

Yummy Sprinkles
2 Tbsp Milk thistle seeds
2 Tbsp flax seed (I bake the granola for ~ 15 min @ 20, & have some flax seed in another pan @ same time)
2 Tbsp sesame seeds WITH hulls (for calcium)
Grind in seed grinder (may need to do in a couple of batches) & store in the freezer (I sometimes add bee pollen, or a tsp of fennel seeds)

Lets see; I try to eat simply, lots of veggies, Rice & Lentils is our family standard (OG, natch) & I love the different shades of deeper brown, combined with the short grain brown.

Body image - I tend to 'normal weight,' tho since turning ~ 55, lol . . .
I've always had bigger hips & thighs - 'till I stopped drinking milk! I grew up with pasture fed cows, &no hormones that I know of, & raw milk. Found out this summer that drinking pasteurized milk, since that process destroys the lactase, can cause lactose intolerance. My former hubby had also grown up on raw milk, & became lactose intolerant after we divorced, as we'd gone to certified dairies to get raw milk.
I continued using local yogurt, but pretty much stopped drinking milk. I've never drunk coffee, so mostly have water or herb teas - often from my garden! & I have a couple of tea camellia plants (did you know 'black' & 'green' teas come from Camellias? Any place the ornamentals grow, so will the 'tea' - Camellia sinensis)
I eat some meat, try to keep that to wild (my son hunts) or OG. Mostly drink herb teas & water . . . . occ some wine, often a bit of port or sweet wine . . .

One thing I've noticed doing the SC process - my desire for sweets has dropped off - on Sat I cut cake at an event, & didn't even WANT a piece, . . . Chocolate - I keep some dark chocolate on hand, & find even that easier not to have.

The La Leche League (breast feeding support group) motto for nutrition was "Eat a wide variety of food, in as close to its natural state as possible." Local, OG (usually have at least a small garden!), from the rainbow, . . . & I live in a community that is getting more interested in supporting local small agriculture - weekly farmers market May - Oct, several Community Supported Ag. farms, . . . good Natural Foods store (I was on the old food-co-op board, & we sold the bus to them in the early 90s)

In the late 70s, before studying massage, I began taking Ballet, & while I strongly disliked PE (usually ball sports, with a jock teacher) I adore dance, in its many forms!! I began with Tai Chi with my massage practice, & enjoy belly dance, ecstatic dance, Nia, ballroom, round dance, jazzercize, . . . & deep water aerobics. In the winter it's harder to get myself up for that class - but I intend to go Tue :) Bike to work (good weather/ warm enough) & enjoy walking to downtown ~ 8 blocks) . . .

Love this week - love it, love it!!


Fatma said...

Your list sounds wonderful and so does your life!Thank you for sharing.

Kavindra said...

Thanks, this post is chock full of interesting information I want to use.
What are the cherokee chants for the chakras? It sounds so intriguing.
You're a very interesting woman!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing those wonderful tips too!

Genie Sea said...

Oh what a treasure of tips your post has! I will be referring to it again because they sound most beneficial! Thank you Dia :)

Jane-of-the-herbs said...

So many exciting suggestions, especially as (today) I rededicate myself to herbs! And I too am intrigued by the cherokee chants for the chakras -- that gives me those magical shivers! Graces, Jane

Dia said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!! Ah, the Cherokee chants!! I will post more about them tomorrow!! Dhyani Ywahoo is the 27th generation lineage keeper of the Ywahoo family teachings, which include these chants! They are available on the Sunray basic meditation & star weaving CD (I had a tape, & have taken one workshop, wherein I learned the Dance to the Directions - looks like a combo of ballet & tai chi!!)
She has a new book, & a CD on crop circles (I don't have either of those!)