Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Three cars arrive at 5, the girls begin unwinding cords & plugging in their mics. Tho they are smiling & exchanging news, they quickly get down to business, practicing an ever growing repetory of music - we're 'Girls Night Out,' & we call square dance!

When I began taking Square Dance lessons last September, little did I know that 8 months later I'd be calling! Since we began last spring, we've met weekly to practice, & called 'tips' at three dances!
Summer has been a bit harder, we've missed a few rehearsals, but when we met yesterday, there were few glitches.

On the weekend we did several demos - two senior care facilities on Friday evening, & at the Amity 'pancake breakfast' Sunday morning. Club members are 'promenading' in the photo below.

we've been booked for our first full dance - Sept 11 for the Sweet Home 'Squarenaders!'
Our caller Leonard recently became their club caller, but had a prior commitment for that Saturday, so GNO has been booked to do the dance! So we have been working on some new songs - last night we practiced 16!

As Charlotte & I visited after rehearsal last night, I thought again how fortunate we are to renew this friendship! I moved to Breitenbush about the time she began calling & remarried, & we lost touch. Oh, we knew HOW to reach each other, but we rarely did. Another blogger wrote of her experience reconnecting with her college roommate after a 20 year hiatus - I feel the same!

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