Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's - 19 gathered for a wonderful GLUTEN FREE feast!
Turkey n ham, mashed potatoes (both vegan & w/dairy)
I brought Rattatoui (Rroasted Veggies), mostly from my CSA share; carrots, parsnips, Jerusalem Artichokes, golden beets, leeks, garlic, sweet potatoes & yams ... chopped them all first, & had in bowls to saute in coconut oil in the wok, then transfer to the baking dish. I added a bit of veggie stock to moisten, & Italian herbs w/ a bay leaf & pieces of kombu.

Orange Cranberry sauce - had to settle for 'regular' oranges as blood oranges aren't quite in season yet; & used ~ 1/2 C honey (my daughter has sensitivities to both cane sugar & agave) - mmm - added a bit more sweetening when I've had left overs (but would rather not have it too sweet in the beginning!)

Pumpkin pudding - I used both pumpkin & butternut squash, which I baked at 350* earlier in the week. To make it egg free, I ground flax & chia seeds (2 parts flax to 1 part chia), & used 3 Tbsp in place of 3 eggs, & blended the baked pumpkin with a bit of the coconut milk. I used a tsp garahm masala with the other spices, & again used honey rather than Agave - YUM!!

My sweetie brought curried quinoa (cooked in coconut milk), 'good' olives, (inc green with garlic - which my 5 yr old granddaughter LOVES), & roast chestnuts! He also has a whipped cream maker that uses little canisters to do instant whip - YUM! Went great on the GF brownies, apple pie, & my pudding.

Good time with family & friends, lovely Gluten free food, what more can we ask?? Happy Holidays!!


linda said...

this all sounds wonderful and very creative for GF...thanks for sharing...we had crab :)


Dia said...

mmm - that's fun!