Thursday, March 3, 2011

Always Apply a Joyful Mind

This morning, reading a bit in a library book before I rolled out of bed, I ran across this quote by Akisha, 11th century. "Always Apply a Joyful Mind" Rather like the 5th Reiki Precept: 'show gratitude.' I am grateful, indeed I am grateful for many blessings, health, happiness, family, food/shelter/warmth, clients, time, music .. & I have much joy in my life.

Life has been good & busy - since I began 'facebooking' I notice I've blogged less & less - instant gratification? & communication with a vast community - I recently read that 1/3 of the internet use is spent on Facebook ... now is that really true? While I write here, my FB is 'open' so am I considered spending time there, while I'm actually 'here' ??

(excuse me, I had to pop over cause I had comment notifications ...)

You see how it goes! & then there was a call from my March Red Hat Hostess, checking to see if she had everyone's contact information ... we're going to Wednesday Wines, with catering from Harvest Fresh across the street! Yes, those lovely photos are actually of the produce & other shelves! & if I didn't have a CSA share, I would be quite happy with the lovely OG & local fare -

A week or so ago, my former hubby called my daughter to ask about HIS family history - two of his sisters & a niece & nephew have celiac & have gone gluten free. My son & his family think about doing so, but haven't really stepped off the wheat wagon, ...

Now what is wrong (um, short sighted?) with a family of biologists, who, when they see several members of the family have a 'disorder' that is now known to have genetic links, & have health problems that are also related, but 'wonder' if they could also have gluten issues?? Do you think? He is lactose intolerant, which often follows gluten sensitivity, & 'does better' when he doesn't eat bread ... it's not just about bread! Sigh. At least he's asking questions!

Yesterday I received 'Gluten Toxicity' e-book from Shelly Stuart - a compliation of her research & info she'd posted on her website - yea!!
Love these quotes: "Unfortunately, gluten appears to be a difficult protein for everyone to digest. Humans don't have all the gastric (stomach), brush border (intestinal) & pancreatic (pancreas) enzymes necessary for ... it to... be broken down & digested easily." (chapter 2)


& this one: 'like a ticking time bomb, perhaps, everyone who is ingesting gluten has the potential for an unfavorable outcome" (cancer, auto immune damage & diseases, malnutirition ...

Off to enjoy the morning - lots of light, off & on sun ... blessings on your day, may it be joyful!


Anonymous said...

Gluten is poison, according to Robb Wolf, "The Paleo Solution." I believe him! I guess one in 100 people are now considered Celiacs. Wow. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog.

Dia said...

And about 1 in 30 are 'non-celiac Gluten Sensitive!' Dr Wangen in "Healthier Without Wheat," & James Braly, Ron Hoggan in "Dangerous Grains" cover some of the dangers to eating wheat, rye, barley & oats.

The luncheon was lovely - crustless quiche (with rice in it - brilliant) lovely salad, gluten free desert - the only glich was when our young server filled the basket with rolls, then put GF crackers on top!!
I told him that was a no-no, & asked for some on a separate plate ... intriguingly, the crackers were so good (Mary's Gone Crackers - yum!) that I only saw one person take the bread & butter, the rest all had crackers!!