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Violet Flame for Transmutation - part the first

* In the mid 90s I'd seen mention of the Angel 'Grace Elohim' with the colour of iridescent white, whose motto is 'Grace it, & Move On!!' We don't need to 'process, process, PROCESS' everything - if it can be shifted gently - that's GREAT!!

The book (on Holistic Astrology) mentioned that Grace 'paired well' with St Germain with his violet flame of transmutation, & using the two energies together - transmutation & grace, was delightful way to shift energy 'gracefully.'

I wrote a little chant that I use with this combination:

'St Germain of the Violet flame,

St Germain of the Violet flame,

St Germain of the Violet flame,

Keeper of the Sacred Flame

Grace, Elohim,

Grace, Elohim,

Grace, Elohim,

Grace, Elohim"

I repeat these two 'sets' several times. Let the 'tune' come to you - for me, the first & third lines of each part have the same tune, 2 & 4 are slightly different, & I draw out 'G-r-a-c-e

In the late 90s, my friend Margo & I headed to Mt Shasta for fall Equinox weekend workshop, & on the way home, we stopped at the little 'I AM' foundation shop in Shasta City. She wanted to get another copy of a book she'd had, & I picked up little laminated cards with 4 versions of Violet Flame 'burn' patterns. A few weeks ago, found a little 'basic booklet' from the I AM folks at a bookstore in Salem.

So when a friend mentioned she was heading up to New Renissaunce Bookstore in PDX on Sunday, I quickly 'invited myself' along! The workshop was led by Astrologer Mark Dodich, who has been facilitating Violet Flame gatherings for several years. Mark says: "The purpose of the Violet Flame is to help you experience greater frequencies of your essential soul vibration in your daily life. It helps you to live in a loving place of power rather than a fearful place of powerlessness."

He mentioned his reading room is violet, & after the talk, I told him mine is too ...

When I walked into my Healing Room Monday, I had to laugh - not only is it painted (since ~ 2007) a lovely, mid range violet. - there's a picture of Quan Yin (also associated with the Violet flame), & one of Mt Shasta, a rayon hanging from Bali (purples & blues) with dragonflies & Stars, draped with a purple scarf; a print I picked up from Alaska in the mid 90s, a dragonfly/woman .... and my Intention & I AM tuning forks, which work with the Violet Ray energy ... plus angels, pink salt crystal, etc. I 'knew' all that - but seeing it with eyes attuned to that Violet Ray made it really striking.

Utilizing the Violet Flame is one of the quickest ways to shift energy. "Violet flame simply transmutes lower frequency energies into higher frequency ones that constitute a more natural way of being." (Pleiadian Workbook, p 87) "It's power to Transmute, it's power to change & raise Energy that has a slow vibration into Energy of a Higher Vibration. This is the magical, alchemical power of this most Sacred Violet Fire." (Quan Yin - Many Mansions)

I use a Violet flame 'portal' at the place my walkway joins the sidewalk in front of my home, so anyone coming to visit passes through that transmuting gateway. This is similar to the Native American 'burden basket,' leave your burdens at the door; pick them up again when you leave - or release them!

Mark led us through several meditations & exercises for us to connect with the Violet flame.

He set an altar with purple cloth & purple candle holders, purple 'light sticks' that we activated when seven of us read invocations of the flame, a picture of St Germaine, & larger cards with the 'burn patterns,' as well as a Zen Funeral bowl, for releasing a pattern we desired to be rid of.

You might wish to work with this picture of 'your own God Self' from the St Germain Foundation - Mark commented there are lots of websites/ books on Violet Flame teachings, each with their own 'spin,' so use the 'fish dinner' approach - pick out the 'bones' that don't fit for you as reading/ connecting with these offerings!

Utilizing that 'God Self' picture, "When the Student Calls to their beloved Mighty I AM presence' to surround her with the Electronic Circle of Protection & pass through her mind & body the Violet Consuming Flame, the "Presence" instantly projects this Wall of Light & Violet Flame around the physical, emotional & mental bodies. Thus, the Student of Light can move in the world, unaffected by the discordant, destructive creation of other human beings, as well as the accumulated discord of the past." (p 6, Purpose)

For many years, Quan Yin 'held' the Violet Flame energy, & is still associated with it.My pairing of Grace Elohim w/ St Germain captures some of her energy - use what feels resonant to YOU!

** Before the workshop, I did simple 4 part clearings & meditation found at Many Mansions, and shared them with the folks I was going to Portland with - we all found them sweet & powerful, & a great way to take the work to a new level. You may wish to do this first, then wait before doing others of the practices that appeal to you - use your own judgment! Mark reminded us that 'when invoking shifts, GENTLE IS FINE!!" That's one reason I 'pair' St Germain with 'Grace Elohim' - to invoke the 'grace' of moving beyond lots of process, & a gentle approach to the hearing.

I did the clearings of the Emotional, Mental & Physical & Etheric bodies, then the meditation given beneath the picture of the Lotus, with that 'I AM Presence' image in mind. I especially like the image of inviting energies from past embodiments 'that is not needed elsewhere' to be brought in, cleansed & transmuted for use' - recycling at it's best!

Violet Flame Basic invocations: "Burn, Violet Flame, Burn!"

''Blaze the Violet Consuming flame in its Purifying power of Divine Love''

''Blaze the Violet Flame through & around ____, transmuting its energy''

Note: violet flame is used from one's feet moving up through the body. I was intrigued wheh I realized several of my 'intention tuners,' which I found & ordered on e-bay just before taking the Auctonics workshop, are used this way, from the feet up - though I'd worked with Violet flame, hadn't really thought about that

- flames burn 'up' from the base!

Yesterday a client whose dad was a pharmacist remarked on striving for a clear blue/purple flame when using a Bunsen burner!! & I remembered waiting for the blue 'flash' when camping, & my dad put out the Coleman lantern! - flame #3 is a lovely violet.


BOIL - the energy bubbles up through you & clears energy (above)

SWEEP - the flame sweeps through you (image on Rt)

SPIN - the flame spirals counterclockwise around you

DRIVE - more forceful - drives negativity out

One atendee asked Mark for suggestions in using the Violet Flame 'post workshop,' & after commenting that he dislikes 'have to do it this way' rules, he suggested a quick 5 minute practice of invoking the energy AM & PM, to move through you, clearing & transmuting any energy not in alignment with your highest good. He commented that this has REALLY improved his ability to fall asleep quickly!

You can also look for 'reminders' in the purple/violet colour range - a violet hand towel, candle holders, lavender essential oil in your bath (I add a few drops with Clary Sage & Rose Geranium to a jar of plain Epsom Salts, then add a handful to my bath water)

My African Etheric healing teacher suggests beaming 'rainbows' into your water before drinking - I find this a sweet practice (most healing teachers recommend 'blessing' ones water in some way) - remember to include violet! Another teacher commented that physical activity, which strengthens the root chakra (red) helps create the purple of meditation!

Mark & I have lavender treatment rooms, he said he painted his laundry room a VIVID purple (cleanse those clothes!!) & I painted my front door purple last winter!

This site offers a couple of sweet clearings.

Next time I'll share several exercises utilizing the Violet Flame - please share YOUR experiences!!

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