Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dreaming into the Future

Jamie's prompt this week - what is your wish for the future?

Last weekend I attended (spontaneously, after a client mentioned she was attending the intro that evening) a wonderful workshop on accessing the Akashic Records, the 'www for the earth' or 'sky library,' where we can tap into information pertaining to our lives, past, present & future.

Facilitator Bill Foss shared practices - breathwork, mindful movement, for clearing the internal conflict, to allow this to happen more easily & clearly. We practiced healing, & participated in a healing circle, where we each took a time in the center, inviting healing for friends or family members who we knew to be in need & receptive. At the end of the circle, Bill shared impressions of who had aided the healings - & I am still integrating his sense that Christ & Babaji had been present with me!

My daughter reminded me that I never 'lost my faith' - though my sense of the Universal oneness has expanded over the years. Raised in a Christian family with a strong emphasis on 'walk your talk' & don't worry about other folks, focus on your OWN actions & intentions, but just remembered bits about Babaji, the ageless, timeless master in India - he shares a strong resonance with Christ, & many feel they work together to uplift & inspire humankind to live more consciously & kindly.
* Babaji urged the people to "follow the religion that is in your heart." He said "every religion leads to the same divine goal" and that he had come to revive the eternal and ageless religion, the Sanatan Dharma; the three basic principles: Truth, Simplicity, and Love. He emphasized constant repetition of the ancient Sanskrit maha mantra
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA -- "Lord, Thy Will be Done" and to live in harmony along with selfless service to humanity. *

The main message that I received this weekend: to teach from the HEART, not from the mind! I have been wanting to teach more Tai Chi, etc, & wondering about how to best manifest that. No worries, it will come!

So my wish for the future - to live more from my heart, with truth, simplicity, love! So mote it be!


Tanja @ Crystal Clarity said...

Beautiful wish, Dia - I think we could all benefit from living more from our hearts.

May the simplicity, truth and love you seek in your life manifest easily and fully - as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

As you wish so I wish for you!

Cindi said...

What a wonderful wish... and experience for you! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you.

Dionne the Tea Priestess said...

What a great experience you had! Thanks for sharing it. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you as well.

Tracy Makara said...

Wow, how wonderful! As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

Rosemary said...

thankyou for sharing and as you wish from the heart I too wish with you.

Dominee said...

As you wish for yourself so I wish for you as well!

April Cole said...

Oh, thank you for sharing such a lovely story... your life! :]
As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

Sabrina S. said...

As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too.
Cheers from France.