Sunday, July 14, 2013

Violet Flame & 200 posts!

Wow - my 200th post! 
Since I've been blogging rather infrequently (eh-hem) the last several years, 

This weekend a friend & I visited the Lavender festival in Yamhill, & (as usual) I came home with several plants.  Always a pleasure to see the booths, connect with old friends & new, view the lovely artwork.  Then today, I took a lovely class on Lightweaving from a friend & fellow Reiki Master - lovely work! 
Sheila writes: "Light Weaving is a method of healing that works primarily with the energetic body. Light Weaving restores missing connections in the energetic body, and also restores connections between the energetic body and the physical body. When missing connections in the energetic body are restored, the related dysfunctional area in the physical body receives more complete information and energy and so can restructure itself properly. This restructuring not only happens in the physical body, it also happens in the related emotional and mental structures. And with this restoration, every pattern related to the dysfunction will heal. Usually with this treatment, people do not have to remember and work through old emotional traumas. With the restoration of the energetic connections they just heal."

We took part I last weekend, & I've been practicing on friends & clients - wow! Some folks 'just drift,' as I often do with energy work, others had revelations or information .... & I found myself drawn to make several flower essence blends, including a 'garden bouquet' where a number of different flowers float in the water - 

Lavender - St Germain Violet Flame Essence
Lavender (several varieties from around the yard) Support to express Sacred wisdom, soothe electrical field
Campanula - I AM supported in abundance, thrive, prosper & make a resounding SUCCESS of Life!
Thyme - The etheric principle of time, chiros time, not clock/calender time, shift perspective
Artichoke - flexibility & grace, open up & have fun! Lid off crown, dissolves judgement
Comfrey - Illuminate core of etheric wound, restore & assist healing on all levels
Purple Pea - harmonizer, participate in community while loving self; compassion
Clematis - reconnects to physical life, support for Life on Earth

Invite the Violet Transmuting Flame to completly & permanently erase all negativity from Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual bodies. 
St Germain, Quan Yin, Archangel Zadakiel, Holy Beloved Amethyst, Angels of the Violet Flame, Diana & Oromabis.  Visualize the flame moving trough your energy field, cleansing & clearing every cell of your body. Invoke forgiveness
I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness & Violet Transmuting Flame of all mistakes I have ever made! May they be transformed & transmuted.
I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness & Violet Transmuting Flame for all the mistakes of humankind on earth. May they be transformed & transmuted!

Visualize the VTF moving through all mankind & Earth 

Molly Sheehan, of Green Hope Farm essences also suggests including a sweep of the Violet Flame after doing a Land Clearing! I have done this several times now, & feel an appreciative 'ripple' whenever I do!   
Molly writes: "The energy process requested most often by the Angels & Elementals after a basic cleansing was the Violet Transmuting Flame. .... the process makes the land feel more harmonious & lighter in vibration." Picture a soothing flame, like a flame in a fireplace, but violet in colour. See it penetrating your very being and world. When you call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame, a flame comes from the hands, heart & head of your I AM presence / Christ Self - and as it touches the ground beneath your feet, it bursts into violet flame! You can also use the essences: Comfrey (Pattern repair) Violet & Lavender to help 'seal' the pattern."

May you be blessed on your journey!