Thursday, April 30, 2009

Essence of Flowers

Camas is blooming in my garden! A lovely member of the Lily family, (Camassia quamash) this blue flower shines in the garden. An important food for the NW Indians, it's still found growing in ditches, & available through the Native Plant Society.

The NW Natives pit roasted the bulbs (they tasted good when we tried this years ago) or boiled them for syrup.
The blue star form connects it to the throat chakra, also the solar plexus. Sabina Pettit in 'Energy Medicine' speaks of it aligning the Left & Right brain, & being helpful for learning problems such as Dyslexia - common in my family!

Sabina comments that someone may resist using their intuition, especially if they've been 'burned' in the past (this or other lives) - & may choose to become 'An IBM executive!' She says that the use of this essence might allow the exec. to paint watercolours after work :)

I've been thinking of flower essences, esp. since receiving the new 'Green Hope Farm Guide' last week from Molly Sheehan - wow!! Good work, Molly! I love Molly's definitions & processes - esp her Land Clearing exercise! Just shy of 300 Packed Pages - so much information in this tome!!

I have ordered from Molly, & corresponded with her off & on for more than 10 years. I find her essences full of light & power - though I've also made a hundred or so of my own. Hersperides Gift - a blend she made for students & grads. of a School of Healing, is one I feel drawn to.

With the recent Swine Flu outbreak (guess what - in an area close to a Factory Farm!! Were you surprised? I wasn't!) I've been eating a bit extra coconut oil, & found this article on the use of Homeopathy to counter the effects of the 1918 Flu outbreak! "Mortality rate of people treated with traditional medicine and drugs was 30 percent, those treated by homeopathic physicians had mortality rate of 1.05 percent." The main remedy used was one of my favorites: Gelsemium.

The source plant, Jasmine, is also used as a flower essence - Molly writes: "Jasmine helps warm ourselves & dry ourselves out." "God Spark" is another definition - "I AM centered in the Sacred Fire."

I always feel torn about making essences in the city - we have great water, but with the additives (esp fluoride) I'm reluctant to use even filtered tap water. In the past, there was a lovely spring a ways out of town, with a spigot by the road for community use, but the newer owners decided to take that out. Etc.

Looking at the blooming Camas, I think of a 'star' combination - St John's Wort, Jasmine, Camas, . . . . & have been thinking of calling a series of classes to empower the 'healer within' "Blue Star"

Spring is in the flowers, is it not? Link


jaz said...

hi...i just found your blog and i think you should check mine out. i have some interesting things for you there! hope to see you in the future!


Genie Sea said...

Spring is indeed in the flowers. They bring a spring to my step and make my heart spring in delight. :)

jaz said...

hi dia....thanks for checking my blog. i love your brooms! i am gardening and just ran inside for a moment but i will go back to your blog later and read all about them. i have such a weak spot for brooms. i think we will enjoy each others blogs. somewhere in my archives i have a picture of the spellbook from practical magic if you want to have a look. i own the original spellbook from the movie! joyce

Anonymous said...

Those blue flowers are breathtaking!
I went to my health food store to get coconut oil - so many different kinds, I got confused and haven't bought any yet. Can you give the run-down again please?

And I tagged you!

Jane said...

Hi Dia,

I love that concept of a Blue Star--find your healer within flower essence class! Beautiful!

By the way, we are moving soon, and I'm planning to buy a new broom rather than reuse the broom I have -- thanks to your broom articles!

How are your grand-ducks and geese? Thanks for visiting PLAIN OLD CHICKENS last month. I miss nettles and ... nettle pesto!

Wild Blessings,

Tammy said...

Beautiful blooms! I appreciate your info so much! We drove very near you in our trip to Oregon a couple weeks ago. It was SO beautiful!!