Monday, May 11, 2009

Mors Dag

Had a delightful Mother's Day (Mors Dag) weekend - Fri we attended the best dance concert - my daughter was a dance minor in college, & the school (WOU, ~ 1/2 hour away) has a delightful spring concert, year after year! The faculty are talented, & the show always features student choreography as well.

Sat we attended a fashion show with my dau. on Sat that's a school fundraiser, with school dist. employees & their kids models; then lunch/BD party & Mom's day dinner at my daughter's mother in law (we decided we are 'sisters-in law :) Sunday.
Yum! The BD party featured gluten & egg free dishes (food allergies) that were delightful!

I got in a bit more gardening Sat as well - planting some seeds & a couple of plants I picked up at the Master Gardener's Plant Sale.

I've been 'tagged!'
Working on tagging back, & the computer got bogged down - so I apologize for any mistakes in this - sigh . . . .
Thanks for tagging me, Boho Mom :)
Here are the rules:
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List 7 of your favorite things and pass it along to at least 7 others. we go!
1) Stars - I grew up in Central Oregon, with dark nights & abundant stars - love seeing them wherever & whenever I can!

2) Family - esp my delightful daughter & strong son, & their fantastic kids!! Too sweet :)

3) Thunderstorms - the smell of the rain, esp on the 'dry side' of the mountains, the fresh juniper & sage brush smells - & seeing lightning

4) Gardens & Farmer's Markets - fresh veggies & fruits, the friendly buzz of people happily picking out fresh produce

5) Books, reading, finding out new things, looking up refrences.

6) DANCING - classes, opportunities to dance, to tap my feet, to move & sing & play

7) all you delightful 'friends' both in close proximity & those I may never meet - thank you for being my community!

My tags are:

Well - off to work :)

Be well, be happy, & blessings to you all!


Genie Sea said...

What a lovely list Dia! So full of the wonderfulness that is you :)

3T Heppenstall said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are quite the busy person with all of your blogs!!

I am really excited about my bike and I hope that excitement doesn't fade away after the bike is no longer new. :-)

Jul said...

Thanks for the tag! After a couple months of travel I'm way behind on my blogging and blog-visiting. I'll start thinking about those favorite things...