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Last year I took a workshop in using Tuning Forks as healing tools - fascinating! & fun. They can be used on accupuncture meridians for a similar (& sometimes more potent!) effect, above the body, etc.

Using song or tones in a session is like tuning a musical instrument. In a favorite childhood book, 'Just David' by Eleanor Porter, David is encouraged by his violinist father to sound his 'true note in the orchestra of life.' We each have our note, our unique vibration, tuning forks assist us discover resonance with that note. Vibrating forks are placed on meridians & acupuncture points or swept over the body, bringing balance, peace, a return to health & wholeness.

Yesterday I was updating my website - www.ladyharper.com & added the land clearing process (which I've shared here at the Vale) to my essence page.

I love making flower essences - as Molly Sheehan, essences goddess of Green Hope Farm in Meriden, New Hampshire says, "
"Not all of us have an Ascended Master living in our neighborhood, but we all have access to flowers. The flowers have never forgotten they are One with the Creator!"

To make an essence, one gathers a few of the desired flowers, (without touching with your fingers - so clip & let them drop into a bowl, or use a leaf from the same plant), drop into a bowl of clear water (spring or well if possible), let sit in the sunlight for ~ 4 hours, strain the flowers, & bottle the liquid with 1/3 spirits, usually brandy. (Since 1994 Molly has used Red Shiso as a stabilizer in her essence bottles, which are cobalt blue. Delightful!)
Essences are simply another way of preserving flowers (such as the true Bay pictured above) for our year round use. We can be blessed with the energy of the flowers in bloom in our gardens & greenhouses any time we're with them!

In 2007, as awareness of the plight of the bees began to reach the 'mainstream,' Molly addressed land clearing or 'tune-up' in several messages on her blog. One role of bees, in addition to polination & honey making, is clearing or 'tuning' land with the music of their humm. Here's an excerpt from her 2007 blog:

"Land, like everything else vibrates at a variable rate of speed. These vibrations are a kind of music. The lower or slower the vibration, the more heavy, dense, and negative the land feels. Land so encumbered is too
burdened to make beautiful music or express its truest self in song. When land is cleared and the vibration is high, there is a greater likelihood that the land will be free to sing the song of its true self.

"We all know pieces of land that feel just right, places where you just know the land is singing its music freely and gloriously. Land is really no different than a musical instrument. Just as with a musical instrument, you can bang out notes on an out of tune instrument and get the drift of the melody, but
after a tune up it’s a different musical experience entirely. The more frequent the tune ups, the better the music.

Even if a spot of land receives little or no direct dumping of denser emotions like fear or anger, all land needs clearing. Wind and rain deposits negativity from other sources onto land. Dissonance from our modern technologies also affects the vibration of land adversely as our technology affects the vibrations everywhere on Earth. This is why even wilderness can benefit from land clearing.

"You can
simplify the process by just asking for help from the divine beings connected to the land. You do not need to list specific names to get help. Any genuine request for assistance will get assistance. Right now, the Angels are telling me, Make this as simple as possible so people actually do this process. We need help." "
(Remember to ask them to 'cleanse, clear, re-balance & illuminate' the land you're clearing!)

Molly says "I have built land clearing into my morning meditation routine so that I do it each day. This is the only way I can keep myself organized, but if this is not feasible for you, it is truly better to do it whenever you remember than never at all." (OK! I'm making a commitment to strive for daily as well!)

During intense weather, I 'tune' my lot frequently, inviting the 'greatest balance with the least damage, serving the highest good' for the area. As the snow began melting after our unusual winter storms, I asked that the land (throughout the county, as appropriate) be receptive to receive the water, & that we avoid the flooding that often results when the ground is still frozen.

While living at the Oregon coast, a group of Reiki practitioners & cleared our stretch of coastline weekly, in addition to each clearing our own land. At a workshop on attunement, we received guidance that this was especially important for the Highway corridor. These larger area clearings are sweet to do with a group (I always ask that these clearings be 'for the highest good of all concerned' & in harmony with the needs of the area.)

About 10 years ago,
Molly recounted a tornado going around her land, after she'd been 'asked' (by her guides) to do the process daily for several weeks! The tornado left a swath of fallen trees as it came directly toward the farm, then moved along her fence-line, resuming damage after skirting her farm!
Unless given other means of releasing energetic toxicity, the Earth's recourse is often weather.
With this process, we can assist Nature in clearing, so the resulting 'weather' can be less intense!! What a gift in this time of 'global climate change!!'

We can also 'tune' our homes - here's a process combining teachings of lightworker Amorah Quan Yin, & a clearing shared in one of my Reiki Trainings:
  • Put a grounding cord on your home (imagine the 'footprint' of your home, now imagine a cord or tube reaching down into the heart center of the earth, & connecting with it)
  • Visualize a rose-gold sun in the center of your home - let its light fill every corner! Allow this sun to continue expanding, till it surrounds your home.
  • As the sun reaches the outside of your home or space, begin the 'Tune-up' process by invoking the devas, elementals & guides to Cleanse, Clear, Restore & Illuminate your home & grounds.
  • Ask that any negativity move through a clearing grid, so the energy can be used as compost, burned in the sun, or 'return to sender.'
  • Surround the cleared land with a violet bubble, a gold pyramid, Dolphin Star Temple, or a briar rose hedge (whichever image feels right to you - or one of your own!)
  • Thank your guides & go on with your day.

& as Molly says - do it daily if you can!! THANK YOU!

blessings, & stay tuned :)


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Wow! You really are a fascinating person! Thanks for visiting!

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Dia, you connected with my creativity blog (which doesn't show up under my profile on purpose) but I never popped over here. We have so much in common, I studied to be a holistic health practioner before I became pregnant and my heart still calls me towards those modalities (such as flower essences). I depend on Dr. Bach, but now I'm wondering if I can produce the same effect doing it myself! This is so encouraging, thank you for posting!


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You sure have a kind an warm heart.

As always there coffee in the pot and plenty of tea bags.

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thanks tons for this.. it reminds me of a similar one I learned when I was attuned to Reiki.. must look it up!
I am actually using the clay disc from Earth Healers to do some clearing of my land today..