Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My daughter, in her explorations on becoming gluten free, brought home some books on Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleanse, which uses lemonaede made from freshly squeezed OG lemon juice, maple syrup & cayanne pepper in pure water several times daily, for 10 or more days.
I've enjoyed reading 'the complete Master Cleanse,' & am looking at how it would 'fit' in my life. (as a massage therapist, I spend 1/2 - 1 1/2 hours with each client - too much of a 'purge' wouldn't be good!)

Meanwhile, I got a few OG lemons & the suggested Grade B (more minerals, & actually the 'best' - & a bit cheaper!) yesterday, & drank a glass of the juice this AM. My sister-in law has suffered from gal stones, & begins her day with a glass of cayanne infused lemonade, so this felt like a good way to get some of the benefits!

Since beginning to use coconut oil almost exclusively, I've been steadily 'trimming' & my energy has consistently been good. I enjoyed seeing that Tom Woloshyn, the author of 'The Complete Master Cleanse,' suggests using coconut oil when you come off the lemonade cleanse.

I like to use Lalitha's chaparral cleanse several times a year, brewing a cup of tea each evening & drinking the following AM, & also have used Cleanse Powder, taking a spoonful & 'chasing' with water, & clear tea from the lovely Lincon City Herb Store. (from a 'rave' by a fellow shopper: "Mark will ship to all parts of the country. He is in my opinion, one of the BEST and most compassionate herbalists I have the pleasure to know. Here is the address and phone if you prefer to order through him. They have a FANTASTIC Chinese Herbal section, Bulk herbs and all sorts of vits. and minerals. Also books.
3417 N.W. Hwy. 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
PH: (541)994-9733 )

Meanwhile, my daughter's been making great gluten free bread, & chicken noodle soup (using rice noodles), & a lovely chicken curry, for which I made fresh coconut milk! MMMmmm . . .

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Dia said...

My dau saw her wholistic Doc today, & he said we eat so well, we 'shouldn't have to' do a cleanse like this! He also figures folks should focus on the veggies, & be sparing with fruits . . . & with summer here, hard to think of not eating all that great produce, lol!