Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nice Day

Today was so nice! Hot again, but heading toward that 'fall in the air' . . .

Here's a peach fresh from my tree! I love these luscious treats; & this year I've had my biggest harvest (OK, only 10 total - a few are still waiting for me, but I don't do ANYTHING, no spraying at the proper time . . . just my garden clearing almost daily, & send it lots of love!)

I got a pedicure at a different place today, & really enjoyed it! What's not to enjoy about a pedicure, right??

I'd been going with my dau. to a shop with young Asian gals, which is always fun for 'drop in' quickness, & is next to her hubby's Starbucks . . . but I wanted to find a place I enjoy frequenting downtown, close to
my office. One of my massage modalities is 'Ashiatsu' - done with my feet, & pedicures are a business expense :) I have to laugh - linking to the website, there's a new video on the homepage, Ashi-Thai - when we took the Ashi training, they spent more than an hour showing 'dos & don'ts' in publicity photos - & the thumbnail with the video wouldn't have passed muster!!

Ashi is a delightful 'deep & luxurious' technique, & I do several sessions a week. It gives my hands & arms a rest, while allowing me to do deep & comfortable work.

Then this evening I took the adult/ advanced young adult ballet class - ahh. Nice class - there's a teacher from Russia this week, teaching classes each morning, which is always inspiring for our teacher!

In my mid-40s, I took three weeks of classes from the Russian teacher, & pretended I'd grown up studying at the Bolshoi! I get a bit of that feeling, taking class the week these classes are running.

I have a feeling of '
change a-coming!'
Not sure what - just feels good! The sun is almost thru Leo, on its way into my home sign, Virgo; & my BD's two weeks from today.
The other day my daughter & I were doing some brainstorming (business has been slow) & she commented that it was time for me to do more teaching, that I'm at a point in my life to share what I know! Yesterday one of my clients & I were talking about Reiki, began planning a workshop in her home!


Ruth said...

Hello Dia - thank you for stopping by my blog. I think we've got a lot in common - just read the post about homeopathy, which is very useful.
Our tiny plum tree is dripping with fruit this year - it usually has about 8 plums, but this year it's got dozens. They are nearly ripe now, yum yum.

Lisa said...

How fun to have a pedicure as a business expense. :) I think it's awesome that you take classes and learn so many new things and it only seems natural that you would begin to be the teacher.

Dia said...

Ruth - it's a pleasure to meet you, too! yes, we do share common ground :)

Lisa, isn't it fun about the pedis?? Love 'em! & I've taught 'off & on' for years, feels like time to focus more on it - I love to empower folks in their own Wellness care. Once dreamed a gal who'd had cancer, but gone into remission, told me "You just have to be so full of Reiki there's no room for anything else (harmful)!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Peaches don't grow well here. Ok some of the time they will but on some fruit.
But I'm planning to order a box of peaches and nectarines from azure.
I'm ready for a change also not a big one but I feel like I need to change my surrounding a little.
But not today it been long day at work.

Coffee is on.