Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Time

Today on facebook my friend Gwynn shared her entry in Teavana's Tea Master Challange - '10,000 Blessings Tea' - which is also the name of her Feng Shui business. Gwynne lived in England for a bit, studying acting at the Guild Theatre School, & adores tea! Especially Earl Grey Tea in the morning. When we lived at Breitenbush, we often dressed up with hats & gloves, & had tea parties with Gwynne.

I visited the site & couldn't resist concocting my own blend: 'Gypsy Rose Tea.' The contest runs thru the 17th of August (OK, some of the teas have over 1000 votes, so we prob don't have much chance of 'winning' the GC or a blend of 'our' teas . . . ) & you can vote once each day!!
Of course I also had to pour a cup of iced rooibos/herb tea as I contemplated these blends.

I really intended to vote for Gwynn's tea - I will tomorrow!!

Growing up, my mom & I drank green or black tea when we went to Church or Grange, she wasn't a coffee drinker! I later began enjoying herb teas. When I discovered the South African Rooibos & Honeybush teas, I was delighted to add these high antioxident, flavorful teas to my rep!

A tea shop owner told me her (diabetic) mom began loosing weight & her sugar levels stabalized when she began drinking a quart of rooibos tea (various blends) daily! Since it doesn't *require* sweetening, it's a great choice for diabetics. Another friend asked what *mom* had been drinking before - probably diet pop!!

I enjoy browsing in the garden for tea leaves, like this sweet Pineapple Sage (yes, I watered it after snapping the photo!)

My 'Gypsy Rose Tea' combines Rooibos Rose Garden, Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal, & Raspberry Sangria Herbal Teas, with a touch of Winter White Honey. Doesn't that sound good??

OK - I have a tiny confession - I haven't tasted these teas!! Yikes! I may have to go to the mall & taste my blend!! :) If Gwynne likes them, they are high quality & delicious!!

So go over & cast a vote, won't you???


Cloudia said...

Glad I stopped by for a restorative cup of tea!

Comfort Spiral

peppylady (Dora) said...

I actual drink both coffee and tea.
I made care package for both of my sons add tea and coffee.

Coffee is on

Ron said...

Hi Dia!

Ok...first of all, I LOVE the name of your tea!

How clever!!!!

And the blend sounds heavenly! Especially adding that touch of Winter White Honey...YUMMY!

I started appreciating tea while I was working at an English Tea House located in Mount Dora, Florida. The owners were from the UK, so the place was decorated exactly like a real english tea house. It was also where I began my love of scones with lemon curd.

What a fun job that was!

Even though I'm a coffee lover, I enjoy Chamomile tea in the evenings, and enjoy Earl Grey iced on a hot summer day.


Dia said...

Cloudia - glad you enjoyed the tea & restored your spirits!

Peppylady - I bet your sons really enjoyed their care package! & I enjoy the occasional coffee (my Son-in law works for Starbucks, after all :) I prefer tea most of the time.

Ron - I was playing with various blends, then I the name came, & I blended a tea to match! I do want to get to the mall & try it out (time for a city *fix*, lol)

What fun you must have had working in that tea house! Ah, lemon curd - & did they use real Devonshire cream?? A friend who had a tea room here for 5 or so years used to tell folks "there's no group for D C addictions, so be warned!" sigh.

Anonymous said...

I saw you leave a comment on a tea room blog telling them you found them looking for Rooibos seeds. I'm active in the tea community online and when I saw you said you've grown some Camellia Sinensis plants I was impressed. We who are in the know realize how difficult that is, at least if you try to raise them from seeds. Can you tell me more about your plants? Also, if you're a tea lover you might like to check out my website. --Jason