Friday, November 13, 2009

Laughing all the Way - Joy Diet week 8

This summer a galfriend visited who is 'certified to teach Laughter Yoga' (how silly is that!?!) Folks all over the world are joyously engaged in this energizing activity.

She gave a brief history, then had us do various 'exercises' (mental & phys) to generate laughter, & commented that even 'fake' laughter generates the same lovely endorphins & other 'feel good' hormones!

Like several others, I rather skimmed the chapter, but found plenty of opportunities to smile & laugh. Today was a classroom day at 'playschool,' & I found myself popular with the kids (& fortunatly, my 4 yr old granddaughter was willing to share me!) a hand held here, a make-believe game or 'paint with me' = 'will you come put a puzzle together?' etc all morning.
At one point, one little girl began painting on the 'paint wall' (rather than on PAPER pinned TO the wall) & came to story circle with purple paint on her nose & chin!! Three little girls, inc my granddaughter, scrubbed the wall & paint tray with MANY towels & had a grand time doing it!

I've had a lovely music & dance filled week as well (square dancing with the gkids on Sat, a lovely concert Fri PM - Jamie Sieber on electric cello . . . dance classes, etc)

Peruse the other blogs for some fun videos, inc a 'candid camera' type bit at Starbucks!


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Purple here I come... Love your post.

becky n said...

Sounds like you've had a great week of laughter, especially dancing with the kids and playing at preschool. I love being around little ones who are having a good time.

Tori said...

Aww, it sounds like you had fun! Little kids are cute and always a joy to be around.

Anonymous said...

Spending time with young people can make just about anyone laugh. Thanks for sharing!

Genie Sea said...

Laughter is the way to go! Laughter yoga is the best of both worlds. :)

What a charming day you had with the little ones. I am sure they had a gleeful time with you :)