Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Isn't this a fun word?? I discovered 'rangooli' over at voyages d'iles, voyage d'elle basically, what I'd call 'doodling'
I have doodled off & on for years - esp in school, as I am one who learns better if my hands are occupied! My kids remember me on the phone in one small house, sketching a 'blue onion' dish pattern around the door & on the walls - I'd fill in with blue paint later. Like now, the rest of the house was in piles & stacks . . .

Do you fill notbooks, edges of programs & other such with rangooli??

Or 'journal' in circles & spirals at times?? A friend who taught journaling in the 80s sugg. playing with what you put on a page, & how - change it around - play with it! Notice how it affects your writing - does taking a different 'route' change what you write?
And for all you Gluten Free (or want to be) folks who've missed GRAHAM CRACKERS - go check out G F Girl's recipe!!! SUPER YUM!


lilasvb said...

nice to tell about rangooling
i will post some indians floor rangooly next week, they- i eman ladies- do it every morning in front of their door, for now i am picturing a feww of them... thanks dia

Dia said...
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Dia said...

Thanks, Valerie!
What beautiful photos you take! I really enjoy seeing them - & the food looks so yummy!

Barry said...

I'm not a big doodler, but I do doodle. I will have to pay it more attention.