Monday, January 25, 2010

TIGERS & Chariots

After a lovely lunch with my dear daughter Mary (Thai) I came home to concoct a salad with greens from our Sat. Market & roots from the CSA share, & from my yard, this little pile of Chickweed (Stelleria media) & yarrow. With a light sprinkling of raspberry vinegar & my (wamred up) olive/coconut oil & balsamic vinegar this was just what I needed! Susun Weed is a great fan of Chickweed, & it's a sweet, mild green - if you've never tried it, it's a great winter salad green.

This post on simple & frugal fare is inspiring - I'm also a fan of raw (GF) rolled oats!! & salads . . . . green smoothie girl offers lots of suggestions for the dinner Arlene suggests. & if you ever think your home is small, check out their 'mini-moblie' cottage!! Less tahn 200 sq. feet!! The single-wide I lived in for several years, at over 400 sq. feet was HUGE! & my 950 foot home is a castle!

In a few weeks it will be the Chinese New Year, & the year of the Tiger! I'm a metal tiger, & will turn 60 this fall, so am looking forward to this year. It already feels exciting, intriguing, fresh & happy. My friend Gwynne, who is a Feng Shui practitioner, is offering a FREE confrence call this Thur, Jan 28, offering tips for welcoming the year &

***Astrological forecasts for a Metal Tiger year
***Predictions for the year by Feng Shui Grandmasters from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore

***Simple, fun and inexpensive ways to prepare your home and business for the Chinese New Year
*** How important it

is this year to use Feng Shui to rock the Tiger energies with my forthcoming “Chinese New Year Party and Rituals in a Box” and “Golden: Year of the Metal Tiger” live events
Just click on this link to register for the free call!

I've begun driving my daughter's last car, as she & her hubby inherited a newer Nissan from his grandparents in the spring. I had my dad's '91 Chevy Lumina (Bluebird) since his transition in the early 90s, & it's been good to me. I've passed it on to friends who were in need of another vehicle, so this 'loop' feels good.

'Aurora' is a '99 Mercury Sable wagon - great for hauling harps n grandkids; a bit bigger than I'd thought my 'next' car would be - but a great price (free!!) & newer. I took 'her' in for an oil change (with the mechanic that's worked on her for my daughter), & had a tune-up a s well; next new tires.
I tend to balk at driving a car I haven't driven before, but am enjoying the shift. She's a long car, & the grandkids LOVE riding on the bench seat in the very back! Took all 4 of them to S. School & then out to lunch on the weekend, & no one was crouded!

I've been working on rearranging my living room, & attacking the clutte r (yet again!), & Gwynne suggests that as the first step in preparing for a new year - clear the decks. The new arrangement of the L room feels good - I've moved the couch away from the wa ll, & made a 'cozy nook' for reading/knitting by my lovely Tiffany style lamp.

I need to rearrange the rest of the room, & think about having the piano tuned . . . .

OK - time to head to work!!
What are you working on??


lilasvb said...

your green veggies make me hungry

Anonymous said...

I love the FEELING of having cleaned or having a nice clean/organized space. Somehow it just makes life so much better!

- Sagan