Monday, October 20, 2014

Home Blessing & Tuning Hour

Now that I'm home on Monday mornings, I have more time/energy for Fly Lady's 'Home Blessing Hour.' 

Fly Lady's list includes several things I don't have - a vacuum (only carpet is on the stairs, so I sweep with my beautiful broom) magazines (lots of books) .... 
As she suggests, I set the time for 15-20 minutes, & go through a round in each room (if there's more time/inclination, I'll do several rounds) & a 10-15 minute break after an hour. 
Another practice I wish to incorporate more is the 'Walk Through' My mom did this naturally ....On her blog 'Dragonflies & Me,' Jean writes: "The walk through is simply going through a room and picking up everything that is out-of-place AND putting it away where it belongs.  Simply eh?" (best done several times daily!)

Blessing Way 'Creating Holy Order'  - a process by which everything in your home supports & nurtures your essence
  • Put on happy music, light a candle & some incense, brew some tea
  • Kitchen: clear the counter, gather cloth, paper/books, sweep the floor
  • Living room:  coffee table, piles, paper, clothes, sweep,
  • Bathroom: swish & swipe (toilet, counters) clean mirror, clothes, sweep
  • Break: Relax, admire, drink tea
  • 2nd round: (you can cycle through several times, or stop at one!)
  • Kitchen, Living Room, Laundry
  • Break every hour for 10-15 minutes. You may wish to go outside & admire the day (yes, even if it's raining or blustery!) Open the doors & windows for a few minutes as well. If you have any rugs, take them out & give them a good shake or pop them in the wash.
  • address: Paper, books, cloth, & gather garbage & recycling
  • Round Three
  • If you have a drum, rattle or bell, make a round through the rooms making some good noise! Take time to listen for shifts in the sound, & notice any corners that need attention.
Part two: Energetic Blessing - this is a lovely time to ground your home & property. If you didn't light a candle before, now is a good time to do this.
  • Put a grounding cord on your home - imagine the 'footprint' of your home, now imagine a cord or tube reaching down into the crystal heart center of the earth, & connecting with it
  • From your home's roofline, imagine the cord reaching into the heavens, up to the sun & beyond, to the central sun of the galaxy - we are poised between heaven & earth!
  • Visualize a rose-gold sun in the centre of your home - let its light fill every corner! Allow this sun to continue expanding, till it surrounds your home.
  • As the sun reaches the outside of your home or space, begin the 'Tune-up' process by invoking the devas, elementals & guides to Cleanse, Clear, Restore & Illuminate your home & grounds.
  • Ask that any negativity move through a clearing grid, & the Violet flame * so the energy can be used as compost, burned in the sun, or 'return to sender.' (with no return address!) 
  • Surround the cleared land with a violet bubble, a gold pyramid, Dolphin Star Temple, or a briar rose hedge (whichever image feels right to you - or one of your own!)
* Violet Flame: Picture a soothing flame, like a flame in a fireplace, but violet in colour. See it penetrating your very being and world. When you call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame, a flame comes from the hands, heart & head of your I AM presence / Christ Self - and as it touches the ground beneath your feet, it bursts into violet flame! You can also use the essences: Comfrey (Pattern repair) Violet & Lavender to help 'seal' the pattern.

Thank your guides & go on with your day.

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Dia said...

This winter I participated in a virtual retreat "Woman Unleashed," and loved the session on Creating Home Sanctuaries with Kari Caldwell.
"Even 30 minutes a week shifts energy!" Her simple Feng Shui too: "if it annoys, move it OUTof your space!"
She asks: What do you want to fall asleep to? Awake to?
You should feel like a cherished guest in your own home, and surround yourself with things you love.
This, after watching the interviewee with Kari, Tracy Stamper wrote: "cleaning is finally fun! (there's) magnetic power in moving just ONE thing to a new place where it can inspire me!
"The shift feels like I am playing with energy, painting my home with an energy paintbrush!"