Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cold Brew Chicory Coffee

For years I've sipped herb tea and infusions, with occasional forays into drinking coffee. My mom was fond of green tea, and for a brewed drink, choose Sanka (instant decaf, 'sans caffeine'). With recent studies promoting health benefits of drinking a cuppa daily, I've been drinking some, usually black (! I was fond of flavors, which were also pretty sweet!) 
Råskog cart (mine's cream)
Saturday I went on a field trip to Ikea with a couple of friends, seeking a Råskog cart for art supplies. We played a grand game of shop-till-we-collapse, ... getting the cart and other goodies, eating dinner, shopping a bit more, ... and I picked up a little French press and some organic whole coffee beans. 
I have a little electric mill I generally use for spices, and wanted to grind my own. My friend suggested making iced coffee concentrate, and so I looked up some recipes for proportions 

I liked the idea of adding chicory, which I have from Mt. Rose Herbs, and checked out their site, finding this article. I decided to go half and half, so got out the grinder, and did a course grind of 1/4 cup coffee beans, adding 1/4 cup roasted & ground chicory at the end for one more grind.

The next step was putting the mix in a quart jar, and covering with filtered water. The last addition was a teaspoon of powdered Reishi mushroom, then capping the mason jar, and setting
Cup from Alyssa
it on the counter to steep overnight (6-12 hours, at room temperature.)

Reishi and other tree fungi are considered adaptogens, beneficial for daily use. Studies have shown Reishi to have potential for protecting the neurological system, inhibiting tumor growth, and aiding liver regeneration.

In the morning, I poured 1/2 of the cool coffee blend in the French press, and after pressing, filed with 1/2 cup filtered water. Mmm.

I left the rest to steep longer, then pressed and refrigerated it. I covered the grounds with 4 cups of water, and steeped a second time. After pressing, I poured some of that into my new "water bottle" ice cube tray (long and slim) 

My cup of choice was my Christmas gift from my granddaughter Alyssa, which she made in her HS pottery class! Didn't she do a great job? I love the glaze and the round belly! She made her mom a matching vase, which is equally lovely and loved.

Last week I cleaned up and rearranged my front porch, and painted my front door a yummy Cosmic Cowgirl Magenta!  We had a long, cold and wet winter and spring, it's lovely to have a temperate spell, and I'm enjoying sitting out in the morning with my journal.

I think I'll add turmeric and a dash of pepper tomorrow ... 
What's in your cup??

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