Thursday, January 15, 2009

12 Secrets - Week 2

How rich to explore our creativity with more than 100 creative women!!!
What makes your juices flow? Between what and what time do you feel in the groove? Are you a walker, hummer, doodler or pacer?
I am rather random - sometimes I create just because I feel like it. I've always taken *good notes,* & doodled in the sidelines. Growing up, Sunday School was before Church, & I always hoped for lots of blank bits on the program, so I could draw during the sermon!! I sang waiting for the bus, I sketched folks in class, usually rather surreptitiously!
I don't have particular rituals, tho I enjoy that idea. Sometimes I light candles before playing the harp (since that's usually in the evening). I tend to put creativity 'before' housekeeping, & that shows, . . .
I like music, & if I'm doing something graphic (mostly collage these days), I may put a CD on - anything from Buddhist or Native American chants, instrumental music, or contemporary singers - usually lesser known folks that I've met. I may do some Qigong or the Dance to the Directions first - but probably not.
The art materials are still in stacks & piles, rather than organized, & I usually work on my living room floor. Like harper Deborah, I can compose music or work on any other creative project in the middle of the night - I tend to procrastinate, & have found my muse at midnight more often than not! A favorite image: playing harp in the moonlight streaming in a long window when I lived in a Mountain community!
I'm a stocking foot gal, a floor sitter. My 'main work' is massage, so that laundry is *always* in process - one or two loads a day. Other tasks are filled more at random. Creating is often in the evening, or in the morning, if I don't begin till later in the day. A blessing: 'full time' bodywork is < 30 hours a week, so I have abundant 'spare time' - like all of us, it's quickly used up - my main time stealers tend to be reading & (currently) blogging!
Here are some favorites:

  • I believe in magic
  • I love to dance, to sing, to play
  • I am a Spiritual being, & that flows thru all my experiences & being
  • I love sparkle & love to sparkle
  • I cherish friends, family, precious grandkiddlets
  • I love Gracie Mae (pup companion)
  • I cherish quiet & down time
  • I love the buzz of activity
  • I love adventures with girlfriends
  • I love Used bookstores, clothing & other pre-owned treasure shops
  • I am a Happy Harper! (& tickled that Deborah Henson-Conant is featured in this chapter!)
  • Relaxation, healthy food, good water are all important
  • I want to explore more facets of Beeswax Collage
  • I want to study SoulCollage facilitation with Suzie Wolfer
  • I want to Dance more - ballet, ecstatic, belly, Nia . . .
  • I love reading - many genres!
  • I love to teach Reiki & to inspire others to embrace health
  • I value creativity, & want to connect and communicate with wonderful, creative beings
  • I love trips to mountains & ocean
  • I appreciate and enjoy luxury
  • I love to celebrate
  • I am a Bodacious Belle
  • Art & creativity are integral in my life
  • I am an adventuress
  • Shine! Sparkle! Glow!
I give thanks to all you creative goddesses with whom I share this journey!

May all your dreams be manifest, & may you be blessed


traveler one said...

What a wonder-filled list Dia! This should be a fascinating week for us since I am sure all the members have one thing in common- we are curious about what makes each other tick!

I also would love to do a SoulCollage workshop this year- it's on my wishlist!

Kim H

Genie Sea said...

What a shining, sparkling, glowingly thoughtful post! Your rituals are fluid and joyful! :)

May you dance into the soulful, lovely space of your creativity.

Is that harp music I hear? :)

KathrynAntyr said...

dear Bodacious Belle,

I feel like I'm sparkling now after reading your fabulous list. Thank you again for your sweet visit at my blog.

Have a lovely day.

Tracy said...

A magical list of inspiration! Enjoyed reading your post. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

You know what's cool? So many of the items on your list are also on Jamie's, how cool is that? I love that you love sparklies and beauty! What's not to love?

Kavindra said...

Bodacious Belle! How wonderful. I love your list, I love your energy, I love your enthusiasm. I love your stories of who you are and how you became you. Lovely all the time, every time I visit.

Fatma said...

I love your list.

Although I have not heard your music it must be full of what is in your list and so very beautiful.

Lisa said...

Love your list!

peppylady said...

May creative light always be with you and I love all your creative inspiration that comes your way.

Coffee is on.

linda said...

wow, what a lovely and soul-full list you have have so inspired me! I loved reading it and your name, bodacious belle is also quite bewitching ;)

jennlui said...

ooohhh such a fabulous list!!! shine sparkle and glow!!! i LOVE it all!!! it was such a treat to read your post!!! thank you sooooo much for sharing!!!

peace and love to you!!!

Sheila said...

Happiness bubbles like a brook in your post this week. Nice to see and nicer still to feel it's splash as I read...

Ixsandra said...

"Shine, Sparkle and Glow", indeed! When I turned 60 I gave myself the nickname "Sparkles", though so far, I've only used it anonymously. I loved your list.

intothedawn said...

My muse awakens at night, too! Lovely to meet another "midnight muse"-- playing the harp in the mountain moonlight... lovely!

gemma said...

Great post. Love your wax collage. Really very cool.I want to try it!

Caroline said...

So many things you love - so much love flowing - wow!

Kavindra said...

Hey Dia - are you telling me that William Stafford's offspring writes too? I gotta find this person's work, perhaps the apple did not fall far from the magnificent tree!
And you are friends? OMG did you meet dad? I'm such a geek, but meeting William Stafford I would be as tongue tied and giddy as a teenager meeting one of the Jonas brothers.

Jamie said...

How wonderful to see your sparkle - and the way you fill each space with your creative light. Beautiful!

Serena said...

I can feel the energy and magic in your words. You are an amazing Creative Goddess, Dia!

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs
Thanks for your visit and kind words.
Jeanne ^j^

Lisa PN said...

Bodacious Belle, brilliant and beautiful! Your list shines bright. You inspire!

Kath said...

I love that you call yourself a "floor sitter". Until I read your post I was envisioning everyone sitting at wonderfully designed spaces and wondered what I needed to do for myself. I have a space and I do love it, but I am just beginning to discover my creative self and your words have encouraged me to perhaps free things up a bit.

Stacey said...

We are all so different but so much the same.....I create chaotically one day and very well ordered the next. Anywho love your list.