Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Altar

This AM I began deep cleaning my kitchen! Interspersed with sips of tea (Luscious Licorice: Licorice, Cinnamon, Anise, Cloves, Chamomile & Orange Peel) with a bit of Burdock, Ginger, & Damiana added; & intermittent blog browsing.

Looking at several posts that talk about altars, & thinking what a good time to refresh them, if needed. This wee altar (in need of dusting!) is on the East wall of my bedroom. Here are a couple from earlier posts: 1 & 2.

My headboard (a 'firescreen'), the brown beaded hanging lamp, a dream catcher, & the wee pictures from the "I AM" shop in Shasta city. They are different swirls of St Germain's Violet transmuting flame, & a sweet reminder to keep energy clear.

Other altars: Druid's is lovely (this is an older post :) & here's a whole Altar site (with lots of great references!
& here's Heather's (with links to her older post), a college student with a great solution for 'small space' altar - atop her printer! These are her 'home' altars.

(Went off to the mall with my daughter (getting married at the end of the month, so needs some pretties!) . . . & back again. Two grand daughters that alternated NOT wanting to be there - sigh. Even we checked out the Disney store while my dau, & later dau-in law tried on some things. Sigh. So home - with at least 'what we went for,' but a trip that was less fun than it could have been. They usually do well shopping, but this wasn't one of those times!)

Home again, more clearing & cleaning - picked up a book at the library yesterday "Spiritual Housecleaning" by Kathryn Robyn - 'healing the space within by beautifying the space around you' Kathryn writes (p 8): "when I was a "starving" performance artist, I cleaned houses for money instead of waitressing like so many others did." & on page 12 "Healing is accepting your right to exist whole or in part, as you naturally are." Kathryn explores issues like which rooms bring you the most pleasure, & talks about issues including anorexia & over eating in relation to the childhood home, ideas we hold about certain rooms, & our cleaning 'styles.' Fascinating.

She begins with the Kitchen, the 'heart of the home' (reminds me of fly lady & cleaning the kitchen sink) . . .

& from a new favorite, Wise Child (Monica Furlong), when the Duran, (green witch) Rowan, is discussing cleaning & picking up after herself with her new fosterling, the Wise Child, Rowan says: Keeping yourself clean, preparing the food you are going to eat, clearing it away afterward - that's what life's about, Wise Child. When people forget that, or lose touch with it, they loose touch with other important things as well."

That resonates with me, & I am working on doing those 'menial chores' more graciously!!

Have a blessed New Year!

OH - I almost forgot! Please post a link to an altar, if you have one :) I'd love to see what we're creating :)


Genie Sea said...

Tripping the Altar Fantastic! Weee!

Thank you for answering my question about smudging. :) I had this vision of smudging ashes all over the place! haha How unenlightened of me :)

Happy shopping and congrats on your daughter's upcoming nuptials. :)

Her Speak said...

What beautiful little spaces you have created! I love building altars--they are tucked all over my home: closets, work spaces, bedrooms... I feel compelled to do it constantly!

Enjoy your cleansing! I can't think of a better to kick off the New Year than with a clear head and a squeaky clean home!

Much Love, Many Blissings!~*

miss*R said...

I have lots n lots of altars around my home.. some outside.. when I get home, I will take some photos.. have a wonderful 2009

Sacred Suzie said...

Altars, tea, good books...!!! All good stuff that I love and thank you for letting me know about that book, totally up my alley. I ordered it from the library.

I love your sparkly pretty altar, filled with warmth and magick. Happy New Year to you too!

DarklyFey said...

Your altar is beautiful. That little half moon shelf? Makes me want one! I have shrines and altars all over the place, but they do get neglected. Thanks for inspiring me to do some renovating and tidying. I'll post pictures once I'm done.

Anonymous said...

at sounds wonderful. I love your little altar.
I've got a book by Denise Linn, which is filled with all kinds of altars. It is very beautiful. It is called Altars ; )
Have a great day and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog !!

Dia said...

thanks, everyone! I do love that little 'half moon shelf!' Still have to dust it :) have been making headway this AM - some fiddly stuff - still in the kitchen.

Dia said...

thanks, everyone! I do love that little 'half moon shelf!' Still have to dust it :) have been making headway this AM - some fiddly stuff - still in the kitchen.

peppylady said...

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed your coffee.

Your tea sound divine I like the flavor of ginger and clove they both got some kick to them.

I also start to do some organizing and light cleaning.

Coffee is always on.

Kavindra said...

Oh my, a wedding so soon! Congratulations to your daughter, and to her mother as well.

PS I love your headboard.

Tammie Lee said...

cleaning alters is a wonderful thing. I did mine on the first, took things away, rearranged, sat in stillness feeling peace. That tea sounds delightful.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Lynette said...

Thanks for entering my 100 items give away. Lovely alter and those you linked to. My CG will love seeing them all. She does not have one set up at this time. Sad to say.

Serena said...

I love your bedroom altar! Thanks for all the great links....I will have fun checking them all out in the morning.

A very Happy and Joyous New Year to you ~

Heather said...

I think this is the first time anyone has ever specifically mentioned my blog in a post. Thank you! I'm glad you liked my altars. I think yours are lovely as well.