Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creating Space

A local artist creates these lovely signs, painted on old boards, & this one hangs on the wall by my bed, & I breath in its message before getting up!

Taking Sacred Susie's lead, I cleaned the refridgerator doors yesterday! & swept the floor - I've ordered the new BROOM, & will post a photo when it arrives! Exciting. I bid on a georgeous art neveau dust pan on e-bay - but it found a different home, sigh.

Returning Library books yesterday, I found a gem of a book - 'Where Women Create' (jo packman - checkling on-line, there's also a magazine & on-line newsletter!)

What a delicious book to accompany 12 Secrets!! Filled with glimpse
s of working artists' workspaces & organization (or lack thereof!), it's quite inspiring & full of fun ideas. Like many of you (NOT ME :), some artists need a clean room & neat worksurfaces; others thrive on more chaotic surroundings. Some choose pale paint for their walls, & furniture, others love rich, warm colours.
There are many crea
tive ideas for storage, glass bottles (sometimes covered in collage) open shelves, beautiful curley maple cupboards, art on the walls, floor & furniture; a favorite - Sandra Evertson stores art supplies in the dishwasher in her small, 2 person apt!!

Rather than taking those glass jars to recycling, I'm going to p
lay with storage
& & & . . . .

I like colour!
Here are some other glimpses of my space - a stack of baskets & boxes in another corner of the bedroom, which is painted a nice, warm mauve (various shades, lighter on some walls. While I've made pine needle baskets, I found this little 'bell' shaped one years ago at a garage sale, complete with the artist's tag on the bottom! A friend did the collage - snips of paper & photography 'air' across felt pens to give an air-brushed effect.

My kitchen is 'grandmothers' apron' pink, the gold I found at our Habitat 're' store, & added some metalic 'sparkles' to it. the small circle above the 'laundry room' bi-fold doors is Raku lid- a Good Will find! I'd left the lower wall white for quite awhile before finding the burnt gold.

Off to work . . . & perhaps the Re-Store later??
Oh - & bummer - found out that the local Democratic Party had our own inaugral ball at my favorite ballroom - & I didn't know till this morning. Boo hoo!!
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Shell said...

I love Synchronicity. I have Where Women Create book, too. I got it out my local library. This is my second time reading it. I know about the magazine, had no idea it was connected to the book.

I love the book. It inspired me to make my own creative nook even more fun and beautiful. I like the mauve color you painted in the corner of your bedroom.

Kavindra said...

I love your sign over your bed. It's neat to get glimpses into other creative women's spaces - I love the color in yours.

ANd when I saw the dishwasher! That is brilliant. And funny.

Genie Sea said...

OH! Your wall looks like a painting not a wall! It's marvelous!

I do respect the fact that some of us like things to be displayed everywhere in no particular structure. Some people call that a mess, but that's a negative connotation. I like to call it a ready and visible access to resources. :)

It takes all kinds to make this world that's why its wondrous :)

SunTiger said...

At this point in my life, the grandmothers' apron-pink speaks comfortingly. I really like it. {LOVE that sign over your bed; like Kavindra said.}

Gypsy said...

That sign reminds me of the sign I always have above the entrance way into my kitchen leading into my living room. Same distressed wood and the saying *Live in the Light* I bought years ago at an old New Age Shop. I walked in and my eyes went right to it and I walked out with it! Love it when that happens!~