Monday, December 29, 2008

Year's end

The snow's melted (except for some piles in parking lots & lawns - inc. mine!) & life is 'back to usual' - except it's still vacation for the kids, & work for the 'grumps' . . . so juggling that. I'm doing some extra child care over the holiday, & did some SoulCollage cards for the New Moon in Capricorn with 2 of my grand daughters.

It's the time of year for wrapping up & completion of various projects. An ad. that I haven't finished the changes for, (is it too late??) remembering to pay bills, getting a new calendar for my purse, all those odds & ends. I like new calendars - got one of Leah's wall calendars for my kitchen, & enjoy picking up book keeping odds & ends at the stationer's.

One friend turns 50 New Year's Eve, & though her kids are visiting from out of state, she doesn't think they're doing anything for that milestone. Are they? Should we (her friends?) . . . I don't often host parties, & the friend whose house is a 'natural' has been invited to a wedding, . . .

Many of us in Blog vales are talking about clearing clutter - found this cool blog by Stephanie, who's written a book on the subject :) Love her 'smile in the sky' winter solstice photo! She writes: "Clearing raises awareness. Clearing releases attachments. Clearing reveals a spacious part that’s been there all along."

Over at the Red Leather Couch, DarklyFey writes about being given a mended gift that her son describes as Wabi-Sabi. What a delightful word which describes being satisfied with simplicity, free hearted harmonious way of being. I'm working on it!


Sacred Suzie said...

A lot of the snow has melted here too, it's been a nice reprieve. You can tell it was the new moon, I actually dreamed the other night. Stay cozy!

Genie Sea said...

Strange weather, no? We got dumps and dumps of snow and now its almost completely gone, spirited away by forceful winds.

I got one of Leah's calendars too! Isn't it simply stunning? :)

It's never too late, unless you are over a project. Then it's okay to let it go :)

I say find out about your friend's plans. She deserves a nice party for her 50th. I know you would do a great job hosting :)