Thursday, December 4, 2008

Memory Box

Clearing clutter - my challenge is always the distractions - "look at this!"
Clearing a music shelf & adding a box inside the larger one, to better use the space - & oh, the goodies! A few blank books, kid books, music to add to the Christmas collection, some beginning songs that may entice the oldest grand daughter, . . .

& a mystery box!

I thot my grandpa Mel died when I was 6 - but that's probably when he went to live in a care center. I was actually 8 1/2 (my oldest grand daughter's age) when my mom recorded who came to her sister's for a meal after his service. For a few years, grandpa spent part of a year with us, part with one of my aunts. Then he began 'wandering,' & grumbled about my dad (whom he liked) when he stayed with us.

Here was a financial record book of his last few years, when to my mom's dismay, he was too 'confused' for a nursing home to handle, & he was sent to the State Hospital over in Pendleton. Some correspondence - 'thank you for sending money for Mr H's cigarettes & some fruit.' . . . A message about where to send payment for his care, & a ledger including payments from Uncle Ray for 'the ranch' - $360 a month, at 4% interest; that ranch (or part of the acreage & house) most recently sold for over $4 million!

The billfold was his, the little plaque a bowling award for my Uncle Allen's - the first of my mom's siblings to pass, in his early 70s. Was it Mel's pocket knife, or Allan's? & such a cute little passbook for my mom's savings, the year before she got married!
This the spring my last uncle, Ray, died at 93; my mother was also 93, when she slipped thru the veil four years ago.

Here she & my dad cut the wedding cake, Mel & Mary are in the little ovals, & great grandpa Ben (7th best sharpshooter West of the Mississippi in his time), gr. Grandma Laura.

The box contains Allen's letter to my aunt Letha, talking about shortness of breath, & that he'd made a will. He had smoked for years, & asked the doc if it would help if he quit? "You're about 20-30 years too late on that!" He comments "I hope this isn't too depressing! I feel better now."
There are a few other miscelaneous bits - a coloured paper leaf with my name on the back, a card or two, that knife & a pipe stem. Other treasure boxes rest in my garage, waiting to be uncovered.
Oh, & the cutest little white box that has a snap - contains a shell & agate, & a penny!! Was it the penny my mom had in her shoe on her wedding day? I know their honeymoon was at the coast! I'm going to assume/pretend they are!

Back to the music shelf . . .


Judi said...

That is so cool to have those mementos - I bet the little white box really is your Mom's memory box. Such a special thing to have.

Blessed Be.

Genie Sea said...

What a magical way of honoring your family's history! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Dia!

I love your family's pictures. What a handsome group!

How cool was it that your great granda was the 7th sharpest shooter! Absolutely fantastic! :)

The little white box is now the heart of the memory box. So touching! Thank you again! :)

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

What special mementos. Commend yourself for being the caretaker of those special memories. It is an honor!

Dia said...

Thanks, all of you! Your sweet comments make me happy!

Serena said...

OH, how wonderful to have part of your family history in a box like that. Very special!

Anonymous said...

How precious!
I love how your mementos have their very own special place.