Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nisse with Gifts

Snow, snow, more SNOW!! It's now a foot or so deep (most snow in about 50 years!) with a thin layer of ice over!
Schools closed Monday, so the kids are off till the beginning of January . . . I did one of the harp gigs this week, two others were cancelled or postponed. Some massage, & a lot of just being home enjoying the view.

My 'Moms Group' got together Sat AM for our brunch/holiday gift exchange - snow was about 6" deep, & above freezing. The goodies ranged from home made pretties, baked treats & chocolate to a table runner picked up in a Paris market!

I brought 'Nisse' with a string of presents - coins with images of women & wire wrapped beads, & had a few 'requests' for the Nisse! He will be pressed into service delivering presents to my grandchildren (I may need to make a second for my son's home.

The other adventure of the week was replacing my modem, & figuring out how to get the new one up & running!
My former hubby & son offered distant tech support, & today I figured out the last bit necessary to get up & running again! My computer is a Linux, so needed to visit my daughter's for the right program to compete the re installation. Most of the time I'm happy with this system, less worry about viruses & lots of free updates; but it doesn't run (or have) some of the mainstream programs, . . .


linda said...

It sounds like you are having a lovely holiday ,complete with snow! I like your little doll...he's very cute ... I haven't sewn anything in over 20 years!

Genie Sea said...

Why can't they make computers that have no hassles with reformatting and compatibility. Right, they are called Macs. Wish I could afford one :)

Sounds like you are making the best of the snowy days! Watching it from inside is about my speed right now :)

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Such great pics! We too, are being hit with blizzard winds and tons of snow.
Season's Greetings!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh the joy of computers! I hope things work out there. Enjoy the holidays! So happy the juncos have you to help them get through the winter. I put out sunflower seeds yesterday, I wonder if there are any left?