Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moon Reflections

Water moon Quan Yin
Sit on embankment & watch
for the reflection
of moon in water
Calm, hint of a smile
was Mona Lisa
as complete as this?

I love the on-line function for our library - a few clicks & I see which books are due, return, renew (once), or reserve a new one. This week I realized in the Holiday busi-ness, I had forgotten to even look at one, shining from the New Non-fiction Shelf. It's a lovely twist of a tale of a daughter's adventures living with her father: "Moon in the Water, reflections on an Aging parent" by Kathy Phillips. Rich images of Quan Yin, in pictures & text, weave with her experiences with dad after moving him to her home in Honolulu.

My own mother spent her last few years with diminishing facilities, perhaps Parkinson's? Some of Kathy's comments remind me of her - "Dad pauses in his meanderings through my apartment & peers at me a long time. Finally he sketches me in: "You're my & Madeline's child!" He doesn't sound sure."

My mom, Lois, would sometimes introduce me - quite eagerly - as her younger sister, Letha. I appreciated that she still knew I was family, & was happy to have us visit. My son would tell us "remind her that the only things she needs to remember are: she loves us, & we love her!"

Observe all dharmas as illusions, flames, dreams, the moon in the water, echos, flowers in the sky, images reflected in a mirror, shadows made by light, magical creations.
Great Prajna-paramita Sutra

'Goon Yum, soy yin-guong' says Kathy's Cantonese neighbor, when asked how she pronounces 'Quan Yin' & 'water moon' . . .

Avalokitesvara - India
Goon Yum - Cantonese (China)
Kannon - Japanese
Qan Im - Thai
Quan Am - Vietnam
Kwansum - Korea (male image)
Chenrezig - Tibet (also male)

Kathy reflects on the qualities of nurturing, & shares little stories of her dad's sewing for her, bringing her food while she studied in her attic room (after her mom's death), telling her 'I'm here if you need me!' She comments this nurturing was, at one time, thought only to be possible in a male; then more recently assigned to the female; & her view of role assignment reflecting cultural beliefs.

I am reminded of a recent series of Soul Collage cards, made by Denise (KaleidoSoul group member), featuring a White Dragon & the communication that came during a visualization:
This dragon has come into your life to help make the warrior
side of your Yang lie dormant. He is the protector of your soul.
have many past lives where you were a warrior and you are at a time where that Yang has been satisfied.
Your future lives will be
learning the Yin - the kind and gentle part of your soul. The yearning of the warrior will, in one future life time, subside and you will eventually have both halves whole." (here are the cards: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd)

Whew! I can sure relate to this 'warrior' energy, & time to lay down the sword! In several relationships, I went into 'white knight' mode - defending a couple of boyfriends - when I could have been focusing energy elsewhere!

I enjoy this image of the dragon protecting my soul. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind my '5 dancing fairie dragons' tattoo - spiraling up arm! I got the tattoo a few years after the last 'warrior to the rescue' relationship - hmm . . .
None of the dragons is white - fine & delicate, they have coloured wings - Earth (red & green) Water (blue & green) Fire (Red & yellow) Air (pale blue) & Sacred Sound, (lavender). The 5 elements of the Cherokee Tradition. dragons aren't whi


Genie Sea said...

The reflection of moon in water... so captivating and peaceful.

Your tattoo sounds super cool! I would love to see it :)

I can so relate to the warrior spirit. Mine can't lay down her sward just yet, but she yearns to.

Sacred Suzie said...

What a difficult journey that must have been, truly you have chosen a warrior's path for yourself.

Good point, I will start taking vitamin D again, maybe that will help? I just moved from the dark west coast, you would think I'd be used to dark winters.