Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yule Kalender

I love advent calenders - when my kids were young, I painted several 'Tasha Tudor' style calenders - one a doll's house, the other a tree with various animals peeking out. Mine had no gifts, just the little pictures behind the doors.

I love this one with the Nisse & little bags Alette posted on her site - makes me want to go make one!! I'm going to look through my red fabric - what fun to have these little bags! My daughter has last year's Starbucks 'tree' with little drawers for chocolates (or trinkets)
& I know there's a stunning blog with delightful mixed media advent calendars - I can't recall whose just now - will try to find it & add to this post! (is it yours?? I remember they were playing with arches!)

Oh, dear! I just wandered over to Leah's 'Creative Every Day' blog, & she's almost out of calendars - so I needed to order one!! A week or so ago I heard a financial consultant saying that it makes recessions even worse when folks cut way back on spending, . . . I have been doing my part to shift that, lol.

& then I went to Mother Henna's & decided to participate in a Valentines exchange :) . . . I'll never practice Christmas music at this rate!! Link


linda said...

loved reading about your trip to portland, one of my favorite cities as sounded absolutely lovely to have an overnight with friends and poke around old shops...and enjoyed your post about dancing as well...fascinating how what goes around, comes around, isn't it?

blessings to you on your advent calendaring. :)

Genie Sea said...

You are like a magical fairy that flits from blog to blog spreading love and joy. Like I know you do with your harp. See? Coincidence that you play a harp and so do angels? :)

word verification for this comment: "elver" - not a word of a lie :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I've always wanted the one from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. So beautiful! Although I would prefer if it went to the winter solstice but then I'm just being picky, LOL. And unrealistic!

Syncronicity is amazing, it's so true! Enjoy the positive serendipity.

Genie Sea said...

You have been tagged my friend with the Tree of Happiness. :)