Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nisse Kalender & blessing star

It began to SNOW today!! About 2 -3 inches this PM - fortunately it was light until after my harp gig! The dogs love it - my Chihuahua, Gracie Mae, did her dogie dash back & forth, kicking up the snow - until she got cold! My daughter's husky mix can stay out longer, especially if there are balls (yes, inc. snowballs!) involved!!

Yesterday I began sewing a Nisse/tomten like Alette's for advent & he's mostly done ;) Still need to make him some boots - he has nice warm red socks & a hat.
I made a few little gift bags the other day, & my granddaughters quickly appropriated a couple, & had me make a bigger one for a (toy) hamster's sleeping bag! I got a few more done today, I'll use the little bags for some of the earrings & pendants I picked up at our holiday craft market yesterday - & maybe take Nisse along to deliver them? (Will probably have to make a Nisse for my son's house as well)

A friend of my daughter's is moving into an assisted living, & brought in some fabric for the gals in their office to choose from - there were a couple of sets of printed ornaments to sew & stuff, prob. from the 70s, as we had made some then! Saturday my daughter & I taught her girls how to sew them - even the 4 year old got half way around hers before she lost interest! & they were intrigued with the Nisse.

I also began making some new 'car stars' for my kids - they are little travel blessing dolls, usually felt, with a cotton batting face & french knot curls. They hang from a rear view mirror or knob, & give travel assistance. I've made them for my daughter & son's cars since they began driving. I tend to make something out of just about anything; & once Josh said "I bet she could make something out of dryer lint! Let's see, . . .
Both the Nisse & the Car star are stuffed with dryer lint (it's also a good fiber for paper making, or so I've heard :) I enjoyed seeing similar little beings Linkfeatured in this Australian present exchange. Sounds like a delightful exchange, & I look forward to seeing the rest of the gifts, too!!
I've made happy faces on dolls for years, & often small faces like these 'dotties' - my son has a wee felt nativity group I made, adapted from a pattern in the French 'Mon Tricot,' which are no longer in print - I need to ask my mother in law where these are - she rarely gets rid of books or craft mags!

Ooo, & Friday, Leah's lovely 2009 calender arrived (I'd just ordered it WED!) can hardly wait to begin using it, tho I adore my 2008 Hafiz calender!!


Genie Sea said...

Oh! So delightfully crafty! What a lovely relaxing time with family. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so inspiring to read. All your ideas for sewing and making crafts - love it!
I am laughing my head off, picturing your little "Gracie Mae" racing around in the snow like that!

Thanks so much for your kind words and support on my weekend of hell!

(((hugs to you)))

Her Speak said...

So excellent! And as someone who has made work out of dryer lint--I'd highly recommend it! :)

Many Blissings!~*

Tally said...

blessing stars as a gift, what a good idea!

Which one is your current blog to correspond to?

Cheerful greetings from Hamburg