Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keep on Movin' Movin'

Oh, today I went to ballet! I love ballet - when I was a kid, I so wanted to take ballet - I had the paper dolls, I got a doll (Francis) who had knees & ankles that bent, & ballet slippers!! & of course, a tutu. :)

When I was 28 (yeah, 30 years ago!!) my neice was in the Nutcracker, & we went to see her dance. . . . the rest is history! I 'drop in' on a ballet class now & then, & if I'm taking my magnesium & Lipoic acid, I'm not even sore! (basically stops inflamation as it's being made by the body! Now that's what I call a wonder nutrient :)
Last summer I took a month long series of ballet classes at another studio & it was a lot of fun - but harder in a way, as the style was a bit different. & though the teacher is delightful, (& so were the girls in class - such sweet girls) & she's very serious, her dancers just don't have quite the flair of 'our studio . . . '

So, with all 3 of my granddaughters taking ballet, two in town, I am eligible for a family discount (parents are offered one complimentary class a week - I can pay $15 a month & also take a class:) I decided to sign up for a month, & make the commitment to get there! Today one of the boys asked Miss Emma who the 'new lady' was, he thought I danced well! (he hadn't been there the last time I 'dropped in,' & the style is very graceful, so it's unusual for someone who hasn't studied with Lynn or Emma to look 'good' in a first class!)

With the combination of doing daily exercise (Thur - water aerobics, Fri - Hula & a bit of walking, then Ballet Sat) & the coconut oil, & the smoothies I've been drinking (thank you, green smoothie girl!) I've been getting compliments on how I'm looking - which always feels good & makes you want to keep on keeping on!

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be the gal at the 'welcome kiosk' at church, & then there's a 100th BD celebration for a dear retired math professor (still quite witty & so sweet!). The gal who wrote the article took Hospice training the year I did, & has interviewed me a couple of times (paper dolls & making rose beads) - contrary to some reporters, she tends to be very acurate & kind.

What's inspired you this week?


Genie Sea said...

You so inspire me to do a pirouette Dia!

Thank you honey, for everything! Hugs! :)

peppylady said...

I don't know what it is I like to learn to tap dance.

Coffee is on

Serena said...

I always loved watching ballet when I was a never eventuated to any more than that though. As for the compliments from obvious sign that you are doing everything right and healthy. :)