Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movement is Medicine

I'm so happy to be a participant in the Moving for Lent challenge!

Mon I took a long walk around the neighborhood - both with Gracie, & then to my daughter's office to pick up an ergonomic purse she got in a give away from one of her co-workers.
just a bit of walking, plus hanging out with the preschoolers all AM at my youngest Grand daughter's playschool - inc. recess :)
Tue & today I took Deep Water Aerobics class at our pool - & can feel a shift happening - more energy, more movement, & some pounds melting - yea (I think using coconut oil is helping with that!) !! I walked home after Tue's class, & both ways this AM . . . ~ 12 minutes.
& tonight I hope to attend Ecstatic Dance @ the College.

Last Nov. I played harp for a presentation on Optimal Aging by the (National) Medical Director of a Sr Care facility, Kevin W. O'Neil, MD. His topic was 'Movement is Medicine,' & Dr. O'Neil began a list of more than 50 diseases that respond (symptoms lessened or remission) with the addition of regular exercise! These include: heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, diabetes, & various auto-immune diseases; plus positive shifts in Mental & Bone health. He commented that regular physical activity is essential for optimal health of those over 55 (&, of course, for younger folk as well!!) saying 10 minutes is the minimum time necessary for exercise to be effective.

One of my favorite statistics: which exercise has an 76% risk reduction for Alzheimer's?? . . . Ballroom Dance! (esp. Tango - which I LOVE!) Movement, social, touch, music, memorization, (inc. body memory!). . .

Dr O'Neil's Rx: for those 65+ (or younger folks with Chronic health conditions):
1st: make it fun, challanging, & try different things!

Do moderate intense aerobic exercise 30 min a day, 5 days a week
Do vigorously intense aerobic exercise 20 min a day, 3 days a week
Do 8-10 stength-training exercises, 10-15 rep of each, 2-3 days a week
if at risk for falling, perform balance exercises
have a physical activity plan.

For reducing the risk of falling (more than 50%), he suggested a daily Vitamin D-3 intake of at least 1000 mg - up from the old USDA suggestion of 400 IU. & getting a blood test to see if you need more (the NDs in our office recommend more for many of their patients (after doing blood work.) Dr O'Neil commented that the 1000 IU a day level is safe for most folks, (those with kidney problem should check in with their doc.)

Oh, & for 'Twilight' fans out there - did you know that there are a couple of mineral make-ups that include 'Twilight' as a colour choice?? A few weeks ago I picked up a 'Bare Essential's' 'Platinum' kit (on sale - $35 so less than $5 each product, plus 3 brushes - these are GREAT tones for my silvery hair :) & the darker shadow is 'Twilight' (I adore the Platinum shadow!)
I can't find this item - either the kit or the shadow - in the on-line shop - looks like it was intro in 2007, as I found a post on it here! You might have to check in a shop that carries the Bare Minerals/ ID line.

My favorite mineral make-up comes from Christina Harris - CMH Essentials - she has a yummy dark green 'sparkle' eyeshadow in Twilight which I love! - I use it as an eyeliner, wetting a brush & swirling it in some of the powder. She has great prices for intro sizes (I've still got plenty of product in my sample size - which is only $1.95) & offers monthly specials. I also use her Shimmer Veil, when I'm in a 'make-up' mood :)
Her diamond or 'blue diamonds' glimmer looks similar to the ID 'platinum' & Chamelion Sparkle is one of my favorites! I got the Green & Gold Trio sets, (Twilight is included in the Green set) & want the purples!
Remember to click the 'discount coupon' in the 'information section - it will take you to the code you need to enter for the monthly special :) Christina's March special is 20% off your order :)

fyi: CMH essentials contains Mica, Zink Oxide, Titanium Dioxide & refined Iron Oxides - no oils, liquids, fragrances, preservatives; & no Bismuth Oxychloride, which irritates some skin, (& is in the 'Bare Essentuals' line.)


Genie Sea said...

What an incredibly rich and informative post! Thanks Dia! :) Keep on movin' :)

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Thanks for all the great info, Dia! :)

peppylady said...

Walking is great and I do it and enjoy it.

Coffee is on.