Monday, March 2, 2009

Lenten Challange - 30 minutes of Exercies daily

Following Genie's suggestion to visit the Green Smoothie Girl's site (great + info on coconut oil, a list of 12 'health myth busters' - including info. on dangers in eating many soy products) I rolled along through several blogs, & found this Lenten challenge over on Fat Bridesmaid here & here - to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise over the 40 days of lent! I'm joining that challenge - what a delightful idea, to choose a positive!

I'd begun well, with our joint Ash Wed service at St James - the 16th year of this ecumenical service. It begins with a fish supper - including the best clam chowder - yum! Thinking of doing a 'spring cleanse/ detox' soon.
On Thur I did Tai Chi (which my dau. proclaimed as aerobic, since you are continuously in motion); Fri went to a ballroom & swing dance at the Ballroom (way more than 30 min of dancing!), Sat walked (OK, so it was in a store - but again, steady motion); & Sunday put on a Hula DVD (Kili - Island Girl series - we love these!! It's an easy way to have fun moving!

This morning was beautiful, so I took my little dog for a walk. We have a nice fenced yard she can play in, & Chihuahua's can take or leave walks, Gracie definitely doesn't like to wear coats, so is happier if it's fair :) & then another walk to take the 4 yr old GD to school - then over to my daughter's office to pick up an ergonomic purse one of her co-workers was passing on - so about an hour just around the neighborhood.

Now I need to remember which pocket I put which item in - always a challange with a new purse!
I made a case for the wooden chopsticks & spoon that I carry with me. Last year at our Farmer's Market, Peter the spoon man commented that he felt hypocritical when he used 'fast food plastic' if he got something from a food vender - so pulled out one of his older 'home' teaspoons to use. I thought that was a great idea, & into my purse went one of the flat spoons I'd purchased from him. The new case will hold the spoon & a dear pair of chopsticks (cherry) that I've had about 20 years.
I eat my morning granola from a pottery bowl & one of Peter's spoons, & most other things with a pair of yew chopsticks he made at my request (I love this shorter style!)

Glad I took those walks earlier - now it's hailing!! Prob a brief squall - I can see blue sky to the West, where our storms 'usually' originate.

Do you have a Lent or Spring intention?

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Genie Sea said...

What a great idea to do something positive, start something healthy rather than giving something up. :) Also, I love the idea of carrying your own utensils. Plastic just won't cut it. Literally! :)