Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Down

In the yard there was a tree - a very big & getting Bigger tree.

Now I love trees, & love to be in the woods.
I strongly dis-like the practice of cutting down lots of trees, . . . . but this lovely spruce was in a rather small yard - the lot is the 'standard 50' x 100,' with the spruce toward the rear. I think it was a living Christmas tree, that had been planted without much thought of how big it could eventually grow.

My dau & son-in law live next door, & recently they decided to stay in their small home & perhaps remodel, rather than moving into something bigger. Soooo - it seemed time to take the spruce down.
Here's the view from my back step 'before' - when planted, it was probably a bit taller than the Adironcack loveseat, now stretched high, & the branches (spruce bottle brushes!) were a challange to navigate around to pick the raspberries or pass between the yards. Do you see the red of my daughter's garage roof thru the willow branches??

On the weekend, their friend Gary came over with his chain saw & worked with Matt to take the tree down. Several days ago, I invited the tree's spirit to relocate to another spruce in town, & offered my apologies.

Here's the same view, with the pile of spruce limbs to the L of the bench - ah-ha! There's their garage! & see the raspberry patch behind the bench? Gary will bring his long trailer over later in the week to take the limbs away . . .

Behind the pile of limbs is an asian pear, & Matt recently built two large cedar boxes for bamboo on either side of the fence opening.

Here's the view from the raspberry patch, looking
toward my 'garage' or shed - the small white table on the Right is the one beside the bench in the other photos - there's a huge lavendar behind a magnolia bush on the Left. The lower branches extended to the blue garden bucket on the Left, & to the table.

My granddaughters & I counted the larger rings on the stump - 13 or 14, surrounding an 1 1/2" tighter ringed core - so I think my 'Christmas tree' guess is acurate. The last owner moved into my house in 1996, & I'm guessing she planted it that first year. At that time, there were renters in the house my daughter bought a few years ago, & she may have thought of it as providing some extra privacy.

I have a third asian pear to plant somewhere close to the other grouping, & will extend the raspberry patch a bit . . .

Blessed be, tree spirit!

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Genie Sea said...

Wow what a difference one tree makes! I know how you must have felt making the decision but it was a necessary one :) Enjoy the space :)